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Chapter: 1172

Master Bell Mountain

Chapter 1172 Master Bell Mountain  Lin Mu could feel his powers exhausting a lot more than normal when using the Dao Embryo. The exhaustion was not only just for his spirit qi either, but also his mind. 

’Guess this is the strain that I need to bear when using Dao Traces…’ Lin Mu thought to himself.

Done with his momentary period of rest, Lin Mu charged forth again, brandishing the Great Sword and slashing apart the foe in front of him.

"Die quickly so that I can move on to the next one." Lin Mu said as he sped up his attacks.


But his momentum was interrupted by the ringing of a loud bell!


"Enough of this! You southern wretches need to be shown your place!" A booming voice was heard alongside the ringing bell.

Lin Mu’s eyes went wide as he felt a crushing pressure descend all over the place. It was strong enough to make him descend to the ground forcefully and the same thing happened to everyone else as well.

Seeing that even the northern tribes’ members were affected, Lin Mu guessed that this might be not be a targeted skill.


His spirit sense which was also being restricted somehow felt the strong spirit qi wave nearby.

"The Third Immortal Ascension realm expert is here!" Lin Mu sensed.

In his fight and use of the Dao Embryo, he hadn’t sensed when the Immortal Ascension realm expert had spend up and arrived at the battlefield.

"Master Bell Mountain!"

"Master Bell Mountain is here!" 

The elated shouts of many Northern Tribes’ members could be heard as they all looked towards the north above the mountains. 

There stood a withered old man. His back was crooked and his limbs bony and thin. His skin looked like the bark of a dead tree while his eyes couldn’t even be seen with how sunken they were. He had no hair on his head nor on his face as it had all fallen out over the ages.

Despite him looking old and weak though, strong spirit qi locutions could be felt coming from him. They were so strong that the undulations could be seen in the very air itself!

"What’s that behind the mountains!?"

"A tower?"

"No its a temple!"

The voices of the alliance members could be heard as they all discovered a large figure appearing above the mountains. The figure was blocking the view behind the mountains as it only got bigger and bigger.

But soon they realized that the object wasn’t getting bigger, it was simply coming closer.


The loud ringing of a bell could be heard coming from the object and soon it became clear what it was. It was a temple floating in the sky, with a tall bell tower attached to its top from which an ancient looking bell was hanging.

There were esoteric patterns carved on the bell that showed demons, humans, beasts, and various other beasts fighting and warring. Along with this there were many old runes that were hard to read.

"A temple with a bell tower?" Lin Mu’s eyes narrowed.

"That’s an immortal tool for sure… you need to be ready to use that now. This has gone beyond what you might be able to handle further." Xukong’s voice was heard.

A frown appeared in Lin Mu’s face as he knew just what they were facing now.

The third Immortal Ascension realm cultivator, titled Master Bell Mountain gazed upon the battlefield as the bell on the temple kept on ringing behind him.

~shua~ shua~

One of the Dao Treading realm elders of the tribes rushed to the side of the Master Bell Mountain.

"Greetings Master Bell Mountain! We are honored to have you grace us with your presence and the protection of the Ancestral Bell." The Dao Treading realm elder greeted.

Right now the entire battlefield seemed to have frozen as barely anyone could move from the pressure. Only Master Cull Mountain who was fighting with Little Shrubby in the distance as well as Master White Mountain and the Centennial Sword Ancestor could move around.

But even Little Shrubby was getting a little restrained as his speed had fallen too from the pressure. But he wasn’t stopped the same as Lin Mu who was feeling like a great anchor had been put upon him.

"How is it that we still suffered such losses even with so much preparation?" Master Bell Mountain questioned.

"M-master… it was the Southerners they all were ready. It seems like our preparations were still not enough. But that’s not all, they seem to have some exceptional people and beasts among them." The Dao Treading elder answered feeling a little anxious under the gaze of the old man.

The Dao Treading realm elder trembled slightly as the gaze of the old man was hard to bear. It quite literally was crushing to him and he wondered if he would be punished.

"Hmm… seems like I need to take it all into my hands." Master Bell Mountain said before raising his hand in a praying gesture.

He brought them all the way to the top, before pulling them apart as a string of runes condensed from his palms, forming a long ribbon. 

"O’ Ancestral Bell bestow upon us the Spirit Sealing Array!" The old man prayed as the string of runes hanging from his palms started to change.

The string seemingly weaved itself into a small fabric before flying off towards the Ancestral Bell and attaching to the eaves. If one looked closely, they would see hundreds of small fabrics hanging off from the eaves of the large temple. 


A pattern lit up on the Ancestral bell as it rang.


The pattern then flew out from the bell and expanded in the sky, turning into large formation array that spanned for kilometers on end!


The formation array descended upon the ground and merged into it, disappearing completely.

"My spirit qi… I can’t control it!?"

"The spirit qi in the air… it’s gone!"

Cries of panic were soon heard all over the battlefield as the alliance members shuddered.

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