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Chapter: 1169

Snow Bell Dao Embryos

Chapter 1169 Snow Bell Dao Embryos  Lin Mu glanced at the Dao Shell’s and saw the Dao Embryos within. 

All of them were shaped like bells and their size was the same as well. This was strange since the size of their Dao Shell’s varied.

’Why are they the same size? Shouldn’t the ones with bigger Dao Shell’s form bigger Dao Embryos?’ Lin Mu wondered.

The last time he had seen so many Dao Embryos of the same time was when he fought the Dao Treading realm cultivators who had been forcefully nurtured using Pills of grace. But those cultivators were very weak and had the same sized Dao Shells as well.

Their foundation and quality couldn’t compare to the Dao Treading realm cultivators Lin Mu was fighting right now. These were true Dao Treading realm cultivators who had cultivated from scratch. Lin Mu could not sense even a trace of the muddied qi of the Pills of grace and neither did he feel the trace of invader on them.

The Dao Shells all floated up and a wave of energy spread from them.

"Snow Bell Embryo resonance!" The Dao Treading realm cultivators chanted.


The bells in the Dao Shells all rung at the same time and a melodic chime was heard. Lin Mu’s spirit sense was alert and was scanning for danger at all times but didn’t sense any threat from this.

"What are they—" but soon Lin Mu felt the change.

He looked at his hand and saw a layer of ice covering it. 

"How?" But that wasn’t all as his leg was soon covered by ice too.

Realizing that he needed to reassess the threat Lin Mu used Fade and disappeared, leaving the Dao Treading realm cultivators confused.

"Where did he go?" 

Back in the parallel world, Lin Mu broke off the ice on his hand and leg. 

"How the hell did they do that? There was no spirit qi in that attack and I didn’t sense any threat either?" Lin Mu couldn’t help but question.

"They executed a Dao embryo skill. Normally you would have felt it, but since they are using it in unison, its power is amplified." Xukong answered. "And not just that, because it is not a qi skill, your spirit sense won’t sense it either. It is a pure Dao skill, albeit only a weak one that works on Dao Traces." 

"I see… but how can they all have the same kind of Dao Embryos?" Lin Mu asked.

"It is quite possibly due to them comprehending it all from the same thing. Not all of Dao Treading realm cultivators form their Dao Embryos on their own, some might take the guidance of a senior expert or some might even use a tool to gain an insight from." Xukong replied.

"Hmm… perhaps the immortal tool did this? Could they have gained their insight from it?" Lin Mu guessed.

"It is certainly possible. And it makes it even more dangerous. In large numbers like this same Dao Embryos can resonate and increase their power to levels that are beyond what could be possible normally for them. You should be careful this time. Dao Skills cannot be defended against easily." Xukong warned.

Lin Mu nodded his head and had already experienced it. Normally he should not have even been affected by it and the mortal strengthening scripture’s armor would have blocked it. But when ice formed on his hand and arm, it had directly bypassed the armor and covered both the armors and his skin.

If it were not for the fact that his body cultivation was also at the Dao Treading realm and he had cultivate the True Gold Body forging arts, he might have lost both his limbs.

"I think you should use it too… it is ready right?" Xukong suggested.

"Mmhmm… after the breakthrough I could instinctively feel it that I can use it." Lin Mu replied.

"Good, use it then. No sense in hiding it anymore." Xukong stated.

"Alright." Lin Mu said as his eyes glinted with determination.

He then moved some distance away from his initial location and deactivated Fade, reappearing back in the Xiaofan world.

"THERE!" As soon as he appeared, the Dao Treading realm cultivators sensed him.

They were left confused and wondered if Lin Mu had left using teleportation. That was one thing they couldn’t guard against and were betting that Lin Mu would not leave without a fight. 

And just as they had guessed, Lin Mu returned soon after.

"Don’t let him escape again!" the Dao Treading realm cultivators said out loud.


The Snow Bell Embryos chimed once again, the melodic sound spreading in the surrounding. 


But this time Lin Mu was prepared and broke the ice just as it formed on his body. Spirit qi continually poured out from his body, creating an outward pressure, preventing the ice from forming. 

"It won’t work anymore." Lin Mu said as he distanced himself a little from the Dao Treading realm cultivators.

"Again!" the Dao Treading realm cultivators controlled their Dao Embryos and rang the bells non stop.


It felt like tens of wind chimes were ringing in strong winds and the melodic sound turned a little irritating.


Icy winds blew all around the area, freezing it. The bare ground which had been revealed due to Little Shrubby was now covered in white snow again. But the snow only lasted off a moment before turning into solid ice under the effect of the bells.

Even Lin Mu felt his spirit qi curtain weakening. What he was doing was actually pushing out his store spirit qi out of his body in order to prevent the ice from forming on it. This process was really wasteful and was the same as letting one’s spirit qi that was collected after tireless cultivation free.

Only Lin Mu was someone who could willfully waste spirit qi like this.  It wasn’t like he would have a hard time absorbing it back anyway.

"You aren’t the only one’s who can use Dao Embryos, you know?" Lin Mu said as a heavy aura spread from him.

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