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Chapter: 2658

Admire Each Other

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Filled with humiliation and grievance, Quan Ruhai fled the scene without saying anything to Ling Chang.

Su Mo did not stop him. Neither did Ling Chang. Now, it was Ge Li’s tum.

"Ge Li’s finally here!"

"This is the end for Su Mo!"

"No one’s ever survived a fight with Ge Li. Even if Wu Shan survived him and did not die, he would have to hand over the Dosu Fruits!"

"Ge Li the Reaper… He should be able to sort out his priorities and not go for the kill, right?"

With that question in mind, many people stared at Ge Li as he stepped onto the arena.

Ge Li had many names. Among them, ‘Reaper’ was the most popular one, because he was a strong fighter who rose to infamy by killing.

Many people worried that Ge Li might kill Wu Shan in the end, causing the man’s storage space to collapse, destroying all the Dosu Fruits in the process.

But since Ge Li wanted the Dosu Fruits too, he probably would play his cards right.

Several disciples of the Supreme Being Realm looked at Ge Li with a strong sense of dread. They did not go up to fight because Ge Lu was there.


Su Mo turned to face Ge Li, smirking. The title certainly rang a bell.

Seeing this man’s appearance, Su Mo’s thoughts whirled. The man reminded him of Blood Mo from the Blood Palace in the Firmament World, and his father, the Blood Emperor.

The two practised the Blood Martial Arts. Both had blood-red hair and brows.

Ge Li was just the same, with his blood-colored robe, hair, and sharp brows, as well as a stone-cold face. All of those attributes were the makings of a killer.

"You are the only one I admire!" Gorley stepped into the field. He stopped in his tracks, raised his eyelids slightly upward, and looked at Su Mo standing two thousand feet away.

He had come to kill Su Mo, but his words rang truthful.

Throughout the thousands branches of the Ancient Cloud Star Alliance, there were as many outstanding members as the sand of the Ganges River, many of whom more powerful than him, yet he only admired Sumo.

This was the first time Gorley had realized he was not fully confident that he could kill a man with lower training than himself.

He had killed many in the past, so many that he had lost count, but none as admirable as Su Mo.

Of course, admiration was one thing. He still had a task to complete.

"Cut the chit chat and let’s do this!" Su Mo remained fearless as he pointed his sword at the man.


A blood-red sword appeared in Ge Li’s hands. The sword dazzled and even emanated the smell of blood.

At the same time, Ge Li’s body rumbled with the sound of flowing water, which was the sound of blood boiling in his body.

A horrific killing intent came from his person, cold and boneless, petrifying the crowd.

Everyone at the scene, including Su Mo, felt that their entire body’s Qi and blood seemed to have solidified, their Source Energy suppressed, as the heart trembled. A chill rushed up the spine and straight to the head.

This murderous power could make any fighter below the Supreme Being Realm fear for their life. None had the courage to fight Ge Li.

Many onlookers looked pale and stepped back.

Many who felt the killing intent were intimidated as they shivered involuntarily. This was a direct suppression of the mind.

"What a terrifying killing intent!" Su Mo squinted. For the first time he looked burdened, for even he felt his heart trembling and his body freezing.

This was the Rule of Killing. A strong one, in fact.

Su Mo perceived this Rule to be at the Seventh Order.

A Rule with the power of the Seventh Order was terrifying indeed. For the average martial artists below the Supreme Being Realm, their Rules were usually between Sixth Order Middle Stage to Sixth Order Later Stage. Stronger ones could achieve Sixth Order Great Completion.

Normally, only the Rule power of a Middle-rank Supreme Being or a Advanced Supreme Being could get to the Seventh Order.

But Ge Li had managed to do so. His study of the Rules was comparable to a Middle-rank Supreme Being or a Advanced Supreme Being.

"What a terrifying killing intent!"

"So scary!"

"Don’t look at his eyes, you’ll get hurt!"

‘Whispers came and went. Everyone was frightened. Ge Li’s title of the Reaper was indeed well-deserved.

It was said that Ge Li’s glare alone could make a person with an Eighth Grade training fall into coma on the spot. From what they had seen that day, it seemed to be true.

Even the few Low-rank Supreme Beings inhaled deeply, marveling at his strength.

"First blade!"

Ge Li gradually lifted the blood-red sword in his hand and slashed out. This was a tentative move. He needed to test the bottom line of Su Mo’s skills.


