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Chapter: 39

A Stain of Blood on White Snow

I felt as if I was awake but still in a dream. I felt a restless hand slowly stroke my forehead before moving along the corners of my eyes and cheeks and stopped at my lips, caressing them gently with a sense of mischief. This kind of touch made me pant, and I opened my mouth slightly. I heard a low laugh and then my lips were covered…

I woke up from my sleep and the room was dark. I didn’t know where I was until I saw the person who was looking at me. Last night’s memory came flooding back and I couldn’t help feeling hot.

He took me into his arms and kissed my hand. My hand trembled.

"How sensitive."

"….It’s itchy."

"Where is it itchy?"

Before I could speak, he put one of my fingers into his mouth and gently sucked it.

I was shocked and recalling last night, I pulled back my hand in panic.

Xi Xichen sighed, his expression regretful.

"Oh right, Anjie, someone is looking for you."

He smiled faintly as he handed me the phone that was vibrating again on the bedside table. He then ‘thoughtfully’ pressed the call button for me.

I was caught off guard.

"Anjie, it’s me."Piao Zheng’s voice sounded in my ear." Are you up?"

I looked up at him and he continued  looking at me with a smile.

"Yes," I replied softly.

"I am trying to reach your Auntie but her phone is turned off? I have something to ask her. Is she next to you? Put me on speaker."


I was lying to myself if I said I wasn’t nervous, and I could only mumble,"I’m outside. I’ll be back soon. Can she call you later?"

The arm on my waist tightened, and then one of his hands reached under the quilt. I earnestly shook my head at him, but Xi Xichen smiled and whispered,"No".

The hand on my back left me at a loss.

"You are outside early in the morning? What are you doing? Exercise?"

These words made my face turn red.

I felt his hand reaching down.

"Don’t…" I suddenly felt  weak.

"Anjie, are you listening?"

"I’m here. Aunt will call you later. See you later."

I hung up the phone in a hurry and grabbed the hot hand.

"Xichen…stop messing around."

Xi Xichen chuckled softly and held my hand, pressing it against his chest. I was startled and wanted to retract it, but he squeezed me firmly.

" Anjie, I love you." I could clearly feel his pulse beating fast and rhythmic.

I could feel his hot desire emanating from him which sparked in me an indescribable tingle throughout my body. The night filled with our passion and I could almost feel it thickening in the air. A husky voice laced with a thick laugh rang out, and his eyes burned hotter than ever before. I tried to fill in the emptiness in my heart with his love, and I couldn’t help letting out a small choking sound as I gasped, a drop of fine sweat running down my forehead. I switched off my mind and let the redness of our passion crash over me, staining me like a drop of blood spattered on white snow.

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