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Chapter: 60


Chapter 60


The instructor raised his head in confusion.

Alexei, who was usually polite, was nowhere to be found. Right now, he was facing the instructor with a bloody gaze.

"Is that it?"


"Where did the apology to the Mistress of Valois go?"

‘Apology…?!’ At the unexpected words, the instructor widened his eyes.

However, Alexei was serious.

"If you respect Valois, you should also show respect to the Mistress of Valois."

"Bu, but, Duke…!"

"Nevertheless, since you treated my wife with disrespect from beginning to end, shouldn’t you apologize for that?"

A soft smile crept over Alexei’s lips.

It was a smile as sharp as a sharpened blade.

"Or, do you want to turn Valois itself into an enemy?"

"I don’t!"

"Then, apologize."

Alexei nailed it like that.


Anriche stared blankly at her husband’s side face. Looking back, it seemed like it had been a long time since she had seen Alexei’s cold face like that.

‘Of course, Alexei is a person who clearly judges right and wrong, so it’s strange to act like that.’

Indeed, when she saw Alexei refer to her as her, ‘Mistress of Valois and my wife.’ She somehow felt strange.

A strange tickling sensation, as if rubbing deep inside her heart with soft feathers.

"I’m, I’m sorry…"

In the end, the instructor bowed his head to Anriche as well. On the other hand, her stomach somehow twisted at the innocent attitude.

‘Wow, look at how that attitude changes as soon as Alexei steps in, like flipping the palm over.’

His dignifiedness had disappeared from when he confronted her earlier, and his shoulders were drooping.

Anriche narrowed her eyes and opened her mouth.

"Okay. I accept the apology as an individual."

"Well, then…"

"Nevertheless, privately stopping a student who has obtained permission to visit is a violation of the rules of the academy."

Turning to the instructor, who had become colorless, Anriche shrugged her shoulders lightly.

"In the case of the instructor’s misbehavior, we will contact the academy."

"Du, Duchess!"

"It’s a wise decision."

The instructor hurriedly tried to deter Anriche, but just in time, he missed the opportunity because of Alexei’s interruption.

He stared down at the instructor obliquely.

"Are you dissatisfied with my wife’s judgment?"

The blue sharp-edged eyes were so terrifying, the instructor felt goosebumps running down his spine.

"…N, no."

Only after confirming that the instructor had taken a step back did Alexei turn to Anriche and the children.

"Then, shall we go?"

"Oh, thank you. Let’s go in, guys."

Anriche wrapped her children’s shoulders and moved her steps.

As she entered the campus, the vast academy site came into view.

The Imperial Academy was a private academy that taught students not only in the swordsmanship department, though also in the arts department, politics department, and social department.

Of course, it was quite large.

The children who rushed ahead were busy looking around the inside of the academy.

"Guys, didn’t I say you shouldn’t run at school?"

What if you fall over there?

Anriche, who had been following the children and pouring out her worried nagging, looked back at the sudden gaze.

‘Ah, our eyes met.’

The blue eyes, as gentle as the autumn sky, were staring at her.

She opened her mouth with a smile.

"I’m late to say it. Thank you for your help."

"No. It makes no sense to say that she can’t attend a swordsmanship tour because she’s a girl."

On the contrary, Alexei had a blunt attitude as if nothing really mattered.

"Because it’s your first time at the academy, I’ll help guide you."

"Ah, do you know the interior inside the academy?"

"Because I’ve been taking classes at this school for about half a year before."

…Is that so?

She hurriedly searched her memory, but it was also the first time she heard it. It seemed that Anriche of the original story really had no interest in Valois or even her husband.

Anriche had to try very hard to hide her troubled expression.

"Among the Heir Apparents who inherited the family, those with a will to be the swords are obliged to attend classes at the academy for about half a year."

"Is that so?"

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"Yes. It means allegiance to the Imperial Family."

Alexei, who shrugged his shoulders, was calmly explaining.

"I only took basic classes because I inherited Valois’ house swordsmanship, but the course itself is pretty good."

"Well, then, should Elliot also go to swordsmanship school?"

"Well, if Elliot had any intention of becoming a knight, he would have to…"

Alexei glanced at his son from time to time. Meanwhile, Elliot was glancing around with a curious look on his face, pulling Liliana’s sleeve.

"Look at that building, Liliana!"

"Wow, how many windows? Are those all classrooms?"

"Is that so? It’s said that there are many other departments besides the Swordsmanship Department!"

"It’s amazing. I want to go inside, too!"

A small smile appeared on Alexei’s lips as he watched the two children having a conversation with each other.

"Because I don’t want to force Elliot to be a knight."


"I’m going to follow Elliot’s will on that matter."

A father’s affection was felt in Alexei, and Anriche nodded her head happily. Come to think of it, Alexei seemed to have a pretty friendly personality to his family.

And, Anriche of the original story, who was despised even by him…

‘Haa, what’s the point of thinking like this?’

If she had complained about the Anriche of the original work, it would have been nothing more than spitting in her own face.

At that time, as Anriche was taking a deep breath inside her, Alexei stopped his steps.

"This is the department building used by the Swordsman Department."

In front of them stood a large three-story building made of reddish bricks.

The group entered the building.

Upon entering, it was a structure with department buildings surrounding the training ground. Perhaps, it was training time, the loud shouts of the students were heard.



Liliana stomped her feet and looked up at Anriche.

"C, can I take a closer look?"

"Yes, you can take a look."

They must have gotten permission to visit, so what’s the problem as long as the trainees don’t interfere?

Anriche smiled at her brightly.

As soon as her permission fell, Liliana sprinted towards the window. She stood so close to the window that her nose touched, and her eyes widened.


Through the window, the students were busy training.

As they swung the wooden sword, stabbed, stretched out, and slashed, Liliana watched as if possessed.

"To be able to really observe the training of the swordsmanship students is like a dream…"

Suddenly, Liliana grabbed her pounding chest with both her hands, and she muttered in an ecstatic voice.

Elliot, who was standing next to her, shook his head.

"Really, Liliana gets distracted when she talks about swordsmanship."

"Even Elliot as well. When the last time you went to an art gallery, you tried to stay in it all day."

"Wh, when didI?"

The two children started quarreling.

Alexei interrupted the conversation, "Let’s both stop and go to the training ground."

"Yes? Can I go to the training ground?"

Liliana, startled by the surprise, lifted her head. Alexei, who was looking into the starry-glow eyes, swept Liliana’s head a couple of times.

"Yes, it looks like training is over, so it won’t be a hindrance to the students."

"I’ve always wanted to see the facilities inside… Thank you, Duke!"

The two of them were chatting like that, rather than a daughter-in-law and the father-in-law, they seemed like a good match.

Anriche was satisfied with the appearance.

Finally, Alexei turned to her.

"Then let’s go, madam."

At Alexei’s meticulous attention to her, Anriche felt a warmth in her heart.

‘..Still, my relationship with Alexei seems to have improved somehow?’

She was delighted and followed the leading husband and children.

The training ground, which had just finished training, was full of energy.

Liliana, clinging to Anriche’s side, stretched around, babbling like a young bird.

"Mother, look at those students!"

In fact, for Anriche the student looked nothing different to her, though they looked different in Liliana’s eyes.

Liliana said, clenching her fists, "Aren’t they really dignified?"

"Dig, dignified?"

"Yes! I also want to compete with them once with a sword!"

All of a sudden, Liliana was burning with a unique fighting spirit.

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This was the perfect situation for Elliot to be jealous…

Anriche glanced across Elliot.

‘As expected…’

Elliott, who had a pout, was gazing at the students with a huff.


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