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Chapter: 1176

For Whom The Bell Tolls

Chapter 1176 For Whom The Bell Tolls?  Patriarch You Yi had been battling one of the elders of the northern tribes’ council but had frozen like many others after Master bell Mountain appear. He had struggled a lot to get free of the control, but was unable to.

That was until…

"Huh? I can move again?" Patriarch You Yi felt confused.

It wasn’t just him either. All those that were at the Dao Treading Realm were the first ones to be freed as their cultivation bases were the highest. The ones to be freed next were those at the Dao Shell realm and so on and so forth.

And just like everyone else, Patriarch had heard the roar as well and soon felt the soul chilling aura.

"What is…" Patriarch You Yi turned to face the direction and saw the mass of deep crimson aura that was churning and roiling.

His words stopped in his mind as he knew what the location entailed.

’Wasn’t Lin Mu there?’ Patriarch You Yi recalled.


While Patriarch You Yi was thinking of this, the deep crimson aura started to move. It condensed together and took shape of a ten meter tall figure. The figure had a broad and tall body covered in fur, with claws that were twelve inches long, looking like knives.

Then there were two patterns on its body, an inverted triangle on the chest and an inverted pentagon on the back that joined together with lines that extended from this vertices over the entire body.

But that was not all, as on the head of the figure two small horns could also be seen. The horns were about five inches long and compared to its head, were quite small. Even the fangs in the figure’s mouth were longer than that.


A Bear’s roar was heard as the figure lifted its head and let out an earthshaking cry.

The roar swept over the entire battlefield, wiping away the influence of Master Bell Mountain’s physical restrictions from everyone. Though the spirit Qi restriction due to the Spirit sealing array was still there.


Master Bell Mountain looked back in surprise as he heard the Temple bell ring on its own.




The bell continued to ring, as if responding to the roar of the deep crimson bear figure that had just appeared.

A thought came to Master Bell Mountain as he recalled something from the past.

"This is just like back then… a decade ago… the ancestral bell rang just like this." Master Bell Mountain muttered to himself.

He was especially surprised since the bell was doing this of its own volition. While Master Bell Mountain could control it, the control was actually limited. The Ancestral Bell was said to have its own sentience and could do things on its own as well.

That was also why it was a true immortal tool, since it had its own ‘spirit’ or consciousness.

The Bell tolled and spoke in its own manner. It was not understood by others, but Master Bell Mountain understood it very well.

"A warning?" Master Bell Mountain said as he looked up at the bell.


It rang again, but this time, a few runes appeared on it. The runes swam on the surface of the bell until they settled on a specific pattern and merged into it.


The pattern lit up in a bright blue light, enhancing its appearance. Without the glow, it would be hard to accurately tell what the pattern was due to the weathered surface of the bell. But now it was fully revealed.

"Demon? A demon here? How is that possible?" Master Bell Mountain said in disbelief.

He turned back to look at the deep crimson figure of a bear, which had now started to shrink. The aura condensed rapidly before it was only half as tall and wide. The large bear turned into a five meter tall being, that didn’t look exactly the same.

It had long hair that reached its lower back and had a metallic sheen. The same inverted triangle and pentagon patterns on its chest and back, along with long claws that were six inches long.

Sharp fangs jutted out of its lips, while crimson color spread over its skin. 

What was different from the bear’s figure though, was the thin golden lines that spread all over his body, reaching each and every finger and toe. 

The three colors, black, crimson and golden, contrasted forming a mix that sparked fear in one’s heart.

Finally, the newly formed being opened its eyes, revealing red sclera and yellow pupils that gazed with a malevolent look.


The figure raised its head and let out a war cry. The dense muscles on its body ripped with pure unadulterated power that almost overflowed and shook the air.


The figure pressed upon the ground with its feet before rising up into the air like a rocket!


The ground shattered as spiderweb like cracks spread all over it. The crimson figure tore though the air like a bullet before falling towards a certain location, drawing an arc in the sky.


Upon landing, the figure directly made the ground beneath him collapse five meters deep. But this didn’t slow him down at all as the figure lifted its head and gazed straight into the eyes of the Dao Treading realm experts of the northern tribes.

"You… what—" Before one of them could speak though, his head was split apart.

No noise was heard as the cut was smooth. The head of the man split apart into slices just like a watermelon would under a fine cleaver.


The crimson figure didn’t just stop there though. He stabbed his long claws through the torso of the headless Dao Treading realm expert and picked it up before shoving it down into his mouth.


Chewing a couple of times, he swallowed the entire body down and looked at the rest.

A terrifying hunger was present in its eyes and the Dao Treading realm experts were the food it desired.

King Hong who saw it all closely, shuddered. 

"Lin Mu?"

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