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Chapter: 129

Year 5009 after the system day 1 of the sun season.     After a long night goes by I wake up finding Anastasia next to me, reminding me of the days I'd sleep comfortably with Aurora.   I carefully get up by placing her arm that I find on top of my body on hers and then kiss Anastasia's forehead softly.   'I'll be going now little sister, we shall meet again soon enough, Mirror.'   I walk towards the summoned item, going through its glass, as it was normal at this point, appearing inside the room Ray lent me.   'With the new brainwash resistance, my mind feels completely clean, it seems like my class can no longer get its hold on me, but just in case, I shall increase it some more times. Once my class awakens, the effect may grow a lot stronger, for that reason, I shall aim to max brainwash resistance.'   I make a happy smile that is further enhanced by the breaking dawn of Artana's morning.   After changing into brown shorts and a brown shirt I head downwards into the kitchen grabbing some bread with strawberry jam and eat it outside enjoying the remnants of the dark sky.   An hour goes by and I start running around the house warming my body up before picking a sword.   Once time passes by, I find myself inside the dojo doing sword swings, in an attempt to improve the posture and mana control further. After some more training, I take a short break.   'With the ability to increase my skills making them stronger than other people, possibly even more powerful than the ones summoned by the goddess Aria. I should start focusing on the ones I wish to learn fully, and select the most useful ones, to not lose again in the future, or to at least have a better chance at it.'   I sit on the floor with my legs crossed,' show me the skills I own status.' Skill Points: 5

Actives: System Library level 100(S), Mana Coat level 72(B), Mana Wave level 23(E), Ice Bind level 36(E), Ice Sword level 20(E), Icicle level 66(C), Long Slash level 40(F), Ice Expansion level 18(F), Ice Hammer level 1(F), Ice Spear level 1(F), Ice Wave level 10(F), Ice Light Armor level 20(E), Ice Heavy Armor level 10(F), Triple Slash level 50(D), Thrust level 30(E), Parry level 40(D), Backstep level 20(E), Dance of Death level 5(F), Vanish step level 1(F).

Passives: Bleeding Resistance level 60(C), Swordsmanship level 63(C), Sword Mastery level D(52), Mana Control level 56(D), Ice Control level 40(D), Slight Wisdom Boost level 50(D), Slight Mana Recovery level 62(C), Acid Resistance level 1(F), Ax Art level 10(F), Ax Mastery level 4(F), Corpse Dismantler level 10(F), Brainwash Resistance level 100(S), Night Vision level 30(E), Slight Stamina Boost level 50(D), Slight Agility Boost level 45(E), Slight Strength Boost level 39(E), Slight Intelligence Boost level 35(E), Slight Health Recovery level 73(D), Ice Resistance level 50(D), Cold Resistance level 60(D), Heat Resistance level 30(E), Lightning Resistance level 40(D), Knockback Resistance level 22(E), Stealth Detection level 20(E), Paralyze Resistance level 4(F), Sword Posture level 8(F).

Class Actives: Dark Alchemy level 52, Magic Analysis level 50, Destiny Cards level 1, Cursing Objects level 5, Decay level 6, Mana Shield level 46.

Class Rituals: Snow Falling level 45.

Class Passives: Dark Alchemy Mastery level 40, Witchcraft level 100, Curse's Mastery level 100, Ritual's Mastery level 30, Magic Control level 60, Magic Knowledge level 60, Ice Mastery level 40, Babel Mastery level 20, Grimoire Mastery level 20, Magic Attack level 1, Magic Defense level 1.

Babel Arts: Grimoire Possession, Grimoire Renouncing.

Unique: Appraisal level 61, Illusion level 5, Hero Detector level 1, Status level 70.

