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Chapter: 2971

Secret of Samsara Fulfilling His Promise

"Senior, what do I have to do to find Lingxue?" Ye Yuan said with unwillingness.

Finding Mu Lingxue, Ye Yuan finally put down a heavy burden.

However, not finding the complete Mu Lingxue, he was still reluctant and kept feeling that something was missing.

Mi Tian looked at Ye Yuan and said, "Across the heavens and myriad worlds, there’s only one person who can bring her back!"

Ye Yuan’s pupils constricted, and he said, "Hegemon Samsara?"

Mi Tian nodded and said, "That’s right! This old thing is different from the others. He only gained enlightenment on the Dao of Samsara. But, his strength is virtually the top existence among the entire Hegemon Realms! It can be described using the word unfathomable! His comprehension in the Dao of Samsara is unmatched by anyone. Although he can’t control Samsara, he’s walking on this path! As for how far he’s walked, I don’t know either! If anyone in this world can find that lass, then it can only be him."

In this world, no one dared to say that they had completely grasped a Dao!

With 3000 Great Daos, even if it was just grasping one Dao, one could virtually connect to the heavens!

A legend circulated in the 33 Heavens. Those who could completely grasp an origin could break the Door of Eternal Life and step into the Great Beyond!

But since time immemorial, no one had ever done it.

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It was because only Heavenly Dao could completely grasp a Dao.

Therefore, that was why people would attempt to comprehend as many origin Great Daos as possible, attempting to break the Door of Eternal Life.

Between these two paths, it was hard to say who was stronger or weaker.

But without a doubt, Hegemon Samsara was very strong, strong until he was not far from completely grasping a Dao!

When Ye Yuan heard, he said somewhat excitedly, "Where is he?"

Mi Tian shook his head and said with a bitter smile, "Nobody knows where he is! This old thing travels the heavens and myriad worlds, comprehending life, understanding Samsara! Perhaps, he’s currently just a mortal. Maybe, he’s currently a Supreme Hegemon. He might be beside you and me. But no one knows where he is! If he could be found, I wouldn’t have asked you to go and borrow the Purple Ripple Umbrella either. If that old thing takes action, wanting to revive this lass would merely be a matter of lifting a hand."

Ye Yuan drew a deep breath and suddenly felt akin to being relieved of a heavy burden and said with a smile, "Doesn’t that mean that as long as I can find Hegemon Samsara, I can revive many people?"

Mi Tian nodded and said, "Yes! As long as the soul origin is still around, as long as the strength didn’t reach Hegemon Realm, he can revive them all! In the Dao of Samsara, his accomplishments are unmatched by anyone!"

Hegemon Realm blasted open three seals. They already transcended Samsara and were not in the Five Elements.

Therefore, if a Hegemon died, they would really be dead.

But, as long as one did not reach Hegemon Realm, they would have to follow the arrangements of Hegemon Realm in Samsara.

Although Hegemon Samsara did not grasp Samsara, to revive a few people, it was easily accomplished.

Back then, Ye Yuan distinctly sensed Ji Zhengyang’s soul origin before. This also ignited Ye Yuan’s hope.

Cloudneon said coolly, "Give up on this! In these countless years, the number of times Hegemon Heavenly Soul has met Hegemon Samsara can be counted on one hand! Unless he takes the initiative to show himself, nobody can find him!"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "He’ll show up! Once the Chaos Bloodstone comes into being, that’s the calamity of all the heavens and myriad worlds! I believe that Hegemon Samsara will definitely show himself. From a certain perspective, the two of them belong to the same class; both existences who have virtually reached superlative in one Dao! At that time, when the blood race plagues every heaven and myriad worlds, Hegemon Samsara probably won’t be able to stay aloof from worldly affairs and comprehend Samsara."

One origin of blood, one samsara origin, they were both extremely strong Great Daos!

The Chaos Bloodstone needed the power of blood and needed the fresh blood of countless lives to corroborate his Dao.

In contrast, Hegemon Samsara needed to comprehend the Dao of Samsara amidst the ordinary!

These two people could be said to be absolute opposites.

