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Chapter: 130

On the other side of the mirror, in my own world, I approach the circle feeling the mana flow inside my body regaining it at a fast pace.

"Anastasia's love for me was it," I voice my thoughts in a low tone unconsciously, making the girl in front of me look at me lustfully.

A chill passes through the spine on my back, forcing me to avert her gaze while I sit on the ground not too far from the fellow witch.

"What's today's ordeal master?" She looks at me changing her expression to an innocent and curious one.

"Now then... how could I possibly get the appraisal skill to tell me classified information..."

"If its information related to the higher beings of Artana, perhaps you could ask it to this world system, no?"

"Anastasia you're a genius!" I shout happily making her embarrassed, forcing her gaze to be averted from me.

"Status show me the cursed skills."

Cursed: Unidentified Skill, Mirror level 17, Soul Manifestation, Endless Growth, Endless Cap, Endless Awakening, Profane Sealing, Profane Connection.

"Hum... profane connection was it?" Profane Connection level 2:Connect to the witches?Connect to the system? "Connect to the system!" System: Brr... brr...  System: The title High Call has been received. System: Hello?   'Hello! Is this the system of my world?' System: Yes, how can the system be of help, master Iris?   'I was trying to appraise some information about the higher-beings of Artana, but someone, perhaps a god interrupted it.' System: No one to block you here, but might not have enough information depending on the request. The mirror copied the world and the system knowledge, not the god's one, among other things.   'Hum... might be worth trying it nonetheless, what is the reason I received the villainess title appraisal?' System: Conferring knowledge and permission to appraisal... [Upon the records of Artana, it was caused and rewarded by the god of chaos Lute. Unknown reason.] System: The title Stalker has been received.   'Seriously...? Stalker?' System: Master did stalk for certain classified information, and I can't choose what titles to give, it is automatic like in the past world.

I facepalm making Anastasia burst into laughter unable to contain herself any further.

Noticing her I make a snowball and throw it at her right in the face, causing some of the snow to enter her mouth which quickly results in her coughing it out.

We look at each other and resume laughing while throwing snowballs at one another like two kids.

After a while, we lay on the snow in a straight line with our heads close to each other, both looking up to the sky.

"Say Anastasia what titles do you think I should give to the other witches?"

"You can let them choose or simply give them based on the tone of voice like you did with me, the later would probably be best."

"Think they would want to pick something dangerous if I gave them the chance of choice?"

"Definitely, even though if you pick only good things, their personalities won't change, so based on it, would make them able to be true to themselves."

"Speaking of personal experience?"

"Yes master."

"I understand, I'll go like that then, I shall name and entitle them as my mind initially perceived them, be it good or evil."

"In the end, we're witches, happiness is not something we strive for."

"I see..."

"Also master, don't use the cursed skill profane connection on Artana. It wouldn't surprise me if you were able to communicate with the gods with it which would cause a ruckus."

"Yes, I definitely don't want more attention to myself, already had my share with this class."

"Do you regret being the babel witch master?"

"Not at all, just dislike the corruption part of it."

"Alright, I'm glad," Anastasia says with a soft tone feeling relieved deep inside.

"Don't worry, I'm content with all the curses and blessings I've received. Without them, I wouldn't be able to extend my family members."

Upon hearing my words she smiles, a kind and beautiful one, unnoticed by me.

"Master should permanently stay living in the shadows while hiding in Aurora's light."

"What do you mean by that?"

"If she's as great as you make her be, my dear Iris, then Artana world will surely pay attention to her, even the gods won't be able to avert their gazes."

"In other words...?"

"You... no. We surpass Aurora from the shadows while hiding in this world, we seal your status information from them, and also your existence. We further enhance it with an illusory layer so they get fake information, in case one of the gods has a special skill of sorts."

"Are we even able to do that?" I sit and face her direction looking diagonally downwards with a surprised expression finding a smiling expression on the girl's face.

"There's nothing that master Iris can't do, after all, we did receive quite the blessings from the goddess Aria, without her realizing it too, as she most likely thought it was Aurora only," an eerie expression fills the girl's face reminding me of my sister.

"It seems like today's ordeal... will be taking a new update," I chuckle happily making her smile joyfully matching my expression.

I extend my hand towards her which she changes from a sleeping position to a sitting one, matching the crossed legs and grabbing my hands.

"Let us start, cursed skill profane sealing."

Profane Sealing level 1:Status.

