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Chapter: 40

I kissed Sakura-kun.


The first time was from the other side, and the second time was from me.

The first time was in a dimly lit place, and he called me Hiria-chan, so the other person was Nekura-kun.

So the second time I did it, I did it to Sakura-kun.

I felt a little weird. I felt like I did something that shouldn’t be done. Maybe it was because I kept my eyes open the second time and did it myself. My boyfriend is not supposed to be this good-looking. I felt like he wasn’t Nekura-kun.

But it made me excited.

As I walked towards the classroom at the end of the hallway, Sakura-kun was walking a little ahead of me.

He stopped with a look of surprise on his face.

"No, I don’t have any business with Sakura-kun, I’m just going in the same direction."

"Ah… we probably have the same destination."

It’s strange that we even went to the same place separately when we should have gone together.

Sakura-kun peeked in through the door in front of me, so I poked my head out from behind him and peeked in too. For some reason, the whole classroom looked at us.

Manamin came out smiling as our eyes met.

As we were walking away, I glanced at the door and saw his friend, a male student, come out, look towards us, and say something.

"Oi Oi, you guys look like you’re getting along!"


"What’s going on?"

"I like Nekura-kun as much as ever…"

"I see."

Manami patted me on the back.

"Sakura-kun is human, too huh."

Manamin, who seemed to have thought about the fact that the Nekura-kun I was talking about was Sakura-kun, expressed her thoughts. The expression on her face was a perfect blend of a smile on her face and a hint of sadness.

During my lunch break, I called out to Kawai-san.

" Kawai-san, can I have some time?"

"I also have something to report."

"Before that, can you do something about the polite way of talking?"

"…Excuse me. It’s a habit."

I hadn’t really paid attention to it, but I wondered if Kawai-san was like this to everyone. If that’s the case, well, I guess it’s okay.

I walked out of the doorway and looked around. There were a few students here and there, but none nearby. I sat down on a nearby bench and took out my lunch. Kawai-san also took out her lunch. I had to eat lunch anyway.

"Kawai-san’s bento is beautiful and looks Japanese-style."

"My family cooks Kaiseki cuisine. That’s why."

"Eh, is that so?"

That’s nice. My bento is still the same herb-roasted chicken and scotch eggs.

"Kawai-san, do you want to exchange a few things?"

"Ugh, are you sure?"

Kawai-san’s eyes lit up as she exclaimed in an uncharacteristic Kawai-san voice. I see. What was new and longing for me, was everyday life for her. The reverse is also true.

We finished eating while Kawai-san shared her side dishes with me and gave me a lecture on their origins. Finally, we got down to business.

"It’s about Sakura-kun…"

"Yes. You don’t have to say anything."

Now that I think about it, aside from the fifty boyfriends, it was true what they said about us meeting in secret.

I wonder how much she knows.

In the second library, if you close the door, the conversation can’t be heard, I think. Manamin didn’t know that it was Sakura-kun I was meeting, and in the end, it didn’t spread that far. I can only imagine that Kawai-san saw it and was suspicious, but didn’t tell anyone about the place. There may have been too many other uncertain rumors that got lost in the shuffle.

"The group to watch over Sakura-kun has decided to disband."

"Eh, really?"

"Our membership has dwindled considerably in recent times…"

"Eh, is it because… I am on good terms with Sakura-kun?"

"No… they all have boyfriends… and many others had some serious commitments…"

Easily demotivated. What the heck? I had nothing to do with it…

"In addition, how can I say this… The rate of couples forming at Sakura-kun’s birthday party was unusually high."

What the heck is this Sakura-kun?

"Kawai-san, it’s not like you really like Sakura-kun… right?"

"Yes. I like to look at beautiful people and love them. Just like flowers and stars. But of course, since they are people, I also wish them happiness."

"Is there anyone you like?"

"…It’s just that I don’t really get it. To be honest, I’ve thought I liked Sakura-kun in the past… but I didn’t feel like I wanted to face him, to see his inner side or hidden side… I’d rather not. So I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t the same."

"I like Sakura-kun."


"To begin with, I never had a boyfriend, and I don’t intend to look at him and love him like Kawai-san and the others. I just like him, like a normal person… Like, I want to go out with him?" 

I couldn’t help but end my sentence with a question.

Nekura-kun and I had mutual feelings for each other, but a lot of things happened after that. So it’s hard to say that we’re dating explicitly now. This is the current situation, the best I can manage.

"Somehow… I felt like I should tell this to Kawai-san…"

If I tell her the situation first, she won’t misunderstand me by talking to him. It’s not like I can go around telling everyone. But still.

"Yes, I understand"

Kawai-san narrowed her eyes and nodded quietly.

"By the way, I will be doing my best as the president of the newly formed group to watch over Sakura-kun and Saionji-san."

"Wh-What’s that? Stop it."

I heard a voice behind me and turned around to see it was Sakura-kun.

He was carrying a plastic bag in his hand. There was a high probability that he had been sent shopping by Masuda-sensei. He was probably on his way back.



"I need a favor."

"W-what is it?"

