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Chapter: 1168

Dao Embryo s Released

Chapter 1168 Dao Embryo’s Released!  Lin Mu’s golden fists shone from time to time as they slammed into the Dao Treading realm cultivators of the Northern Tribes. 

"Dammit! What kind of a man is this? Why can’t we even put one scratch on him?" one of the Dao Treading realm cultivators said in frustration.

They had been fighting for a bit now and were unable to get through Lin Mu’s defenses. It was rather terrifying for them as despite being many times in numbers, their powers were still not enough.



"Oh no!" another Dao Treading realm cried as his spirit sword finally shattered under Lin Mu’s fist.

’A chance!’ Lin Mu blinked to the man’s side and let his fist meet the man’s temple.

"ARGH!" The man cried momentarily before being knocked out.

His temple cracked and blood spilled from it. 

’He’s tough… normally this should have burst his head open.’ Lin Mu thought.

This was the biggest thing he had discovered about these Dao Treading realm cultivators he was fighting. They seemed to be a lot more tougher than the ones he had fought before. Not just that but their fighting experience also seemed to be higher, as they could actually keep up with Lin Mu.

They had already seen Lin Mu teleporting around and had become wary about it. While it was shocking to them initially, they soon adapted to it. After all, hesitating in a battle like this would spell their death.

Which was also why Lin Mu couldn’t just keep on using blink and teleport around, attacking them. With the numbers these Dao Treading realm experts had, they could take turns in blocking him, if Lin Mu attacked one of them.

Little Shrubby had only managed to kill one of them instantly due to the great speed and increase in power he had experienced after activating his innate skill of Seven Beasts Burst. Even now, the beast was fighting the Immortal Ascension realm expert, Master Cull Mountain and keeping her in one place.

This allowed Lin Mu to hold back these experts. Though he didn’t know how long this was possible as he could sense the third Immortal Ascension realm expert approaching. 

’How is he so slow?’ Lin Mu wondered.

Lin Mu couldn’t fully check on the expert since he was being guarded by a barrier through which his spirit sense couldn’t penetrate. It was the strong spirit qi fluctuation coming that were telling Lin Mu that the man was approaching.

But what confused Lin Mu was how slow he was. In the time it had taken for the man to travel this far, even a Qi refining realm cultivator would have reached the battlefield. Which only made Lin Mu think that perhaps there was something else slowing him down.

This was extra worrying to him as there was no telling if some big scheme was being plotted by the Immortal Ascension realm expert.

"Defend him!" The Dao Treading realm experts of the Tribes shouted upon seeing their companion being hit by Lin Mu.

~shua~ shua~ shua~

All of them rushed towards the man, but Lin Mu was faster than them.

"Too late." Lin Mu muttered as he flicked his hand.


Six spirit swords shot out in a formation, with the short sword being at the center. All of them were joined together through a net made from Lin Mu’s sword intent. This was something that was mentioned in the Thousand Armament Blade Scripture but Lin Mu had rarely used it. 

And now that he had sword intent, the true power of these small sword formations were unleashed!


The five spirit swords protected the short sword and amplified its power while warding off the attacks of the Dao Treading realm experts.



The short sword burst through the unconscious Dao Treading realm experts chest, destroying his heart and spine in the process. But it didn’t just stop there, the short sword did a quick U-turn and stabbed into the Dantian of the man from the back, erasing his Nascent soul that was trying to wiggle out as well, thereby killing him completely.

"Twenty left to go…" Lin Mu muttered as he looked at the furious faces of all.

He knew that the speed at which he was killing was just not enough and he needed to be a lot faster. He wanted to reduce their numbers as much as possible before the arrival of the third Immortal Ascension realm cultivator of the tribes.

At the same time he was cursing the top sects being so late. He had heard that they were arriving soon and had become hopeful at seeing the Centennial Sword Ancestor’s appearance but now it wasn’t like that.

As for Jing Wei, Lin Mu had another guess.

’He’s waiting for the Immortal Tool of the Tribes to appear. He’s definitely going to suppress it first.’ Lin Mu thought.

It wasn’t hard for Lin Mu to guess it and Jing Luo had done the same before. It was also the right option as Jing Wei was supposed to be their trump card. The Northern Tribes knew about the top sect’s Immortal Ascension realm ancestors, and could prepare for them. But they couldn’t do the same for Jing Wei who was thought to be dead to them.

"Enough! We have to kill him at once, or we won’t be able to last long."

"Yeah we still have a long conquest ahead of us."

The Dao Treading realm cultivators of the northern tribes made their decision and suddenly their aura’s spiked. Strong spirit qi fluctuations came from them and Lin Mu became alert.

"Dao Embryo Release!" The Dao Treading realm experts made different handseals of their own.

Spherical shells rose up from the top of their heads and expanded to become large. Most of them were around two meters wide, but some had reached a width of nearly five meters which was rather large for a Dao Treading realm expert. 

But what was even more surprising was that each of the Dao Shell’s contained the same kind of Dao Embryo!

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