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Chapter: 2656

Quan Ruhai s Turn

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

"Junior Xuan Qing, what has Wu Shan achieved in terms of skills?" Next to Ling Chang, Quan Ruhai asked. He was surprised by Su Mo’s abilities, but not too much.

After all, he had witnessed how Su Mo had slaughtered Zang Renjie of the same rank. His combat skills were self-evident, and now that Su Mo had reached Ninth Grade, Middle Rank, it was perfectly within reason that he could kill a martial artist of Ninth Grade, High Rank.

In short, from Quan Ruhai’s perspective, Su Mo could easily defeat Ding Yu because, on the one hand, Su Mo was strong enough and, on the other, Ding Yu was relatively weak.

"probably not weaker than you by much!" Ling Chang said softly. She wanted to say that Su Mo was a lot stronger than him, but she knew that Quan Ruhai would not believe that.

"Oh?" Quan Ruhai blurted with a glint in his eyes. So Wu Shan’s abilities were comparable to his own?

Quan Ruhai begged to differ, but Ling Chang seemed pretty sure of it.

"Since you think of him so highly, I shall defeat him at the cost of his fame and reputation!" Quan Ruhai told himself. He felt bitter seeing Su Mo show off here, as well as seeing Ling Chang rooting for Su Mo.

In the arena, Xu Wan, the woman in the purple dress, and Su Mo, stood a thousand feet apart facing each other, both equally serious.

From Su Mo’s previous battle with Ding Yu, she could tell he was strong, but she could not judge the extent of his skills.


Suddenly a powerful force erupted from Xu Wan’s person, causing the void to freeze and evaporate instantly.

The void spread tens of thousands of miles and was filled with dazzling flames and flickering blue light.

This was the Rule of Ice and Fire Homology.

In other words, it was the combination of the Rule of Ice and the Rule of Fire, mixed together to form the homology of ice and fire. Its power was far superior to that of a single one of those Rules.

The Rule of Ice and Fire Homology formed a field of ice and fire, firmly enclosing Su Mo.

The entire field of homogeneous ice and fire exuded a devastating atmosphere, becoming extremely horrifying.

"What a strong Rule power!"

Su Mo conjured a dense Chaotic Source Power to resisting the power of the Rule of Ice and Fire Homology around surrounding him.

‘The power of the Rule of Ice and Fire Homology was very strong, gradually wearing out his Chaotic Source Power.

Su Mo was quite surprised. He had not expected the Rule of Ice and the Rule of Fire, two Rules on completely opposite ends, to be played out at once with an increased force.

Based on his perception, the power of these two Rules should be around the Sixth Order, Middle Stage, but the power displayed before him was estimated to be in its Later Stage.

For all he knew, the two Rules which completely contradicted and restrained each other should also offset each other when unleashed at the same time.

Su Mo himself possessed the two Rules too, but he had never thought about using them like this.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Xu Wan, the woman in the purple dress, thrust her palms and instantly shot out two majestic palm prints.

‘They were the Flame Palm Print and the Ice Palm Print respectively, exuding a powerful fiery force and a horrible icy energy, burning and freezing the void altogether.

The two palm prints bombarded and instantly merged together to form a giant palm of ice and fire.


‘The giant palm of ice and fire pushed out the void, sending out terrifying vibes that left many shocked and as they quickly retreated.

"Xu Wan’s skills has reached such terrifying level."

"The power of ice and fire should be incompatible, but she managed to merge them together into a massive, chilling power."


The people around the arena were shocked. They were quite clear about Xu Wan’s martial arts and attack methods.

The palm was so powerful because it was infused with the power of conflicting properties.

"Not simple at all!" Su Mo’s eyes were lowered as he stared at the giant palm of ice and fire quickly approaching him, yet his heart was as calm as ever.

The palm was twice as powerful as Ding Yu’s sword. Perhaps the average martial artists at Ninth Grade, High Rank would be killed instantly.

The palm had gotten to be so powerful based on similar reasoning to why he had originally fused himself with the five elements. The fusion of two different attributes could create a huge repulsive force due to their inability to co-exist.

And this woman, regardless of what methods she used, managed to fuse the properties of ice and fire temporarily, so that their powers carried a massive force the moment they burst.

Moreover, this palm was supported by the power of the Rule of Ice and Fire Homology.

Of course, the so-called power was only relative to the average martial artists at Ninth Grade, High Rank. For Su Mo, it was just passable.

Su Mo swung out his sword, the vast Chaotic Sword Qi pierced through the air.

This sword could not be compared to the one he had used to defeat Ding Yu. The horrific sword power contained in it alone was enough to leave many in shock.

‘The moment he defeated Ding Yu, Su Mo had barely used twenty percent of his power. As for this sword, he had utilized the power of two Great Rotating Sacred Sword Primordial Spirit to their maximum.