Therefore, Ye Yuan judged that at that time, Hegemon Samsara would definitely appear.

As for whether or not Hegemon Samsara would take action, Ye Yuan did not care.

At least, there was hope, right?

Cloudneon actually had nothing to say in reply and said with a snicker, "Who do you think you are? If you ask Hegemon Samsara to revive, he’ll help you revive?"

Ye Yuan just smiled and did not retort.

Whether Hegemon Samsara would agree or not, he did not know. But he would do his best!

He would work hard to become strong and qualified to speak with Hegemon Samsara!

The goals that he set for himself back then have all been achieved, no?

Just borrowing the Purple Ripple Umbrella, this was originally an impossible task, but he still did it.

Although there was Cloudneon’s help involved, when it came down to it, it was still Ye Yuan’s own efforts.

… …

Mu Lingxue had already revived, and Ye Yuan naturally did not need the Purple Ripple Umbrella anymore as well.

He was not someone who was greedy for treasures. He returned the Purple Ripple Umbrella very readily and came to the Imperishable Soul Domain together with Cloudneon to thank Hegemon Imperishable.

Hegemon Imperishable was seriously injured and had not fully recovered yet.

Seeing Ye Yuan, he naturally would not have a good attitude either.

"Many thanks, Senior Imperishable, for your kindness of lending the umbrella. This Ye will bear it in mind! This Ye owes Senior Imperishable a favor. If you need anything in the future, this Ye absolutely won’t refuse!" Ye Yuan cupped his fists and said.

Imperishable took back the Purple Ripple Umbrella and said with a cold snort, "Do you think that this seat needs your favor?"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "You don’t need it now, but not necessarily in the future! This Ye examines my own conscience and feels that once I step into the realm of Hegemon in the future, my strength won’t be beneath Senior’s! Perhaps, Senior might really turn to me for help."

Hegemon Imperishable had a black face and said in a solemn voice, "Boy, you’re really arrogant! Aren’t you scared that this seat will smack you to death right now?"

Ye Yuan still smiled as he said, "Didn’t Senior set up the Seven-Colored Pagoda in order to look for the true Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique? Now, the true Enshrouding Mist Soul Physique has appeared. I’m considered half a successor of yours too. Senior probably can’t bear to do it, right?"

In the God Bewildering Battlefield, Hegemon Imperishable was worried that Ye Yuan was hatching a sinister plot, so he was not willing to lend the umbrella.

Now, he knew that Ye Yuan was only trying to save someone, and he understood that everyone had the blood race, this common enemy. So he naturally would not have killing intent anymore.

Furthermore, what Ye Yuan said was right. He did indeed want to find a successor. It was just that he did not expect that his successor was actually a human!

In addition, after Hegemon Imperishable returned, he also learned that Ye Yuan had indeed saved the Nirvanic Soul Clan!

Although Hegemon Wu Wen died, the three races’ allied forces had even greater losses than them!

He, Hegemon Imperishable, had no choice but to receive this favor too!

Everyone was smart. There was naturally no need to beat around the bush when talking too.

Hegemon Imperishable snorted coldly and said, "Your origin divinity returning to the physical body is a waste! You should enter my Nirvanic Soul Clan. Your future accomplishments definitely won’t be beneath this seat’s in the future!"

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "My body is given by my parents. Ye Yuan doesn’t dare to give it up easily. Moreover, what this Ye pursues isn’t just Soul Dao! My ambition is even greater than what Senior can imagine!"

When Hegemon Imperishable heard, he flew into an even greater rage and said in a solemn voice, "Brat who doesn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth! My Nirvanic Soul Clan doesn’t welcome you. Get lost!"

Ye Yuan smiled and bade farewell to Hegemon Imperishable.

After coming out, Cloudneon’s gaze flickered, and she asked, "You’re really not staying?"

Ye Yuan shook his head and said, "I have something more important to do!"

Cloudneon frowned and said, "That girl has already been saved. What more important stuff do you still have?"

Ye Yuan smiled and said, "I promised Senior Mi Tian that I’d send him home. Now, it’s time to fulfill the promise!"

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