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Chapter: 121


How dare you resist!

Looking at the Gray Dwarf, who had his eyes wide-open, concentrating his mental energy on his forehead to resist the transformation of the dragon veins, the white dragon retracted his tooth.

The transformation of dragon veins was not invincible, and for professionals below the master level, it was natural to embed it one by one.

But once you step into the master position and become a legendary reserve, you would have enough capital to resist the transformation of dragon veins, such as the gray dwarf prince in front of him.

"Reptile, I don't have enough patience to accompany you. Either surrender or die."

"You kill me! The descendants of Nordmar will never succumb to power."


The white dragon felt some headache. Even though the gray dwarf had fallen and became an evil race, their foul tempers had not changed at all.

But Amos was reluctant to kill him, because the dwarf's blacksmith level was generally proportional to his strength, and Soris in front of him was the only master-level dwarf among all the surviving gray dwarves.

A brilliant blacksmith and half-step legendary master were all the people White Castle needed, and it was a pity to kill him like that.

The White Dragon Lord was about to let the dwarf learn his methods, but when he thought that the Evil Eye Tyrant who spent half a year yet he couldn't make the dwarf in front of him give in, so he immediately changed his strategy.

"Soris, think about your people. They need you. If you die, how can they survive in this dark underground world?"

"Humph! Don't bother, we will reunite in His Majesty Durga's eternal kingdom and drink wine together."

"Thousands of years later, the Dark Furnace castle will be annihilated in the long river of time forever, and no one will remember it! "

Soris's eyes shone, and he insisted: "Dark Furnace Fortress is already half-dead, even if there is no Evil Eye Tyrant, in two thousand years, the Dark Furnace Fortress will also naturally die out."

Amos saw a scene: "But in these two thousand years, things may turn around, right? As long as you follow me ..."

The Gray Dwarf Prince interrupted Amos's words: "White Dragon, you don't need to waste your tongue. The descendants of Nordmar can be killed, but they will never live as humble as a slave."

The stubborn Grey Dwarf Prince made Amos somewhat regretful. When he came up, he used rude means to persecute and completely destroy his image. However, there was no medicine for regret in the world, and he could only calmly think about countermeasures.

At this time, those dwarven soldiers who broke free of mind control because of the death of the Evil Eye Tyrant came to their senses and saw the white dragon was persecuting Soris. Some of them hurriedly rushed out of the door and fled from the land, while some gathered courage and charged at Amos.

Amos glanced at the charging dwarves.

Human Petrification!

The charging dwarves were magically immobilized and stopped in place, leaving only their eyes to move.

Amos continued to ponder Soris' words, and suddenly, he found the key word for breaking the game-slave.

"Slaves?! No, no, no! You will not become slaves. On the contrary, the dwarves of Dark Furnace Fortress will live freely under my protection. Of course, you must also bear the corresponding obligations, which are to build weapons and equipment for my legions."

Soris raised his brows. "Who knows if you will treat us like livestock?"

The White Dragon proudly said: "That's because you still don't know me. I never abuse my dependents. On the contrary, their lives have become better because of me." (Long live the glory of communism)

"How do you expect me to believe you?"

This sharp question made the white dragon frown.

"Unless you swear the oath of God to the Mother of Evil Dragons."

In the magical world that really exists in this divine residence, the vows in the name of the gods were not just casual talk.

Even the most wicked divine residence did not like people to slander and swindle under their own banner. If the swearer breaks the oath, he would be regarded to have insulted the divine residence and would be punished by the gods.

Although swearing was nothing to him, but if he was forced to swear, it would make him, a dragon, very upset.

"Enough! You are my captive now. You are not qualified to make terms with me!"

The gray dwarf Prince turned his head aside. "Then you kill me."

Soris had already seen that the white dragon differed greatly from other evil dragons. That evil dragon would go to great lengths to persuade the prisoners of war to surrender. He deduced that the white dragon desperately needed the grey dwarves, to become his dependents, to build equipment for the rest of the monster army.

He also believed 80% of the white dragon's other words. After all, the patience of this dragon was really great. If it were other evil dragons, it would have slapped him and the soldiers into a line of mush.

Therefore, he intended to continue to sit on the ground and raise prices to strive for better conditions for himself and his people.

The white dragon looked at the gray dwarf prince who turned his head away, and looked like a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water. He really wanted to slap him to death.

In the end, Amos forcibly suppressed his anger, and thought about how to deal with this damn dwarf.

There you have it!

"You! What are you going to do!"

Seeing the white dragon with shining eyes, Soris had a bad feeling.

Energy Extraction!

With magic, Amos drained the energy stored in the Grey Dwarf Prince's body.

Weakness technique--Strong effect!

Weak Limbs!


After continuing to enchant the Gray Dwarf Prince with another series of weakening packages, leaving him completely defenceless, he opened the mould that imprisoned the Gray Dwarf's body, then turned to the immobilised Gray Dwarf soldier.

Charm Humans!

For mental control magic, although he was not very good at it, it was still more than enough to deal with a few ordinary dwarven soldiers.

"Come on, you guys, tickle him! Tickle hard! Tickle him to death!"

At the command of Lord White Dragon, the controlled gray dwarf soldiers surrounded Soris, who was lying on the ground weakly, reaching out to the sensitive parts such as the crevice and the soles of the feet.

"You guys, what are you doing, hahahaha!"

"White Dragon! Hahaha, you @#哈¥haha%...&*!"

"Quell Noise!"

Silent Barrier!

Amos then thoughtfully added a sensory enhancement to the gray dwarf.

Amos looked at the Gray Dwarf Prince, who had grown his mouth and burst into tears with laughter, but did not make any sound. He nodded in satisfaction and stood aside to watch.

An interrogation expert once said that if the pain can't make a tough guy speak, then you can try to see if he's afraid of tickling.

Now, this was the case with Soris. Not long after the torture started, he used his lips to ask the White Dragon Lord for mercy.

The White Dragon Lord ignored the Gray Dwarf Prince's pleas for mercy, and after another half an hour, finally ordered the enchanted gray dwarf soldier to stop torture.

Looking at the dragon tooth that the white dragon took out, Soris's mouth twitched, and he lay on the ground resigning.

A moment later, the Gray Dwarf Prince Soris was transformed into a dependents of the white dragon, and Amos was about to turn around and deal with the corpse of the frozen Evil Eye Tyrant.

Suddenly, the aura of Soris, who was lying on the ground, surged up, and the surrounding energy became active at once.

Amos retreated half a pace, looked at the energy cyclone that gradually formed around the gray dwarf prince, and his expression was wonderful. He didn't expect Soris to get the opportunity to break through the Legendary realm under the stimulation of the Dragon Vein Transformation.

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