In addition to that, he had used the Vastness Purple Qi to enhance his Chaotic Source Energy to become extremely powerful.


‘The vast Chaotic Sword Qi was like earth-smashing lightning, instantly smashing the huge palm of ice and fire and slamming a direct hit on Xu Wan.

‘The scary sword power shocked Xu Wan. Her subconscious wanted to avoid it.

But all of a sudden, she felt a powerful devouring force binding her, severely affecting her speed. Between these flashes of light, there was no chance she could avoid the attack.

"Not good!"

Xu Wan was frightened. She swayed her hands, conjuring layers upon layers of hard ice in front of her.

Each of the ten or so layers were three feet thick.

The layers of hard ice formed a powerful ice shield.

In the next breath, the vast Chaotic Sword Energy slammed on the layers of ice.

Boom~ Boom~ Boom~

A burst of loud popping sounded almost instantly. The layers of ice shield could not stop Su Mo’s attack.

Almost instantly, the entire ice shield shattered into pieces.

‘The powerful attack, though greatly reduced, still struck Xu Wan squarely.

Ah…!" Xu Wan whimpered as her body shot across the air, blood staining the starry sky.

Xu Wan had lost!

She had suffered a more miserable defeat than Ding Yu. A huge sword wound extended from her shoulder to the lower abdomen. Her whole body was almost slashed up.

Su Moke showed no pity for the womenfolk. He wanted to mortally wound these powerful fighters through these rounds of challenges.

When all was over, if those who remained decided to besiege him, he would have a greater chance to escape.

He had to be cautious. There were too many people here. A hundred thousand of them. No one could fight against that number alone, not even him.


Exclamations abound. Two young men rushed forward and caught hold of the heavily injured Xu Wan.

There was silence at the scene. Everyone was appalled by the powers demonstrated by Su Mo.

He had defeated Ding Yu with one blow!

He had defeated Xu Wan with another!

The latter was reasonable. Ding Yu had the advantage of speed, but lacked combat strength. But Xu Wan’s skills were solid, and yet she had been unable to take a hit.

The crowd trembled in fear. Wu Shan, at Ninth Grade, Middle Rank, had extraordinary combat power. His talents were just too great!

"Next!" Su Mo surveyed the crowd. He raised his sword and pointed at them.

But no one scrambled to fight him any more. Many people were shocked by Su Mo’s abilities.

"He’s that strong!" Quan Ruhai paled greatly. Su Mo’s skills had greatly exceeded his expectations. In his mind he calculated his chances of winning.

He was not absolutely confident he could win, but he believed he should have two thirds of the odds.

Initially, he had not intended to trade blows with Su Mo because doing so might upset Ling Chang.

But he had had enough of Su Mo’s insufferable arrogance and cockiness. He could not hold back the impulse to teach Su Mo a lesson, maybe even humiliate him.

"A bunch of useless bastards!" Ge Li snickered coldly. He thought he did not have to lift a finger, for these people could do his bidding for him, but alas, in the end, it was up to him.

Then he lifted a foot and stepped out, ready for a fight.

But just then a figure rushed to the centre of the field and approached Su Mo.

"Quan Ruhai!"

Su Mo was slightly stunned to see the person in front of him. His lips curled into a smile. Was it this man’s turn to fight him? Wasn’t he afraid of offending Ling Chang?

‘When Ge Li saw Quan Ruhai step up to the stage, he stopped in his tracks.

He knew what Quan Ruhai was capable of. The man could have been described as one of the most strongest fighters at Ninth Grade, High Rank. He could possibly defeat Wu Shan.

He also knew Quan Ruhai and Wu Shan were members of the Palmy Branch. Neither of them would go for the kill.

"Junior Xuan Qing, I need the Dosu Fruit too. I can’t let anyone else take it, so T’ll have to do it myself. Don’t blame me for this!"

Quan Ruhai did not speak to Su Mo when he got up there, instead he issued an apology to Ling Chang.

The meaning in his words was quite obvious. His target was not Su Mo, but he needed the Dosu Fruit. If Su Mo were to be defeated later, the Dosu Fruits would fall into someone else’s hands.

"Tdon’t!" Ling Chang said calmly without the slightest hint of wavering, She knew Quan Ruhai was not a threat to Su Mo.

By fighting Su Mo, Quan Ruhai would only embarrass himself!

"That’s fine with me!" Quan Ruhai smiled after Ling Chang replied. He was pleased to hear it.

Then he turned to face Su Mo and said, "Wu Shan, I need the Dosu Fruit that contains the Immortal Rule. If you give that to me, we won’t have to fight!"

"Immortal Rule?" Su Mo grinned and shook his head, "I don’t think so. I need that too!"

The Immortal Rule was considered one of the greatest Rules out there. He surely would not give it to Quan Ruhai.

Mainly because Quan Ruhai did not seem trustworthy. Even if the Dosu Fruit was one he did not need, Su Mo still would not give it to him..

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