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Chapter: 128

After taking some steps, I look around before taking a seat by crossing my legs in the usual spot of the magic circle, the only one without a soul stone.

I stared at the girl next to me who had her eyes closed, after a while I get tired of waiting and say softly," are you asleep Anastasia?"

Due to becoming startled by my voice, she looks at me with those cute blue eyes, while doing a funny awkward expression making me laugh.

"Iris?" She gets closer to me and as she's about to hug me the girl's motion stops and with only her head starts sniffing me," you smell good! Really good, what's this smell?"

"Are you saying the other times I smelled badly?" I make a serious expression while looking at her making her timid.

"A-ah I d-didn't meant it like that, it's just that..." I interrupt her with a kind tone," I was just kidding you silly," I poke her forehead with my index left-handed finger making her do a soft strange word sound," anyuh," she closes her eyes while spouting whatever that was out while blushing.

'Anastasia sure is fun to bully, I wonder what kind of personalities will the other ones have, can't wait to meet them...'

"What ordeal have you brought in mind today?" She replies with a playful tone attempting to mock me back.

I bend two fingers opening some space between them and grab her nose, closing them softly afterward," it sounds like you're calling me bothersome, you evil witch," I start laughing making her giggle along in a different pitch due to the trapped nose.

"Though for today's ordeal, I intend to try to use the skill endless cap on brainwash resistance, that is currently maxed to stop having corruption in my mind if we can call it that."

"We don't know much about what the goddess skills we stole do, in fact, they're skills that a witch shouldn't have, as such, you're already in a different level than the rest that may have our class or similar."

"I used appraisal to find some information of those skills, you should be able to use it too no?"

"Sadly as I'm not awakened the skills from unique and above are off-limits, perhaps once I go beyond I'll be able to."

"Really need to find you a flower, next time I meet my parents I'll buy you a good looking one," I stick my tongue out bringing confusion to Anastasia and then mention," that smells good," which makes her giggle adorably.

"Ah... you're just too cute," I hug her tight, imagining the bunny doll I left at home, one of the very few birthday gifts I received. I make her cheeks blush intensely.

"T-thank you, but that's due to looking like master Iris, who is very cute..."

"Silly..." We stay hugged for a bit while smiling without being able to see each other faces.

"Alright, it's time to start, feel free to help me, status, current mana, please," upon hearing my words Anastasia gets away from me and goes back to her seat.

Mana: 1500/3850

'This world sure is great with all the mana density, it allows me to recover at a great pace, I hope this much will be enough,' I gaze at the witch next to me who looks with eyes filled with curiosity and anticipation.

"Endless cap!" A screen similar to status appears before me.

Endless Cap:Maxed skills:System Library level 100

Brainwash Resistance level 100

Witchcraft level 100

Curse's Mastery level 100

'So level 100 truly means the max we can get for the skills... normally at least,' I make a big smile before touching the brainwash resistance skill, on the screen that appeared in front of me.

Anastasia who also stared at the screen noticed the last two skills on it making a sinister smile that goes unnoticed by me.

Notice: 5000 mana has been deducted in total.

I then notice the witch next to me lending me her mana happily.

A big blue light surrounds my body fueling me with power, and then it goes inside as a voice once more resounds in my mind.

Notice: Brainwash resistance skill cap has successfully increased to 150.

'Successfully? Does it mean this process can fail? It didn't mention that the cap was maxed, meaning I can probably repeat this process? Perhaps... endlessly!? Well, I'd eventually die before reaching the last level. This must mean that I could possibly increase the witches skills in the future, once I secure a good enough brainwash resistance.'

"I bet you would like to have these cursed skills improved," I say with a happy smile, receiving a corresponding one from the girl next to me.

"Of course master, they would allow our overall skills to have better chances. If we think logically about it, despite being 100% chance of causing an effect to an enemy, if they have resistance it could even end up being nullified. To avoid such a scenario we would need a really big level to always get our curses and rituals to work."