Cursed: Unidentified Skill, Mirror level 17, Soul Manifestation, Endless Growth, Endless Cap, Endless Awakening, Profane Sealing, Profane Connection. '5 skill points? Where did I possibly get those? Haven't leveled up in so long...' Notice: Due to the new skills gained from Adorable witch the title skill mastery reached the max rank S.   'Oh my... thank you, Anastasia and status! Speaking of which recommend me the most useful skills, please! Can use the appraisal skill for it!'   Notice: 800 mana has been deducted.   [Dark mastery to use it when in control of the grimoire skills.] [Space and time mastery is necessary for the mirror.] [Summoning mastery is necessary to improve the witches since it was a type of invocation.] [Charm it'll help with handling the different personalities of your underlings.]   'Really now? Without the time to practice new rituals, I suppose I can pass those for now. The curses I'll go for them once I return to adventuring, they should help me out against different enemies. Get those skills status, I'll believe in you both for this.'   Notice: Skills successfully learned; Status updated.   'Wondering how that will be of help to the mirror... time will tell I guess, it'll still be level one so can't expect much as it is.' I continue my gaze at the screen filled with skills reading all of them.   'My sure-to-kill combo so far has been icicle into ice expansion, but if I think on all my skills... perhaps finding new combinations could be rather interesting. After all teacher Ray, told me to focus on more than just swordsmanship unlike him, so I can reach beyond his own talent...'   'When I coated my sword alongside with decay skill, moonflower got scared about it, I suppose that skill is dangerous? I believe it made the skin of the fake one get corroded? It also worked on a curse, so it should be pretty interesting.' 'If I used it against skeletons who don't have skin or meat I guess, it would be quite useless, like how sister dark element isn't too favorable either.'   'Mirror, illusion skill, show me a level 1 skeleton.'   Suddenly in front of me, a creature appeared to what I aimed the sword and coated it with mana and decay. I approach it slowly and glue the sword to it.   'Doesn't seem to be doing anything, even though the skill is chance-based, so perhaps it simply didn't have an effect. Guess I'll wave it a bit through the bones.'   I do a couple of slow slashes one in the left shoulder to the hand vertically, a different one from the same starting spot to the right hip, another to the left leg.   'Seems like some of the spots are indeed decaying. I can notice the black appearance of the skill doing something to it, but it barely does anything. I guess bones take a long time to decay. Goblin level 1 instead of a skeleton.'   Instantly the creatures change place with one another, making the first one completely disappear.   'This skill is truly amazing, to think I could trick myself to this point. Now then let's see what happens when I use it in a goblin.'   I repeat the same movements I did before on the skeleton, and then slowly my expression becomes one filled with disgust.   The body starts to disfigure, melting even in some spots where blood along with some liquid, created from melted skin, muscle and flesh drops to the ground, making it look very sticky.   "Ugh, horrible, yet extremely effective on living things, in other words, Moonflower who noticed this became wary if it had touched her back then..." After a bit more passes.   'Seems like the places where it was decayed only disappear if it doesn't touch any other part of the body. If an enemy uses it on me, I'd have to freeze the effect instantly before it starts spreading towards my entire body.'   'Feels a lot slower than poison, but there might be some monsters who are immune to one of the two. Skeletons seem immune to a lot of things for example. If there was an entire kingdom of them, it would certainly be quite problematic to handle, perhaps even more than demons?'   'The more things I think about the stronger I feel like I need to become... one step at a time Iris, small ones, I'll manage somehow.'   'Hero detector on, I remember sister having them always on, even though hers were a lot more useful. At least, it'll keep me away from them.'   'Alicia's a hero now too... well it'll make me easier to find her if I must. Wondering what's she doing after being illuminated in front of everyone, I bet she's surprised about it. Hope she didn't lose herself to the soul fragment inside.'   'Knowing her I'm sure she didn't, I believe in my friend. Villainess title... hero class... by some reason these two things are contradictory to one another. From the explanation, it feels like I'm the enemy of humanity.'   'Fame and disgrace, hero and villain, how are they correlated appraisal?' Notice: 400 mana has been deducted. [Hero is the peak class of fame, Villain is the peak class of disgrace.]   'Does that mean my class can evolve further beyond appraisal?' Notice: 400 mana has been deducted. [Babel witch is one of the peaks of a witch class. An aberrant and unique path of it, therefore, as it matches what can be considered of hero and villain classes.]   'Is that the reason why I received the villainess title appraisal?' Notice: 100 mana has been deducted. [Every being who reaches the fame peak receives the hero class and title.]   'Hum? That was not what I asked though? What is the reason I received the villainess title appraisal?' Notice: 100 mana has been deducted. [Every being who reaches the fame peak receives the hero class and title.]   'What's going on? Why are you not appraising appraisal?' Notice: 100 mana has been deducted. [Superior interference.]   'Understood, take it easy appraisal, this means the gods or one in specific is blocking this information. If I were a god... why would I do this?'   'Perhaps to hide some sort of mistake, I suppose gods wouldn't do that easily, something else? The witches referred the system brought a malfunction upon my soul...'   I gaze towards the goblin who's half-decayed, ' disperse illusion.'   I then move inside the mirror,' let's see if in the other world I can find something more about this issue.'

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