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Chapter: 42

I gradually blended into the class.

Manamin’s presence also helped.

Seeing me talking to her normally, people around me gradually started to talk to me.

When you don’t say anything or speak much, the only information you give out is your appearance.

If you are given a character, you will be more likely to treat them as such. This is because it is much easier for everyone to live in a group. It’s easier to maintain an atmosphere than not talking to or ignoring people you don’t understand.

Manamin was an interesting person. Souji-kun was a person who is popular. Or so were the characters they had.

There are others whose character is to be teased, others whose character is to be feared, others who are serious, others who are bold, and so on.

People don’t know the inner workings and details. Personality is formed by the beliefs of the person and the people around them. I’m sure that there are people who start acting out a character that they never thought they would have because of what the people around them say, and then their personality changes.

I didn’t even notice that Kawai-san was looking at me quite straightforwardly, while many people were talking to me in honorific terms. She was a very self-paced person. If you don’t have the luxury of time, you can’t notice such things. Recently, I have been having lunch with her once in a while.

As for Souji-kun, his reputation as a person who can make love come true by talking to him has spread, and he is still often surrounded by girls. Recently, he is often asked for romantic advice, but of course, he doesn’t give a good answer. Or more accurately, he can’t. There’s no way that guy can do that.

The other day, I saw a female student going to his seat and asking him for a favor while worshipping him. I wondered if he could do it.

But he still said "Good luck" to her.

Then the girl who was told to do so would leave with a smile on her face as if she had been told by God. The fulfillment rate is high.

I love the way he says, "Good luck," with a hint of apology. It makes him seem very unattractive. It makes me shiver and feel infatuated, like someone who was rejected without having confessed.

He seemed to think that he didn’t have any friends among the boys, but there was no one in the class who saw him as an enemy because he was so popular with the girls. There may have been some behind the scenes, but at least as far as I could see, there were none.

I even witnessed some girls asking the boys the same question, but they were all dumbfounded.

"It’s because Sakura is a good guy."

"He took over my job on the committee the other day…"

"I had a broken mechanical pencil fixed for me."

"He’s a good guy."

Whether it’s because the boys in our class are gutless, lucky, or somehow difficult to romanticize, he is accepted as a popular character with a strange sense of humanity. He is sneaky and self-conscious, so even though he has a lot of things, he doesn’t put himself above others. That may be a big part of it.

On my way back from returning books to the regular library, I saw Souji-kun being asked to do a job by Masuda-sensei.

I couldn’t hear what the Teacher was asking, but I heard him say, "Do you think I can do it?" and the teacher slapped him on the back and said, "You really don’t have much confidence, do you?".

When Souji-kun walked over to the teacher’s desk to see what he was working on, Masuda-sensei stroked his beard and looked at me with a wry smile as he watched him go.

"Your generation is very self-conscious anyway… Many of them are overconfident without any basis, but sometimes, like that, there are those who are not confident without any basis."

The teacher laughed.

"He’ll become a good man in time, you know. He’s got a good heart."

The teacher looked at me and said something like that, so I couldn’t help but ask. I wondered if he knew about me and him.

"Do you know Sensei?"

The teacher laughed and said, "Know what?". He’s such an unpredictable adult.

Souji’s lack of self-confidence is due to a strong sense of self-consciousness characteristic of adolescents.

If that’s true, he may lose that part of himself as he grows up.

It is true that Souji-kun is becoming less and less nervous when he talks to me.

However, he still has the same slightly off-kilter kindness and calmness, which I think will always be a part of his personality.

I want to like him just the way he is.

That day, the hallway was quiet after school.

It was probably because there were no club activities before the test, and many people were leaving early.

"Manamin, I’m going to meet my friends from junior high school sometime later, do you want to come with me?"

"Eh, Is it okay for me to join?"

"Yes. Pocho wants to meet you. You’ll probably get along well."

Manamin smiled happily with an embarrassed face, grabbed my hand, and shook it.

"Sachyun, are you leaving?"

"Ehehe… I have a promise with Souji-kun."

"Eh, are you going to wait for him in class?"

"No, he’s popular in a different way these days. So I chose another place."

"Sakura matchmaking Jizo shrine… I wish I could get some blessings as well…"

"I’m going to ask for a powerful blessing for Manamin."

"Hahaha, I’m counting on you."

"I’m off then. See you later."

"See you!"

I waved goodbye to her.

I opened the classroom door. No one was there anymore.

I hurried to my desk and pulled out my phone from my pocket to check my email. I took my bag and left the classroom. I head for the second library, a short distance away. On the way there, I started to run a little.

The sound of my footsteps echoed in the hallway.

When I reached the door, I looked around aimlessly and twisted the doorknob.

I heard a small creaking sound, and the smell of moldy paper slightly hit my nose.

The smell made me nervous. I’m completely Pavlov’s dog.

The sun was shining behind the bookshelves, but it’s dim here near the entrance.

But I could feel the cold air flowing through, so maybe the window was open.

I already knew that the person I had promised to meet was there, but I thought of a prank and said a small voice right there.

"Nekura-kun, are you there?"

My faceless friend. My lover whose name I don’t know. Someone I thought I would never see again.

But the person who was right by my side.

The person I fell in love with. All of them.

As I waited for a reply, I crouched down, holding my throbbing heart.

TN: And that’s the end folks… I have mixed feelings about reaching the end of side project while main projects are ongoing… But I loved this series, so it’s okay.There are 5 extra stories. I will check them out when I get bored.

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