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Chapter: 2655

Respond Flatly

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

‘When the disciples heard Ling Chang, Quan Ruhai, and Qiu Yuanshan agreeing to Su Mo’s suggestion, they started to agree as well.

"Lagree!" Ge Li responded, sounding indifferent.

Ge Li looked impassive. He had agreed to the suggestion not to come to Su Mo’s rescue, but he wanted to make use of the opportunity to kill Su Mo.

He could kill Su Mo openly in the challenge, similar to how Su Mo had killed Zang Renjie back then.

It was common for one to be killed during sparring sessions.




A few other disciples agreed, and they were the Supreme Beings.

After all, the Supreme Beings were there to hijack the Dosu Fruits from the disciples.

They were unable to enter Dosu Star and had intended to hijack the disciples who had obtained the Dosu Fruits. After the event had ended, their fellow disciples would inform them of the people who had obtained the Dosu Fruits that they desired and they would hijack those disciples.

It had become simpler as they could get hold of the Dosu Fruits by defeating Wu Shan.

Thus, they had agreed.

"This is a good suggestion!"


"This is feasible!"

Many of the disciples commented. Since the top powers had agreed, they decided to agree as well.

Moreover, they reckoned that Su Mo would lose all the Dosu Fruits.

3,000 people would be able to get the Dosu Fruits.

As for the people who failed to lay their hands on the Dosu Fruits, they had to give up or rob the other disciples. At the end of the day, strength mattered.

All the 3,000 Dosu Fruits would end up in the hands of the disciples.

"Great! Since all of you agree, let’s do it!"

Su Mo smiled and continued, saying, "To prevent anyone from breaking the rules, let’s have an agreement. Whoever has been defeated must not try to wrest the Dosu Fruit again as we do not want to see people running around for the Fruit. How does that sound to you?"


"It is better this way!"


Inan instant, around 1,000 people, including Ge Li, Quan Ruhai, and the Supreme Beings, commented.

Basically, the disciples who had responded were the Rank 9 Advanced True Gods. They had agreed to the suggestion as they had absolute confidence in themselves.

It was their concern as well that the people who lost the fight would try to hijack their Dosu Fruits.

As for those disciples who did not have a high cultivation level or who were not powerful enough, they did not say a word. They knew that it would be impossible for them to get hold of any Dosu Fruit. In order for them to do so, they would have to collaborate with their fellow disciples.

The proposal gave the opportunity for 3,000 disciples to obtain a Dosu Fruit.

‘When that happened, they could collaborate with a few people or more to rob a person. That would give them a higher probability to obtain a Dosu Fruit.

At that moment, they could not join forces to rob Wu Shan as that would set the people against them.


Su Mo broke out into laughter when he saw that the disciples had agreed. The Ultimate Holy Sword appeared in his hand and he pointed it at the people and said, "Whoever wishes to have the Dosu Fruit can come up and challenge me!"

"Let me!"

"I shall go first!"

"All of you move aside!"

Many people commented. A few thousand people flew out in an instant as they wanted to be the first to challenge Su Mo.

Those people had absolute confidence in defeating Su Mo and they had to be the first few to challenge Su Mo in order for them to obtain the Dosu Fruit of their choice.

If they had challenged Su Mo later, the Dosu Fruit that they desired to have might be taken away by someone. It would be useless for them to get some other Dosu Fruits which were of no value to them.

‘The few thousand disciples started to quarrel amongst themselves and they were unwilling to give way to the other.

Ge Li stood behind the crowd and although he desired to step forth, he suppressed the thought.

Ye Jin had told him to make it seem that he had killed Wu Shan accidentally and he must not implicate Qinghua Branch.

Although Ge Li could not care less, he decided to wait a while since Ye Jin had passed down the instruction.

It would be the best scenario if Wu Shan was killed by another person.

If Ge Li had gone up and killed Wu Shan straight away, the men from Palmy Branch would suspect that Qinghua Branch was avenging Zang Renjie.

"Are you done with your discussion?"

Su Mo asked as he looked at the group of people who were quarreling amongst themselves. He was speechless. Those people reckoned that he could be easily dealt with and they were rushing to the fore to challenge him.

Since those people were from different branches and they were not of the same mind, Su Mo did not mind their behavior.

"We have decided. I shall be the first to challenge you!"

The youth in the black shirt who was the first to catch up with Su Mo said as he stepped forward.

As he was the first to catch up with Su Mo, his meritorious deeds could not be obliterated. Moreover, he was famous and powerful and thus everybody agreed that he should be the first person to take Su Mo on.

Asilver sword appeared in the youth’s hand and it looked cold and sharp.

"Sure. Get ready to take one blow from me!" Su Mo smiled and lifted the sword in his hand.

"Ding Yu will definitely win!"

"That’s right! Ding Yu is a Rank 9 True God and his strength is greater than his peers’!"

"There’s no doubt about it!"

All the disciples moved back to make way for them, and those who knew the youth in the black shirt started to talk about him.

Although the disciples had to admit that Wu Shan possessed amazing devouring power, they believed that he would be badly beaten by Ding Yu.

Quan Ruhai was caught in a dilemma. He intended to challenge Su Mo later but Ling Chang was around.

He was afraid that Ling Chang would be unhappy with his actions, but he did not want to give up the Dosu Fruit.

"Take one blow from you?"

