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Chapter: 2969

The Scent of Hope

"This guy became stronger again!"

Looking at the blood light that receded like the tide, Ye Yuan said in surprise.

Hegemon Imperishable and Cloudneon both looked at him strangely, clearly rather surprised.

Suddenly, the blood light seemed to have discovered something and actually stopped retreating.

A pair of eyes appeared in the blood light, looking at that illusory figure Ye Yuan.

The Chaos Bloodstone said, "Brat, we meet again!"

Ye Yuan’s pupils constricted, and he said in shock, "You can talk!"

Being able to talk, it meant that it had already awakened consciousness.

The last time he met the Chaos Bloodstone, he was still in a state of unconsciousness. Everything could only rely on instinct.

But now, this guy actually already had consciousness.

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This was also to say that the Chaos Bloodstone was probably not far from being born!

This was not good news!

"Looks like you’re very surprised! This seat is currently at the final juncture of awakening. I’ll spare you this time! After this seat comes into being, the first one that I’m going to kill is you, this punk! To dare cheat a wisp of this seat’s chaos blood origin, you’re still the first one! This score must be settled! Hahaha …"

While talking, the blood light retreated, and everything returned to tranquility.

Ye Yuan’s expression was very ugly.

Cloudneon, Imperishable, Heavenly Soul, three great Hegemons were all looking at Ye Yuan with shocked faces.

This guy actually cheated a trace of origin from that terrifying existence?

This boy was really impressive enough!

"Ye Yuan …"

Before waiting for Cloudneon to open her mouth and ask, Ye Yuan said all of the information that he knew, "He’s the blood race’s mother stone, Chaos Bloodstone! The blood race was created by him …"

When the three great Hegemons heard, their faces were unprecedentedly solemn.

Only then did they learn that it turns out that the 33 Heavens actually gave birth to such a terrifying existence.

"Therefore, regardless of whether it is your Qi Soul Clan or Nirvanic Soul Clan, there’s no meaning in attacking each other at all! Once the Chaos Bloodstone is born, it will probably be the entire 33 Heavens’ catastrophe! What appeared just now was merely a wisp of his clone. I can feel that he’s much stronger than before! Furthermore, he already has consciousness and probably won’t be too far away from coming into being!" Ye Yuan said with a solemn look.

"You mean that we were all made use of by the blood race?" Hegemon Heavenly Soul said in a solemn voice.

"Otherwise? Whatever chaos races are one family, how ridiculous! Hegemon Heavenly Soul, you’re really a meathead. Even this kind of bullshit reason can deceive you?" Ye Yuan beat him down without the slightest mercy.

Hegemon Heavenly Soul said in a great rage, "Brat, if you dare to say another word, this seat will immediately tear you to shreds!"

Ye Yuan’s mouth curled, and he said disdainfully, "You only dare to challenge me, this Emperor Cloud Heaven. Heavenly Soul, without Hegemon Samsara, who the hell do you think you are! If you have the ability, wait until I reach Hegemon Realm. Then let’s have a fight. If I don’t beat you until your soul disintegrates, my name, Ye Yuan two words, will be written upside down!"

"You!" Hegemon Heavenly Soul could not help choking.

His biggest taboo was others mentioning this point.

He was a Supreme Hegemon at any rate, his strength reigning supreme across the heavens.

He did not want to be perceived by people that he was surviving under Hegemon Samsara’s wings.

But he understood in his heart that reality was like this!

Being exposed by Ye Yuan mercilessly, he felt a loss in face.

"Enough! Heavenly Soul, what Ye Yuan said is right. The enmity between us can be put aside for the time being! Once that evil thing comes into being, regardless of whether it is the Qi Soul Clan or Nirvanic Soul Clan, we’ll probably suffer a cataclysmic disaster! Furthermore, the blood race is currently running amuck across the heavens, and the Chaos Bloodstone’s strength is getting stronger and stronger. We have to be prepared!" Hegemon Imperishable said.

