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Chapter: 288

The Xiao family was as anxious as ants on a hot pot. Recalling that the Fifth Princess scolded the Xiao family for being ruthless and unjust on that day, they began to wonder if Lin Feilu said something to Emperor Lin after returning to the palace.

Xiao Lan’s attitude towards the Xiao family had been frosty ever since she regained her Imperial favor. No matter how they tried to curry favor or smear her with accusations of being unfilial and other ruthless remarks, Xiao Lan did not give them any form of response. Now that His Majesty had punished the son of the Xiao family, the imperial decree could be seen as His Majesty’s position as not happy with the Xiao family either.

The Xiao family once made some minor moves before. Yet now that they were reprimanded for this, not only did they not acquire the benefits they intended to reap. Instead, they were even made into the laughingstock of the country. It was unbearable for them, but they could only helplessly dissolve into the shadows and continue with their lives.

The concubines in the harem also waited for the right time to tease Xiao Lan about the incident. However, they didn’t expect His Majesty to take the usual path of consequences. While imposing punishment on her maternal family heavily, His Majesty also pampered Xiao Lan on the other hand—it was indeed a baffling sequence of events.

Forget it; they’d just enjoy the pretty spring flowers.

With the flowers fading away, it signaled the end of spring. At that moment, Lin Feilu was now seven years old.

Despite being two years older than when she first arrived, Lin Feilu was surprised to discover that she! Was! Still! Short!

I’m fascinated.

Even the little baby Lin Wei’s height was a head taller already, so why am I still a midget?!

If it goes on like this, Lin Wei will be taller than me!

Am I destined to be a loli in this life?!

Lin Feilu thought hard and gulped down the third glass of milk into her stomach.

Didn’t they say she could grow taller if she drank more milk? If she didn’t grow taller next year, she would sue the milk dealer for fraud!

Oh, there are no dairy merchants here.

Lin Feilu was sad about that and sighed.

This year, there were naturally no more lavish arrangements for her birthday banquet, but the gifts from the various palaces were quite a handful— perhaps even more luxurious than last year’s gifts. After all, Xiao Lan was not what she used to be.

The whole day passed already, but she still did not receive Little Pretty Boy’s gift. But this time, she got used to this action with ease. After the skies turned dark, she didn’t hurry herself to sleep. Instead, she wore a light cloak, carried her small milk jug, and flew up to the roof to gaze at the stars.

There was no such thing as smog and exhaust gases in this era, so the stars were unbelievably bright.

She squinted and stretched out her short hands to trace the constellations in the night when suddenly, there was a soft sound of a slight gust of wind forming behind her. Before she could turn around, Song Jinglan lightly landed beside her and sat down.

Lin Feilu was stunned. She had planned to hide here to watch him knocking on her window to find that there was no one in her room. Then, she would reveal where she was and relish in the look of the supposed astonishment on his face.

She was a little disappointed, "How did Your Highness know that I am here?"

Song Jinglan said, "I heard the Princess’s breathing."

Lin Feilu, "???"

Young man, what sort of creepy martial arts is this?!

Song Jinglan accepted her surprised gaze readily and laughed, "That’s a lie— the moon is too bright tonight. The Princess was too obvious when you were sitting here, so that’s how I saw you."

Lin Feilu stretched out her hand, "My gift!"

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