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Chapter: 122

Chapter 122 - Messenger of the Parliament

It was not like a general update in a game from "Master" to "Legend". If you have enough experience, it will be a matter of course.

On the contrary, this was a great barrier, a dividing line between transcendent and transcendental. The Legendary realm had another name–the ticket to compete with the gods.

Ninety percent of half-step Legendary professionals couldn't touch the threshold of the Legendary realm during their entire lives. Even the remaining 10% of the lucky ones may also fail to advance for various reasons.

Amos hurriedly stood aside quietly and did not make a sound.

Half a quarter of an hour later, Soris opened his eyes and looked at his hands in disbelief. This endless power …

"Congratulations, Soris."

The Gray Dwarf Prince awakened by the voice of the White Dragon Lord, his eyes were complicated. If he had stepped into the Legendary realm earlier, how could Dark Furnace Fortress fall to where it was now? Unfortunately, there was no such thing in the world. Soris could only bow to reality, he quickly adjusted his mind and bent down to salute.

"Many thanks to the master for leading me."

"Well, go and gather the surviving clansmen. They are all capitals for the re-emergence of the Dark Furnace, and they are also precious resources of the White Castle."

Suddenly, the air rippled a little. After a while, an oval portal took shape, and a figure in a black mage robe strode out from the portal.

"Greetings, I am a member of the Guardian Council of Nordhill—Solander Hedimonan, who came here to visit the new Legendary Lord."

The middle-aged mage, who had just stepped out of the portal, saw the huge white dragon and was taken aback for a moment. He looked at the Legendary gray dwarf warrior with a dragon tooth embedded on his forehead and frowned.

"Your Excellency Amos, what is going on?"

The tone of a person seemed to know him, but in the memory of the White Dragon Lord, there was no such person as Solander.

"Do we know each other?" Amos asked suspiciously.

"Oh, we don't know each other. We just met from afar when we dealt with the Devil last time."

Amos thought of the Legendary team that came down on the floating tower and thought that this one in front of him was one of them.

"As you can see, the new Legendary realm individual you want to recruit is none other than my dependent."

Solander frowned. The master had not yet stepped into the Legendary realm, and his dependent had taken the lead. There had never been such a precedent.

The middle-aged mage's brows relaxed immediately. Although the White Dragon in front of him belonged to five-coloured evil dragons, he had the background of the Nine-Eyes Alliance, coupled with the extraordinary potential and the recommendation of Duke Silver Dragon. He had long been included in the list of key observation targets of the Mainland Guardian Council.

Solander carefully looked at the White Dragon Lord in front of him and found that the aura on his body could actually make the level 23 mage himself feel peril. He believed his instinct that the White Dragon Lord already had the strength to contend with the Legend.

"Your Excellency Amos, on behalf of the Guardian Council of Nordhill, my humble self extends an invitation to you and your dependent to join the council."

Amos tilted his head and thought. The Guardian Council was the most powerful organisation in Nordhill. As for the basic situation of the Council, he already had information. It maintained little control on the surface, but in fact, it was tight on the inside and exerted military force over its core members. But the one in front of him obviously did not act according to the rules.

"As far as I know, the minimum requirement for membership of the Guardian Council is to be a Legend. Will you not bring trouble to yourself by doing so?"

"Your Excellency Amos is worrying too much. The goal of the establishment of the council is to absorb all power and protect Nordhill. Within the realm, any being with a combat power on par with a Legend is a target of the council, regardless of good or evil, or the individual's race."

After Solander finished speaking, he glanced at the frozen Evil Eye Tyrant. He only recruited him a year ago but didn't expect him to become a corpse so quickly, but this was an internal matter of the plane, not under the jurisdiction of the council.

"Then it's no problem, I agree to join."

"I'm in too!" Seeing that the White Dragon Lord had agreed, Soris did not hesitate.

"Well, then I will now read out the parliamentary regulations for the two of you..."

After the routine, the introduction of the history and regulation of the Guardian Council, the highlight came.

"More than 10,000 years ago, after repelling the army from Abyss, in order to prevent the demons from coming back, the sages arranged a space blockade magic circle on the dimensional wall of our world."

"From then on, the demons could not get in, but we also could not get out. In order to facilitate the powerful people of this realm to go out in search of resources, the sages opened three portals on the space blockade magic circle and guarded them with heavy troops. One of which is the headquarters of the Council—Samiria."

"The maintenance and security of the portal are expensive, so it is charged, but every member of the council has free use benefits once every twenty years. The number of times can be accumulated, but it is not transferable."

"If the two of you have no questions, then sign this contract. After I take it back and register, the benefits of the two of you will be officially timed."

Amos took the contract and saw that it was indeed the strongest organization. The contracts used by the peripheral members were all guaranteed by the gods of justice.

Soon, Amos and Soris signed the contract and handed it to the messenger of the parliament.

"Very well. As long as you don’t commit the taboo of betraying Nordhill and destroying the world, no matter what the two of you do, the council will not intervene arbitrarily. There is a generous reward for discovering things like demonic conspiracies. His Excellency Amos must have a deep understanding of this already."

Amos nodded, and the rewards sent by the council during the Devil incident were worth as much as the ordinary Legendary equipment.

Just now, a middle-aged mage who was working on the business instantly changed his face into a market businessman and smiled.

"You all know about the internal affairs of the plane. What we can get by using the portal, let my senior introduce it."

Amos: "?"

According to the process, it should be over. What was the situation with this old man smiling like a chicken thief?

The middle-aged mage ignored the Amos's puzzled expression and introduced himself.

"Beyond the plane, there are even more vast and wonderful worlds, the bottomless Abyss, the Bator Hell, the nine-layers of Heaven Mountain, the Star realm, other complete planes, or semi-planes, among which there are countless opportunities hidden. "

"Of course, there are also many dangerous creatures hidden in it, such as this Legendary Ice demon and ice elemental cores."

As he looked at the corpse of the Ice Demon that the mage had taken out and the legendary elemental core of ice in his hand, Amos suddenly realised.

The parliament has strict rules and would never allow messengers to use their positions to bully new Legends, or even initiate transactions.

But if it was the new Legend that took the initiative, then there was no problem.

"Your Excellency Solander, the things in your hand are exactly the same as mine. I don't know if I can use this Evil Eye Tyrant to make a deal with you."

Solander smiled (* ̄︶ ̄): A child that can be taught.

"Of course, this Ice Demon corpse does not have the most precious heart. This Ice Elemental core is slightly less valuable than the complete Evil Eye Tyrant, but when the two are combined, it is a bit more valuable than the Evil Eye Tyrant."

The White Dragon Lord has great potential. In addition, the Evil Eye Tyrant was what he wanted, an important raw material for casting Legendary equipment, Solander didn't mind taking a slight loss, while making a good relationship with the white dragon.

After a pleasant transaction, Solander gave the white dragon another crystal ball and then teleported away.

The White Dragon Lord, who had made a small profit, was in a good mood, walking among the stone pillars, watching the ancient Dark Furnace Fortress, and said to Madoran, who was accompanying him.

"Warrior Madoran, tell me about the history of the Dark Furnace Fortress."

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