"I’d like you to disband that strange group that’s compromising Saionji-san’s privacy…"


With a single word from Sakura-kun, the group was dissolved

I felt sorry for Kawai-san, who had become so depressed.

"Kawai-san, why don’t you re-form the group to watch over Sakura-kun? I’ll also join…"

"Yeah, I guess so… I’ll let you know when that happens."

"Stop it. What about my privacy?"

"Oh, I can join?"

"Of course."

"If I ever become… his girlfriend, will you still let me in?"

"Anyone is welcome as long as they love Sakura-kun."

I think the looseness of the watch-over group is the best in the world.

"You two… aren’t dating, are you?"

"Is that so?"

Sakura-kun looked at me with a surprised voice.

I didn’t expect such a reaction, so I was surprised and slumped.

"Yeah, I mean, a lot has happened, and that was before we knew each other’s name or anything. So I was wondering if there’s a chance that… it might have been invalidated."

"Eh, was it invalidated? But… yesterday…"

We went on a date. We even kissed.

There is a high possibility that we might be dating. I’m starting to feel embarrassed when I remember. I didn’t know what was going on anymore. I looked at Kawai-san’s face, troubled.

"Um, Kawai-san…"


"What do you think?"

I threw the question to Kawai-san without telling her the details.

She thought about it for a while and then nodded her head.

"You are going out."

I love the crudeness of Kawai-san.

"We’re going out it seems, Sakura-kun!"

"How can you be convinced like that?"

"Eh, Can’t I?"

"Sakura-kun, if you say so, please make it clear."

He was silent and looked up at the sky at Kawai-san’s calm voice, which was not that of a person who loved Sakura.

Maybe he just can’t handle it anymore, but to the casual observer, it looks like he’s rejecting everything around him. It looks like he is thinking, even though he probably just stopped thinking. It’s a good look.

Kawai-san was the first to leave, leaving behind a mysterious phrase: "Well, take your time". I looked at Sakura-kun, wondering if I should go back too, and he came to the front with a thoughtful face.



"I’ll say it clearly."


"Will you…"

Sakura-kun said that much and took a big breath in and exhaled.

Then… he breathed in and out again. He held his head lightly in one hand and exhaled again.

He was sweating profusely. He looked like an alien right before he evolves into his second form.

"Will you…"

Will you destroy the earth with me?

I could have sworn he was going to say something like that.

This could be the beginning of Sakura-kun’s awakening as a real handsome man…

I waited with some trepidation. Sakura-kun didn’t open his mouth readily.

Eventually, he looked up and spat out a few words quickly.

"S-Saionji-san, Will you? G-g-go..? Fr-fro-from Tom Dachi… please…?" (TN: He tried to say ‘Tomodachi Kara’ which means ‘From friends’, but ended up splitting the word changing the meaning)



Sakura’s speech was a full course of stammering, questioning, frustration, later altering the content, biting, Tom’s appearance, polite speech for some reason, and the endings disappearing. It was a full course of horribly pathetic content.

As Sakura-kun’s voice was thrown out into the sky as a string of pity, a strange thing happened in my head.

I felt the Nekura-kun of the second library in my head disappear into thin air.

Then the image of Sakura-kun from the classroom also disappeared without a trace. I remembered it as a memory, but I couldn’t remember the mass of the image as a feeling anymore.

The man in front of me right now is neither of those things, but he was Nekura-kun and he was Sakura-kun.

So I fell in love with the person in front of me as if I were being knocked down.

What an…

What an unattractive person.

It was not Sakura-kun, but my love that evolved into its second form.

It was a neo-super love feeling that had evolved to encompass the entirety of Nekura-kun till now.

That’s right. I have to answer Tom Dachi’s question.



I couldn’t stand it, so I burst out laughing.

The more I laughed, the funnier it got, and I laughed for a while.

"I love you a lot, Souji-kun. I don’t want to be a friend, I want to be a girlfriend."

He gave me a pathetic look that was unsuitable for his sexy and virtuous face.

"Souji-kun…Is it not possible?"

"No, I will be in your care." (TN: He said ‘Yoroshiku onegai ga shimasu’ instead of ‘Yoroshiku onegaishimasu’ with an unnecessary ‘ga’.)


The word "ga" was in the wrong place!

I looked at him and saw that his mouth was pursed in a tight line, and he looked like a child who had just bought a toy but didn’t know how to look happy about it. Or maybe it’s the look of an unattractive boy who has just been approached by a girl for the first time in his life. I’m not sure if they are the same, but they both apply.

"I love you a lot Souji-kun!"

"Mao Yihua." (TN: ‘毛義画’ –  Don’t ask me.. Translator gave me ‘hair painting’ as the translation.)

He gave me a mysterious answer that didn’t convey anything, but I could tell he was flustered.

He’s insecure, demeaning, has low self-esteem, is overly self-conscious, and only thinks about other people’s feelings instead of his own.

I like this person. I love this person’s lack of popularity, and it makes me feel all the more excited. Isn’t it great that no matter how popular he is, he’s still unattractive?

And so, he and I officially started dating.

TN: We only have two more epilogue chapters and 5 extras left.

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