With that, out of the blue, the blood-red blade slashed through the void like crimson lightning, aiming for Su Mo.

"Strong indeed!"

Seeing Ge Li’s first move, Su Mo gave it a very high rating. This person’s abilities far surpassed Quan Ruhai’s.

The blade’s devilish power containing the horrifying Rule of Killing was so strong that anyone lacking in skill never could have blocked it and would have been defeated before the battle had even begun.


Su Mo made a move too, once again conjuring a sword. The huge sword shadow stabbed the air, instantly colliding with the bloody sword light.


The loud noise shook the skies. The sword light exploded while the sword shadow collapsed, painting the sky in a sea of blood. The crowd stepped back once more.

Su Mo and Ge Li stood in the sky, like two unmoving statues of the gods.

‘The two ended up in a draw.

Su Mo was not ina rush to attack. He wanted to see just how strong Ge Li really was.

He had not met such a powerful fighter in a long while. Right then, he could not help but anticipate the battle. Only a powerful competitor such as this man could fire up his battle prowess.

"Second blade, Bloody Fiend Slash!" Ge Li yelled. His blood surged within, forming a huge bloody demon externally.

The bloody demon was ten feet tall and seemed to be made of blood. Its hands held onto Ge Li’s blood-red sword.

Right then, the sword overflowed with blood and transformed into a bigger version of itself.


The void trembled at the horrifying slash. Thousands of sword Qi scattered across the universe, shattering the void.


Loud roars could be heard coming out of the sword Qi, like the deafening cries of a hundred beasts.

The blade was extremely fast. Its attack speed could match Ding Yu’s, who wielded the Rule of Speed.

"Smash!" Su Mo shouted as he charged forward with the chaotic sword Qi.

Su Mo’s attack was not less powerful than his opponent’s. He had not only triggered the Chaotic Source Power and the Great Rotating Sacred Sword Primordial Spirit to their maximum, but he had also applied the power of the Rule of Ice and Fire.

The Rule of Ice and Fire contradicted itself, but Su Mo had gotten the idea from Xu Wan. With his powerful mind control, the two Rules could coexist briefly.

Even if their coexistence would only last for ten breaths of time, it was enough to initiate an attack.


‘There was another burst as the two sword Qi collided with each other again and exploded, the shockwaves sweeping everywhere.

Once again, it was a draw.

"Marvelous, simply marvelous!"

"Ge Li’s super strong, but in spite of Wu Shan’s lower training level, they were the same in terms of skills. Unbelievable!"

"Other than the Ice Rule and the Fire Rule, Wu Shan also had the Devouring Rule. He had trained in all three Rules, and yet managed to achieve greatly in all of them."

"This is a true genius. Compared to Wu Shan, we’re nothing."

Discussions abounded. The crowd had already retreated a hundred miles away, observing this scene from afar with never-ending surprise.

After two short exchanges on the field, Ge Li stopped, not pursuing further.

"Go on, let’s see what you can do!" Su Mo stared at him and said.

"Tll make my last move. If you can block it, I shall leave!" Ge Li said without any expression. After the first two, he came to realize it would be hard for him to defeat Su Mo.

So, he had to go straight for the kill now. If that did not work, he would have to give up.

He who took pride in himself was filled with genuine admiration.

"Give it your best shot!" Su Mo said flatly. Since the other party was about to make their last move, he would welcome it.


Ge Li’s blood surged. Very quickly, his entire body transformed into a large ball of blood.


Ina swift moment, this giant ball of blood and water actually penetrated the bloody sword, bursting into a hundred thousand feet of blood light, like a giant holy blade suspended in the void.


‘There was a harsh booming sound as the giant bloody knife shredded the starry sky and charged directly at Su Mo.

"Stupendous!" Su Mo’s eyes lit up. By then even he was a little shocked. The attack evoked a sense of danger in him, which meant it was capable of threatening his safety.

He had got to hand it to Ge Li. The man was truly powerful, with absolute combat power.

Zang Renjie might have claimed to be the brightest of the Qinghua Branch in ten thousand years, but that could have been based purely on training and talent. If he were to fight Ge Li on the same level, he could not compete at all.

Training and talent were not equal to combat effectiveness.

Ge Li might not have been as talented as Zang Renjie, but he surely surpassed the latter in terms of combat effectiveness.

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