"Humph!" Hegemon Heavenly Soul said with a cold snort and stopped talking.

"Cloudneon, you bring him!" Hegemon Imperishable said.


Hence, Cloudneon brought Ye Yuan and left the God Bewildering Battlefield.

… …

A month later, at Sublime Pill Sect.

After a terrifying Dao tribulation, Ye Yuan opened his eyes, light radiating everywhere.

When this half of a clone returned to the original body, he directly leaped over True Sovereign Heaven and stepped into Emperor Realm!

His Door of Eternal Life had already been summoned. His origin divinity realm had already stepped into middle Emperor Cloud Heaven.

Breaking through to Emperor Realm was just a matter of how much divine essence to him.

This happened to be very simple to Ye Yuan.

After finishing breaking through, Ye Yuan’s heart started pounding.

This day finally arrived!

Experiencing countless tribulations, he finally saw the hope of saving Mu Lingxue.

The beauty before his eyes, Ye Yuan took meticulous care of her.

She was spotless and flawless and even preserved the appearance of being locked in ice for ten thousand miles. It was as if she was asleep.

A powerful divine essence wrapped Mu Lingxue up.

She was only at the Lower Realms Divine King Realm. Her physical body could not withstand the 33 Heavens’ power of rules at all.

Ye Yuan looked at Mu Lingxue. The muscles on his face were twitching.

Mi Tian said before that Mu Lingxue’s divine soul might have already entered samsara.

If so, it could not be called back anymore.

Furthermore, because Mu Lingxue burned her divine soul back then, her divine soul had long already become uncertain. Only wisps of soul origin’s energy were left behind, drifting between heaven and earth.

The trace of fluctuation that Ye Yuan felt in the Lower Realms, it was this soul origin’s energy.

Whether or not he could revive Mu Lingxue was still an unknown thing.

The Purple Ripple Umbrella opened, and purple light enveloped Mu Lingxue’s physical body.

Ye Yuan cast the soul gathering mystic art with endless fluster.

The purple light was quiet, setting off waves of ripples.

Mu Lingxue’s physical body finally had a reaction.

That last trace of spiritual consciousness was magnified by the Purple Ripple Umbrella!

The Purple Ripple Umbrella was one of the soul race’s supreme soul artifacts. It had a function, which was that it could feel the most fundamental soul origin in the world.

It was also precisely because of this that Mi Tian had Ye Yuan come and borrow the Purple Ripple Umbrella.

Everything was in order. Ye Yuan could only slowly wait.

However, his entire body was trembling by the side.

He had waited for this day for far too long.

He was not afraid of hardships. What he was afraid of was not being able to save Mu Lingxue!

Cloudneon looked at this scene. Her icy face could not help sighing slightly.

Love sickness in this world was no more than this, right?

"Kid, loosen up a little! You’ve already worked very hard! Even if you can’t save her, she won’t blame you too!" Mi Tian urged.

Ye Yuan did not speak. He just stared fixedly at Mu Lingxue.

One day!

Two days!

Three days!

… …

One day passed after another, and the serene light of the Purple Ripple Umbrella had already passed through all the heavens, searching for Mu Lingxue’s soul origin.

But there was still no reaction.

Ye Yuan’s heart became more and more flustered, virtually about to explode.

He did not want it to still be all in vain after waiting for so many years!

Mi Tian looked at this besotted child, a hint of reluctance flashing across in his heart.

This child was too stubborn!

On the tenth day, there was still no reaction.

On the 15th day, still no reaction.

Ye Yuan’s heart was already filled with despair. He virtually wanted to roar out.

Finally, on the 18th day, the Purple Ripple Umbrella had a reaction!

A familiar aura came from beyond the heavens!

This was the aura of soul origin!

Ye Yuan had felt it once. He knew this aura too well!

At this moment, Ye Yuan was almost jumping up in agitation.

"It’s back! Really came back! Senior, I’ve finally waited for this day!" When talking, Ye Yuan had tears covering his face.

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