The youth by the name of Ding Yu sneered, "Provided you can hit me."

Having said that, Ding Yu disappeared into thin air.

However, the disciples knew that he was still around. The surrounding space was fluctuating and no one could see him as he was moving at a great speed.

Rule of Speed! Su Mo was surprised to see that many disciples had cultivated the Rule of Speed. In fact, he had a taste of the Rule of Speed before.

No wonder Ding Yu could catch up with him. He had cultivated the Rule of Speed.


Suddenly, a ray of cold sword radiance flashed across the sky and slashed at Su Mo from behind.

‘The sword radiance was quick and imposing. With the Rule of Speed to support it, the speed was two times quicker than the speed of Ding Yu’s peers.

The Rule of Speed not only hastened one’s speed but it increased the speed of the attack as well.

The minute the sword radiance shot out, it was near Su Mo.

Anyone below the Supreme Being Realm would not have been able to fend it off at such a great speed.

The disciples were astounded by Ding Yu’s speed. They had heard that no one below the Supreme Being Realm was quicker than Ding Yu, and they had realized that it was indeed true.

‘Wu Shan would definitely be defeated. It was impossible for him to fend off Ding Yu and duck away from his blow.


At the sound of the explosion, the sword radiance behind Su Mo burst into pieces. The force surged around, causing many people to retreat.

The disciples widened their eyes when they saw that Su Mo had merely moved forth a few meters after he was slashed by the sword radiance. His defense had not fallen apart.

His defense was too much of an exaggeration!

"Although you are quick, your attack is too weak!"

Su Mo said impassively. The minute he was hit, he turned around and threw out a blow with his sword.

He had been eyeing Ding Yu with his Mental Perceptivity.

Suddenly, the Chaotic Sword Qi tore the surrounding space apart and hit Ding Yu.

Although the speed of Su Mo’s attack was slower than that of Ding Yu, the blow was quick. As the two of them were near each other, the blow hit Ding Yu in the blink of an eye.

Ding Yu was astounded when he sensed the power of the blow. He was about to duck away from the blow when he realized a strong devouring power emitting from the Sword Qi. The Sword Qi restricted his movement, deterring him from moving away.


As Ding Yu was unable to duck away from the blow, he had no choice but to take it head-on.


The sword and the Sword Qi clashed together and exploded. After the earth-shattering explosion, the winner emerged.

Ding Yu was thrown back like a puppet and he managed to come to a halt after he landed amongst the people.

"How can that be?"

Ding Yu exclaimed after he caught his balance. His face turned pale and he spurted out a mouthful of blood.

The Sword Qi had smashed his internal organs and his meridians were crushed.

He found it hard to believe that a Rank 9 Middle True God could possess such a great combat strength.


The area became silent as everyone looked at Su Mo with disbelief. They were taken aback by Su Mo’s strength.

After three breaths, the area broke out into a commotion.

"Wow! Wu Shan is powerful!"

"What a powerful Chaotic Power Source!"

"[heard that he has killed Zang Renjie, the most powerful genius in Qinghua Branch. It seems like the rumor is true!"

Many people were stunned by Wu Shan. He was not only a genius but he was a mighty genius.

Everybody looked grave. Judging from the situation, it seemed difficult for them to defeat Wu Shan.

Useless! Ge Li’s gaze was cold. He knew Ding Yu. Other than his speed, Ding Yu was a good-for-nothing.

"You have lost!" Su Mo said as he looked flatly at Ding Yu. He did not look happy after he had defeated Ding Yu as it did not take him much effort to defeat Ding Yu.

Other than his speed, Ding Yu’s attack was nothing worth mentioning. He could not even break through Su Mo’s defense.

That said, Su Mo had strong defensive power. Although he no longer had the power of the Blood Force, which had merged with the Vastness Purple Qi, the Vastness Purple Qi was present in every inch of his body. His physical body was as tough as before. With the Chaotic Power Source to protect him,

there was no way for the ordinary genius to break through his defense.

Ding Yu’s expression changed, and he did not say a word. His body had been severely injured and his strength had plummeted. He had to admit defeat.

"Next!" Su Mo said loudly as he lifted his sword and looked at the crowd. He looked nonchalant.

As the people looked at one another, a slender lady in a purple dress walked up to Su Mo.

The lady looked ordinary and she was a Rank 9 Advanced True God. She had a stronger aura than Ding Yu and it was apparent that they were of a different level.

"Wu Shan, we have underestimated you. However, the outcome remains. You will have to hand over all the Dosu Fruits!" The lady in the purple dress said in her high-pitched voice.

"After you!" Su Mo said flatly. He did not want to waste his breath on her. After all, many people were there for the Dosu Fruits and he had to deal with many opponents. He could not afford to chat with all his opponents.

‘When the lady heard what Su Mo had said, she nodded without saying another word.

"Senior Sister Xu Wan, don’t show him any mercy. Defeat him in one blow!"

"That’s right! Show him your power!"

Two men said loudly and their voices resounded in the area.

The two men and the lady in the purple dress were from the same branch. The two men were aware of the lady’s power as she was the cream of the crop among the Rank 9 Advanced True Gods.

All the disciples looked grave. The lady by the name of Xu Wan was an expert. Her strength was much more powerful than that of Ding Yu, and she should be able to win the fight!

However, the disciples were curious to find out the number of blows that Wu Shan would be able to take on from Xu Wan..

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