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Chapter: 1170

True Earth Heart Dao Embryo

Chapter 1170 True Earth Heart Dao Embryo  As the heavy aura spread from Lin Mu, a yellow and brown object rose from his head, shining brightly like a flood light in the night. A few seconds later the object became clearer and  everyone could see it now.

The object was none other than Lin Mu’s Dao shell. And it was in the form of a Seven sided shield. There was a flat circular indent in its center as well. The different sections of the shield had two different colors. Four of it were yellow in color while three section were brown in color.

The circle in the center though was clear and could be seen through. And there was actually another object hidden inside it.

"What kind of a Dao Embryo is that?" The Dao Treading realm cultivators of the northern tribes wondered.




But that was not all as a peculiar sound could was heard coming from the Shield like Dao Shell. 

"Is that… a heartbeat?" the Dao Treading realm cultivators finally realized.

The sound coming from the Shield like Dao shell was the same as heartbeats. Albeit heartbeats that were loud enough to be heard in the entire area. Not just that but with each beat, they felt like the pressure on them was oscillating.

Lin Mu gazed up at his Dao Shell and let it expand.

One meter. Two meters. Three meters. Four meters. Five meters. Six meters… ten meters!

The Dao Shell had reached a massive ten meters in size now. The Dao Treading realm cultivators could only watch on in shock as the heartbeats coming from the Dao shell intensified as well.

"Dao Shell condense!" Lin Mu called out.


The Dao Shell shook before starting to condense. It’s size reduced until it became two meters wide. Though at the same time, the Dao Shell became a lot more denser. The heartbeats coming from it also became a lot more clear, and now felt like drum beats.

Then under the shocked eyes of everyone, Lin Mu took out a spear from his spatial storage. It was none other than the Iron Thorn Spear and stabbed it into his Dao Shell!

"WHAT!?" the Dao Treading realm cultivators were confused and wondering why Lin Mu was harming his own Dao Shell.

But much to their surprise, the scene of the Dao Shell cracking or getting damaged was not seen. Instead. The Iron thorn spear freely inserted into the Dao shell, as if it was meant to fit it from the start. 

Around one third of the spear disappeared into the Dao Shell before Lin Mu held it in his hands.

"True Earth Heart Dao Embryo!" Lin Mu chanted.


The Dao Shell shook once more and let out waves of energy that covered the entire Dao Shell. The energy solidified around the Dao Shell while the outline of an object could be seen. 

The object was none other than Lin Mu’s Dao Embryo which was in the shape of a heart!

The Dao Embryo looked like a heart made out of rocks and stones, with soil clumped around its surface forming the fine veins and arteries. It throbbed nonstop and liberated a lot of energy. 

This was the Dao Embryo that Lin Mu had birthed after having comprehended the Dao of Earth!

It was a unique Dao Embryo that even Xukong had not seen before and Lin Mu instinctively knew its name when it was born within his Dao Shell. 

He had broken through to the Dao Treading realm not long ago, and had been stabilizing his qi cultivation base. It was also why he had not used it right away. But now he felt like it had become just perfect.

This was one of the reasons why Lin Mu had gotten interested in Elder Gunkao who also used the earth element. Lin Mu wanted to know just how much of a difference there was between their Dao Embryos.

And now he had seen several Dao Embryos and was confident in his own. Even more so for the Dao Skill that he had automatically comprehended when he had broken through.

Lin Mu’s understanding of the Dao of earth had deepened and the Dao Traces present in his Dao Embryo was great. The concentration of Dao Traces in his Dao Embryo was supposedly a lot more than there normally should have been, according to Xukong.

Of course Lin Mu didn’t mind it and was rather happy with it. As it only meant that his capabilities would be that much higher.

And now, he was about to display those very capabilities.

"HAA!" Lin Mu held the handle of the Iron Thorn spear that was now attached to the entire Dao Shell and poured in his spirit qi into it. 

The spirit qi reacted with the energy coming from the True Earth Heart Dao Dao Embryo and solidified turning into rocks that covered the entire Dao Shell as well as the shaft of the Iron Thorn spear.

The two things were now combined and had taken an entirely different form.

True Earth Heart: Great Sword Form!

In Lin Mu’s hands was now a Great Sword over three meters long. Its stony blade was two meters long while the handle alone was a meter long. Sword intent rose from Lin Mu’s body and infused into the Great Sword.


The two edges of the Great Sword chipped and crumbled under the power of the sword intent, forming a razer sharp edge. Lin Mu’s Sword intent had ground the rough and blunt edges until they were proper. 


Lin Mu swung the great sword through the air and propped it up on his shoulder. The large Great Sword looked comical compared to Lin Mu’s size as it was large enough to hide three of him behind it.

"Now then… where were we?" Lin Mu muttered as he gazed at the Dao Treading realm cultivators of the northern tribe that turned nervous from the pressure coming from Lin Mu.


Then in the next moment, Lin Mu jumped up into the sky, swinging the Great Sword.

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