I touch the status option on the screen to avoid opening the usual screen showing my parameters.

Notice: Once sealed will require one hundred times the mana spent to unseal. Do you wish to proceed?

"Yes, seal my status information with 5000 thousand!"

Notice: 5000 mana has been deducted.

The mana from Anastasia converges with my own as I watch it passing through our hands, enveloping my entire body.

Once it turns into a concentrated aura around me the typical blue light becomes purely white like snow and then a voice pops into my mind.

Notice: The status has been sealed, to unseal will require 500 thousand mana from you or a different entity who may attempt.

The light aura touches my skin and then disappears, making me think it entered my body.

"With this gigantic amount of 500 thousand mana even gods will have some trouble, but just in case, unique skill illusion profane seal layer in my status."

Notice: 1000 mana has been deducted.

Notice: An illusory layer has been placed.

"Defensive countermeasures have been finished Anastasia," we let go of each other hands while smiling happily.

"Like this, master Iris will be able to slowly progress in the dark without any god bothering you, and best of all, it'll also hide the mirror."

"Will this be enough to hide this world from the other gods?"

"Unlikely, but seeing how small it is compared to Artana since your soul is lacking, it'll be fine for a lot longer."

"Alright, let's worry about that when the time comes, if my soul even grows that much."

"Hopefully it will, otherwise, soul manifestation skill will remain rather useless, and I'd like a place to live in."

I look around remembering that Anastasia has been sleeping in this place every day.

"You're right, I apologize, and I'll see what I can do about that.

"Master doesn't have to be sorry..." She bows her head feeling that her behavior was out of place.  

"Your absolutely right Anastasia, devising a suitable place for you to sleep in, is but something I as the older sister must proportionate!"

We smile at each other which causes her to feel relieved once more.

"Even then it'll be hard without soul power, and that's not something master Iris can easily get without consequences."

"Actually I've had an idea on how to get some," I grin thinking on teacher Ray and the leftover funds from my recommendation letter.

"What will you do?" She looks at me innocently tilting her head with eyes full of curiosity which makes me grin slightly.

"I'll make that old man go buy me soul stones like before, and then use the soul in it instead of absorbing it directly as my sister does. That way I shouldn't get tainted by what it contains."

"I think it's best if you consume them, but human ones only, so if possible make him buy those."

"Won't that bring issues?"

"I believe it'll be fine, especially since humans consuming humans can't change in that sense."

"Understood, I'll talk with teacher and train swordsmanship some more then.

"Alright, meet you later master Iris."

We wave at each other while I head to the mirror going through it.

On the other side, I erase the mirror and head outside the dojo going inside the house to look for my teacher.

"Teacher, I need a favor!"

"What's up?"

"I need some more soul stones, they don't have to be the best grade, just whatever you can find will do. Oh and a flower, a cute and good smelling one."

Upon hearing the first half he feels confused, but the second part makes his left eyebrow raise.

"I won't question as you don't ask what I do either."

"Thank you!" I smile happily as we built some sort of relationship ever since we began training together.

"How's your training? Mastered the bases yet?"

"Not at all!" I shout with a big smile making him go in fury.

"Then what you're waiting for you lazy idiotic student!?"

I run back to the dojo while hiding my smile, making the teacher's happy expression go unnoticed by me.

Once inside of it, I grab one of the wooden short swords and start waving it up and down.

'Illusion the high-level goblin warrior I met that time.'

I then start using it as a practice dummy, studying where my sword will land, and what swings would be the most viable.

'When I met this one it felt like he could kill me and Aurora in one ax blow. If it was now... would I be able to beat him?

I gaze at it who looks perfectly the same as I remembered it to be.

'Suppose the unique skill uses my memory to create these things, meaning he should have the level 20 from back then... without having ever hit him the body feels very sturdy.'

'Even if I got a few more levels, it still feels like I'd lose one on one... I'm sure he'll be a lot stronger than before if we ever meet again.'

'I would like to fight him, and moonflower too. I want to win against her the next time, but for that, I'd need to learn the sense skill. Back then I felt it for a couple of moments, but I suppose it wasn't enough to learn it.'

'Teacher Ray says the skill is a unique tiered one, as such, it would be great if I learned a basic version of it. As long as I get it, I should be able to improve further, and eventually increase its level if necessary.'

'With the current tools I have, it's simply a matter of time till I become stronger, not sure what my limit will be... I can't wait to reach it.'

I keep swinging my sword for a few hours more against its body. 

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