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Chapter: 2625

Huge Sharkman Beast

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

The world had changed.

The Hunters had to be more prepared to leave the safe zones, especially if they were going to places along the coast.

The cold season was not the only thing compressing human territory. The habitats of the demon creatures on land were also affected.

The demon creatures had spied on humans for a long time, trying to take their resources. They attacked humans more regularly now their own habitats were being threatened by the cold weather.

The cities were not only facing a threat from the sea, but they also had to keep an eye out for the desperate demon creatures on land.

Lanyang was no longer a safe place for its people. The sea monsters were invading from the east, while the demon creatures on land were attacking from the west. The people had no choice but to abandon the city.

It had only been half a year since the city was abandoned.

It had retained most of its appearance. The tall buildings, developed transportation system, stadiums, businesses, and factories were visible from afar.

However, there was no trace of humans. The city was deserted.

The roads were full of abandoned vehicles, while the streets were covered in litter and stagnant groundwater. Many luxurious buildings were only empty shells left behind.

The shops were in a mess, their shelves all over the floors. The windows were broken, and the advertisement boards were hanging loosely in the air.

Dark shadows were moving quickly in the darker alleys. It was difficult to tell what they were.

The train station was at the north end of Lanyang City. Mo Fan and his crew had followed the train tracks into the city.

The train depot was some distance away from the center of the city. The group was currently in Fenghexiang District of the city.

Fenghexiang District was not highly populated, so there were fewer buildings and houses. It was the same for many big cities. They would usually build the train station at a remote place, hoping it would help with the economy of the district.

The station in Fenghexiang District was new, having been built quite recently. The white building was shaped like a bird’s nest and was located on a small hill. It did look somewhat impressive.

There were several new stadiums close to the station, but the people were forced to move after they had not used the stadiums that many times.

"would think this city was still functioning if there wasn’t anyone around," Mo Fan commented.

It was a great city with plenty of buildings and facilities. It was a pity that its people had to flee it.

"The Lanyang Drinking Water plant is on the other side of the city. Based on the information the Hunters have collected, the woods around here have been taken over by a group of Lance Spine Bears. It’s not ideal to go around the city through the woods," Lingling informed them.

"Then we’ll have to cut through the city."

"Didn’t the Sharkmen take over the city? I feel like the Sharkmen are stronger than some wild bears or boars," Zhao Manyan mentioned.

"That’s hard to say…"

The group left the station and headed west, following the roads in the city.

They could see several impressive-looking stadiums nearby. The biggest one was a soccer field shaped like a basket.

They could hear loud snores coming from the stadium. They saw a huge creature whose body was covered in hard crystals lying across the stadium.

It was fast asleep, treating the stadium as its bed!

Its long tail was hanging off the side of the stadium, like it was part of an extension of the building!

The walls of the stadium had cracks on them. The stadium was obviously on the verge of collapsing, as it could not support the creature’s weight.

Mo Fan, Lingling, Xinxia, Zhao Manyan, Jiang Shaoxu, and Mu Bai walked on their toes as they were passing by the stadium. They were scared they might wake up the huge creature.


The Sharkman Beast suddenly moved. Its tail almost smashed the stadium into pieces.

"They have very sharp senses," Lingling noted quietly.

"It’s awake…" Zhao Manyan hissed.

"Sleep Curse!" Xinxia quietly uttered some ancient curse. An unusual melody floated toward the Sharkman Beast that was about to wake up.

The Sharkman Beast almost opened its eyes, but it suddenly had a strong urge to sleep. Its head slanted to the side, its mouth gaping open, and it started snoring again.

Zhao Manyan let out a relieved sigh. "That almost scared me to death…"

They did not want to mess with the Sharkmen Beast. The fact that it dared to fall asleep in an exposed area meant it was fearless.

"That thing must be the Sharkman general who’s guarding this area," Lingling deduced.

"Xinxia, if only you could hypnotize every single one of them in the city!" Zhao Manyan had long heard about how savage the Sharkmen were.

Xinxia was riding a unicom, its sacred Aura carefully concealed. The unicorn walked gracefully in front of the group while watching their surroundings cautiously.

Xinxia had not brought her bodyguard knight Waris and the old woman Tata with her.

‘Whether or not she became the Goddess, she needed more opportunities to train herself. She knew Tata would never let her go with Mo Fan to the Sharkmen’s territory. So, she simply came up with an excuse and snuck away!

"The Sharkmen are savage and vicious. Normal pacifying spells wouldn’t work on them. It’s also difficult to hypnotize them, unless they are asleep like that big guy," Xinxia explained quietly.

"Look, there’s a Sharkman Beast around the same size as the one before, but it hasn’t spotted us," Jiang Shaoxu pointed into the distance.

"They seem to be guarding the city."

"Lwonder what it’s like in the city. Is the whole city crawling with Sharkmen?" Zhao Manyan wondered aloud.

The Sharkmen were a ferocious race in the armies of the sea monsters. Not only did they have outstanding physical strength, they also had high intelligence.

As a result, Lanyang was a lot more dangerous than most of the territories of demon creatures..

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