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Chapter: 2659

He Has Left

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

All the 100,000 disciples held their breath at that moment.

The last blow that Ge Li had thrown out was overbearing. The terrifying aura was full of Blood Qi and it was deadly. The petrifying power of the Rules of Killing caused all the disciples to shiver in fear.

Even Ling Chang looked grave. If she had been in Su Mo’s shoes, she would not have been able to take the blow.


The terrifying Blood Qi was imposing and its speed caused the starry sky to explode. Chaotic airstreams were seen surging crazily in the sky.

‘As the huge saber was about to hit Su Mo, the Ultimate Holy Sword in his hand disappeared and it was replaced by a black sword.

The sword was the Superior Artifact that Reverend Jin Wu had given to Su Mo. It was of a higher grade than the Ultimate Holy Sword and there was a great disparity between the two.

Su Mo used the Superior Artifact not because he was afraid of losing the fight, but he wanted to inflict severe injuries on Ge Li. The sword would help him meet his objective.

"Chaotic Rotating Sword!"

Su Mo shouted and wielded the black sword, the rich Chaotic Energy circling around it.

Suddenly, the huge Chaotic Rotating Sword swept around the area like a huge roulette.

‘The power of the Chaotic Rotating Sword was petrifying. The sword power was formidable as it contained the power of the Rules. However, it was not the Rule of Ice and Fire but the Devouring Rules and the Five Element Rule.

Su Mo wanted to display all the different Rules simultaneously but he lacked the ability to control them. The Rules were of a different nature and if he were to force them through, he would have exploded before he could attack his opponent.

The Five Element Rule belonged to Zang Renjie and it was mighty. It was three times mightier than the Rule of Ice and Fire.

The disciples looked at the huge Chaotic Rotating Sword in amazement as it hit the petrifying Bloody Blade.


There was a loud explosion and it shook the starry sky. The dazzling Blood Rays on the huge Bloody Blade and the Chaotic Energy on the Chaotic Rotating Sword dispersed in an instant.

Following that, the Chaotic Rotating Sword shoved the Bloody Blade up the sky.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The crowd behind Su Mo and Ge Li moved away immediately to avoid being implicated.

However, a youth who was weaker in strength could not move away on time and he turned into Blood Fog after he was killed by the aftermath from the power of the Bloody Blade and the Chaotic Rotating Sword.

It was more astounding for the disciples when they saw the Blood Fog being absorbed by the Bloody Blade.

After the Bloody Blade had absorbed the Blood Fog, the Blood Rays resumed its radiance and the Bloody Blade stopped retreating.

However, the Chaotic Rotating Sword suddenly exploded and released its Power Source. It sent the Bloody Blade flying 500 kilometers away!


The explosions rumbled as the Chaotic Power Source dispersed into the starry sky.

After the Bloody Blade came to a halt, the Blood Rays dimmed down again. A large amount of blood flowed out from the Bloody Blade and separated itself from the Blade, and took the form of Ge Li.

Ge Li’s face looked pale. He stared at Su Mo, who was far off, with a mixture of different emotions.

"Do you intend to continue with the fight?" Su Mo asked impassively as he looked at Ge Li from afar.

In fact, Su Mo was amazed. Although the combat strength that he had displayed was not at its peak, it was powerful enough to defeat an ordinary Low-rank Supreme Being. However, Ge Li was not severely injured by it.

Ge Li was indeed powerful.

"You are indeed a worthy opponent!"

Ge Li said and left, grabbing the Bloody Blade in his hand.

He has lost!

Although Ge Li had suffered minor injuries, he had lost the fight.

Thus, he had decided to stop the fight and leave.

If he were to continue, he would be badly beaten.

He could have joined forces with the other disciples on the pretext of wresting the Dosu Fruits and killing Su Mo, but he refused to do so.

He would not degrade himself and collaborate with the other disciples to kill someone who had a lower cultivation level than him.

As for Ye Jin and Reverend Tian Jue, they could not punish him as he would tell them that he did not have the ability to kill Wu Shan.

After Ge Li had left, the area went into a dead silence.

Everybody stared at Su Mo. He was good-looking and gallant, and he had the ability to defeat the powerful geniuses effortlessly.

Even Ge Li, who had a higher cultivation level than him, had been defeated by him! Within the entire Ancient Cloud Star Alliance, no one below the Supreme Being Realm in all the branches had the ability to defeat him.

‘Wu Shan was merely a Rank 9 Middle True God but he was invincible amongst those disciples who were below the Supreme Being Realm.


All the disciples were dumbfounded.

Many of them wondered about Wu Shan’s identity. With such a powerful combat strength, Wu Shan should have been well-known in the entire Ancient Cloud Star Alliance. Why is he not famous?


Ling Chang heaved a sigh of relief and she curled her lips into a smile.

That’s Su Mo! He is forever so powerful!

"Is there anyone else who wishes to take me on?"

Su Mo asked as he looked around. From the expressions on the faces of the disciples, Su Mo knew that everyone was awed by his strength.

The entire area was in dead silence as no one dared to make a sound. Even the Low-rank Supreme Beings were quiet as they did not have the confidence to defeat Su Mo.

Their strength was not as powerful as that of Ge Li.

One breath!

Two breaths!

Three breaths!

After three breaths, no one said a word.

‘When Su Mo sawit, he smiled and said, "Since no one dares to challenge me, I shall leave!"

Having said that, he signaled to Ling Chang from afar and flew off rapidly.

The besiegement that had been formed by the 100,000 disciples had been disbanded due to the earlier fight.

Inan instant, Su Mo was out of the besiegement and he was soon flying in the starry sky.

‘When he saw that no one had attempted to stop him from leaving, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief. It had been his concern that the disciples would join forces to attack him as they were unhappy with the outcome.

Since he had left the besiegement, it would have been impossible for the disciples to catch up with him.

Ling Chang was quick in her actions. The minute Su Mo left, she left with him in a flash.

After Su Mo and Ling Chang were out of sight, the disciples came to themselves.

"We should have stopped him. Although he is powerful, he will be no match for so many of us!"

"How can we stop him? All of us are not of the same mind. Do you dare to do it?"

"He is powerful. We must not offend him unless we have the ability to kill him!"

"That’s right. We will be doomed if we offend him!"

"Sigh! This is ridiculous. There are 100,000 of us but none of us dares to stop him from leaving!"

"After this day, he will become famous in the entire Ancient Cloud Star Alliance!"

All the disciples had different expressions on their faces as they talked about Su Mo. They had different thoughts in their minds.

Some of them were unhappy as they did not manage to get hold of the Dosu Fruits, and some were amazed by Su Mo’s mighty power. They believed that he would get into the Headquarters and become famous in the entire Cloud Ridge World..

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