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Chapter: 285

Although Lin Nianzhi was known as the unruly Princess, it was also a great honor to marry a Princess and become part of the royal family. Of course, the family of the Minister of Rites was thrilled; she just didn’t know what Du Jingruo himself thought about it.

However, according to Lin Feilu’s observation, Du Jingruo had a straightforward personality. Not only did he have a sense of righteousness, but he also had maintained an old-fashioned aura and personality that belonged to scholars. Such people generally did little to resist the arrangements made at home, so even if he didn’t like Lin Nianzhi now, they would probably treat each other sincerely after marriage.

After solving Lin Nianzhi’s life-long affairs, Lin Feilu solved the issues with the Xiao family.

After returning to the palace, she told Xiao Lan about what she had seen and heard, causing her Mother Consort to become enraged. Even if Lin Feilu didn’t know the bully who robbed the girl by force, the critical point was that Xiao Lan couldn’t even remember this person’s existence, so it was apparent that he was just an outsider.

However, this proved that even the children of other families dared to act this arrogantly. That meant that the Xiao family must have name-dropped the royals frequently enough times for no one to suspect anything amiss.

When Lin Feilu finished explaining the matter to Xiao Lan, Xiao Lan went to the Yangxin Palace dressed in a thin white coat after lunch.

When she arrived, Emperor Lin was discussing matters with the court officials inside, and the little eunuch who was guarding the door said respectfully, "It’s cold. The Consort should return first. This servant will inform you when Your Majesty is done with the governing matters."

Xiao Lan shook her head and replied softly, "I will just wait here."

Consort Lan was not an unloved concubine; His Majesty was usually affectionate with her, so how could she be allowed to wait here in vain in the cold weather?

The little eunuch wanted to enter the Palace in a hurry, but Xiao Lan stopped him, "You don’t need to report my arrival as His Majesty is busy handling political manners. I will enter once His Majesty’s discussion ends."

The little eunuch didn’t know what to say to her, so he could only respond carefully.

Emperor Lin didn’t know there was someone outside as it took two hours to discuss matters with the court officials. As soon as the people left, he pinched the bridge of his nose and was about to go to the inner room to rest for a moment when the little eunuch hurried in and saluted, "Your Majesty, Consort Lan has been waiting outside for two hours."

Emperor Lin was furious, "You bastard! The weather is so cold. Why the heck did you not protest to her waiting outside?!"

He strode out of the palace, and as soon as he went out, he saw Xiao Lan standing upright in front of the door in thin yet plain clothes and jet black hair. The outfit accented her slender and soft body as her little face was frozen and pale, but that made her lips more conspicuous and more beautiful. However, when he saw her eyes gleaming with moisture, he felt a pang of guilt and pity for her.

Emperor Lin couldn’t help it anymore. He held her cold hand in his palm as he spoke guiltily, "What is my dear Consort doing here? Are you intentionally trying to make me feel bad?"

Xiao Lan lowered her eyes before she bowed lowly and choked on her sobs softly, "This Consort is here to ask for Your Majesty’s forgiveness."

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