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Chapter: 284

Rumors were floating around that the Fifth Princess was wise and mature for her age, but she was still very adorable. Upon seeing her now, they realized that those rumors were true after all!

Now that her identity was revealed, the surrounding people bowed and greeted her. The Xiao family’s bully was as pale as the color of cement tiles, and he couldn’t say a word.

After Lin Feilu finished her lecture, she instructed the guard, "Send all of these people to Jing Zhaoyin’s place and deal with them according to the law."

The guard nodded, and as soon as the whistle blew, the remaining guards who were secretly accompanying them came over and escorted all the trembling group away.

After Lin Feilu dealt with the Xiao family bully, she turned around and saw that the young man in green had taken out a few pieces of silver from his purse and handed it to the girl, telling her to leave. The girl took the money, but she didn’t go; instead, she kowtowed and cried, "Young Master, the gift of life that you granted me is a gift I will never forget. However, the fact remains that I was sold to the Xiao family by my father, but now I have no place to return to. Can the Young Master please take me— I can serve you as an enslaved person or with my frame for all of eternity."

After the hero saves the beauty, the beauty would naturally promise her body.

TV shows didn’t lie to me, after all.

Unexpectedly, the young man in the green outfit spoke sternly, "I don’t have a shortage of slaves and servants in my mansion. But when the Xiao family hands over your deed of slavery, you will be free, so please do not confine yourself to such cheap and crude methods because you’re worth so much more than that."

In ancient times, buying and selling slaves was all too common. However, the young man in front of her respected all forms of life very much, and Lin Feilu felt a sense of respect towards him.

She couldn’t help but take two steps forward to approach him when she happened to notice a mole under the corner of his left eye.

Wait, what???

Lin Feilu took a closer look and her entire being was stunned.

After being shocked, she turned around and waved frantically and excitedly at Lin Nianzhi, who was still leaning out the window.

Lin Nianzhi, "?"

What happened to the fifth sister? Why did she suddenly twitch out of nowhere?

After the girl thanked her as well and left, the young man in green turned around and bowed to Lin Feilu before he said warmly, "Greetings to the Fifth Princess, thank you very much for aiding this humble one."

Lin Feilu, "There’s nothing to thank. This was how things should be! You…my sister and I are having dinner in the restaurant beside us, do you want to join us?"

He said respectfully, "This son of the Du family does not dare to disturb the Princess any longer, so I shall excuse myself."

After saying that, he bowed again and turned to leave.

Lin Feilu flew up from below excitedly.

Lin Nianzhi exclaimed, "Were you that eager to fly? Couldn’t you have taken the stairs?!"

Lin Feilu grabbed her hand, "Eldest sister! It’s him! It’s brother-in-law!!!"

Lin Nianzhi, "?"

What the hell?

Where did ‘brother-in-law’ come from all of a sudden?

Lin Nianzhi then realized what she said as her hands suddenly covered her mouth, "Was he… was he Du Jingruo?!"

Lin Feilu seemed to be even more excited as if she was the one that was going to be his potential partner, "He is the greatest man, eldest sister! You made the right choice!"

Lin Nianzhi shook off her hand and said awkwardly, "How can he… he’s just a nerd who recites the law and stuff… It’s hilarious…"

Despite having said that, her ears gradually turned beet red.

On the way back to the palace, Lin Nianzhi was still immersed in the shyness of meeting her future husband-in-law. The only regret she had was that she only saw his silhouette and his back, but not the front.

She complained to Lin Feilu, "Why didn’t you tell me about it earlier? I could have sneaked my way down to check him out a bit!"

Lin Feilu said, "I waved to you!"

Lin Nianzhi, "You, you call that a gesture?! I thought you went insane!"

Lin Feilu, "…"

Eldest Imperial Sister has quite the formidable temper when she gets mad.

However, after this chance encounter, Lin Feilu was also relieved of Du Jingruo’s character. According to Lin Nianzhi’s appearance, she seemed to be satisfied. After returning to the palace, Lin Nianzhi presented the portrait she had chosen to Emperor Lin.

So after the beginning of spring, Lin Nianzhi and Du Jingruo officially got engaged. When Lin Nianzhi turned fifteen, the Imperial marriage would formally commence.

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