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Chapter: 2626

Hunted by the Sharkmen

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"We better split up," Lingling suggested.

"Aren’t we going straight to the drinking water plant? It has the clue we are looking for!" Mo Fan asked, surprised at the suggestion.

Lingling shook her head and said, "I’ve learned something from the information I bought from freelancing Hunters. That logo doesn’t belong to just the drinking water plant. It’s the logo of a bigger company." She opened her laptop as she was speaking. "The company has an office building in the city’s

center. It has the same logo as the drinking water plant on it." She opened a photo on her laptop.

As she had mentioned, the logo on the tallest office building in the city looked similar to the logo of the drinking water plant, only the colors were a little different.

"In addition to that, the logo of this school is similar, too!" Lingling opened another photo.

It was a university downstream on the Fenghe River, the Lanyang University. Its feathery logo was red.

The logo of the drinking water plant was green. The logo of the office building was blue, while the logo of the university was red!

"To think there were several of them…" Mo Fan’s head hurt. He thought all clues were pointing to a single location, so he would definitely find something useful after visiting there. However, there were other places pointing to the same clue!

"There isn’t much information to be found about this city, so I couldn’t find the people related to these places. We have no choice but to search them all to see if we can find any files or documents in these abandoned buildings that will tell us why they are using the Mysterious Feather Totem Beast’s

feather as their logo!" Lingling stated.

"alright, let’s split up, then. I’m going to Lanyang University."

"By the way, I also accepted a quest!" Lingling took out some papers and handed them out to everyone.

Mo Fan’s face darkened.

Weren’t they here to look for a Totem Beast? Why would they bother doing side quests?

"Our Hunter Contribution Points are too low. Since it isn’t worth it for us to do the menial tasks ourselves, I’ve accepted a quest related to this city so we can accumulate some points…" Lingling informed him.

Lingling needed a lot of information to look for the Totem Beasts. If she had to collect the information herself, she would never find all the Totem Beasts, even if she kept going places until her legs were broken.

There were many, many Hunters scattered across the country. High-level Hunters could be more efficient than the military at times. The clue of the logo of Lanyang’s drinking water plant was discovered by a reliable Hunter Group that Lingling had hired.

Without it, they would still have no clue about where to start!

It was expensive to hire a Hunter Master. Lingling did not want to pay with money since Mo Fan had always been poor.

The Contribution Points were appealing to every Hunter. Mo Fan had not done any work for a year since he had been gone. Therefore, Lingling had to accept some quests to start accumulating the Contribution Points so she could hire others to work for her.

"I’s your fault that we are running short on the Contribution Points, which hindered us from realizing there were two other places with the same logo before we came here. Otherwise, I could have hired other Hunters to collect information about these places, instead of doing it ourselves!" Lingling


Mo Fan could only look awkward.

It was true that his Hunter Rank was on the verge of dropping. Luckily, Lingling had been maintaining it for him!

"If you want clues about the Totem Beasts, we have to accept some quests and stay active. The quest isn’t hard. A disciple of an internationally renowned clan was taken away by a Sharkman when he went off on an adventure. They are confident their disciple is still alive here in Lanyang!" Lingling


"How about this? The girls will form a group. Lingling, Jiang Shaoxu, and I will go to the drinking water plant. It’s the first place that has the logo of the Totem Beast and is tied to the Low Body Temp Disease, we might spend quite some time there," Xinxia proposed.

"Sure, but you have to be careful."

"I’s fine, Xinxia and I are both Psychic Mages. As long as we aren’t with someone who stinks like you, those creatures aren’t going to hurt us!" Jiang Shaoxu declared confidently.

The drinking water plant was not located in the city center, thus it was not particularly dangerous. It was fine for the girls to explore it themselves.

The group split up. Mo Fan was heading to the office building in the city center, where the blue logo was.

Zhao Manyan went to Lanyang University to look for the red logo.

Mu Bai would explore other areas of the city to see if the same logo existed elsewhere.

The Sharkmen were called Sharkmen because their legs were similar to most bipeds, allowing them to move while keeping their bodies upright.

Obviously, their legs were stronger than human legs. Their toes were longer and had hidden claws.

Lanyang was not fully submerged. The main streets in the city’s center were completely dry. Mo Fan would occasionally see a few Sharkmen walking along the littered streets.

The Sharkmen had sensitive noses, especially attuned to the smell of blood. If an enemy sustained even a tiny cut, they could track their enemy down no matter how far they had run!

The Sharkmen would not give up on a chase easily, either! To the Sharkmen, letting their prey get away was extremely humiliating. They would be disgraced before their tribe!

"These sea monsters are really treating the city as their own. They are strolling along the streets!" Mo Fan jumped between the roofs and balconies like Spiderman.

The Sharkmen enjoyed walking on the ground, as it was flat and solid. They actually looked like humans from afar when they were walking upright.

A Sharkman with fins on its head cried out, as if it had discovered something.

Three Sharkmen immediately ran toward an alley. They were sprinting so quickly that it looked like they were swimming in water, rings of water spreading from their feet. They reached the alley in the blink of an eye.

A Lance Spine Bear shrieked and ran out of the garbage truck it was hiding in. It was bashing sideways and ramming into every obstacle in its path.

‘The three Sharkmen chased after the Lance Spine Bear and soon caught it. They happily began feasting on the bear..


|e | Xephiz.

Ugh! Don’t split the party! And Lingling made the suggestion!

‘Also, how did an internet search for the image not find the matches?!

Oh, right, plot armor. On we go.

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