"Makes sense, I'll focus on brainwash resistance from here onwards and once it is high enough, I'll start evolving the others, so be patient alright?"

"As you wish Iris," she smiled happily content from my offer that was more than what the girl hoped for, due to its drawbacks to her master.

'My little witch Anastasia seems to be in a rush to become stronger reminds me of another sister of mine, however, I won't allow myself to fall for insanity. I'll become stronger on my own terms at the pace I wish, and once I'm done in a few years, I hope I'll have grown strong enough to protect my family and friends. If not... i'll have to keep finding ways to improve further to reach the happy ending I seek, while remaining kind like parents taught me to be.'

I raise my hands to the shoulder level with the palms upwards while voicing out," it's a great shame you can't use these cursed skills, otherwise, you'd be able to increase them as you're permanently inside this overflowing world full of mana." 

"That's true, but once I'm finished unlocking all the skills, I can start practicing with them, so they level up faster."

"That does sound really good, but it might take a while no?"

"It most likely will take long on my own. Ah... A very long time indeed..."

"I'll also take long till my training is over, so we'll be both busy, even our sister is, compared to us, she's most likely the one having the hardest time. Having to take care of who knows how many humans, and planning an infinite amount of complicated ideas, theories, and things."

Anastasia smiles at me agreeing to my words," It is quite intriguing how master Iris hasn't completely been corrupted by now, how is it possible that someone so young has such a strong will?"

"What do you mean Anastasia?"

"We are skills entities with specific knowledge and behavior, we were once part of the system as data, in other words, we know the human limits. For example, how much they're supposed to handle, and yet, you remain yourself no matter what. The knowledge, the mindset, the personality, after analyzing all of it, they do not fit you, so how? How!? How is my master so fantastic!?" She makes a lustful expression while licking the tip of her finger.

I lower my hands, placing them on top of my lap while gazing at them.

'I guess that unlike Aurora they didn't have the chance to copy or prey in my memories, which means they don't know I'm like 24 years old in total from both lives. Even though my mentality isn't of an adult, as I've not experienced and grown enough mentally, but it's probably enough to cope with this situation. Maybe there's something else, perhaps the brainwash resistance, the link to my sister. I don't think Aurora would want me to go insane, so these things should be protecting me... Sending the different voices out of my head to the soul stones also helped a lot, even if they're not exactly evil, nor against me, but it still has some impact.'

I shift my focus to the girl noticing the erotic way she looks at me. Without feeling anything about it, I stare deeply, trying to find whatever is behind that expression. At some point, I notice Anastasia's hands trembling slightly, and then I notice a hint of fear in the glint of her eyes.

"Do you fear me, little sister?"

With a cold tone, but a cute expression," yes, because you're an exception to the system, someone no one is capable of understanding, except perhaps the gods. It feels to me that even if you didn't have Aurora with you... That weapon, I think we would have still met, and the result would be similar."

 "That may be so, but isn't that a good thing? After all, you're no longer part of the system, the world it exists isn't this one. You and the other seven are now your own selves and can easily live however you want, and even pursue your own paths. This place is our new home, a place for us to live happily." I point all around and continue," an entire world to explore without all the madness the other one has."

She stops sitting like me and changes to sitting on the back of her feet, then kneels forward placing the forehead on the snow.

"I understand master Iris."

'Do you really my silly, adorable witch?' I save this thought in my head to not hurt her feelings.

"I will do my best to treasure this world, your world," I interrupt her instantly," our world dear Anastasia."

She blushes happily and then continues," our world, and I'll also treasure your friends and family. When the time comes if necessary, I'll help you protect them once they arrive on this side."

I extend my right hand, which is the closest one and pat her beautiful light blue hair. 

After a bit I approach the girl next to me pulling her face to my lap, allowing the cheek to rest comfortably. Slowly she becomes extremely red while continuously patting the blue hair, eventually falling asleep on top of the snow with Anastasia next to me. 

As the night goes by, she keeps me warm through the night by cuddling with me tightly, while protecting me from the mana density with an outer mana layer.

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