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Chapter: 123

Speaking of the history of Darkforge, Madoran sighed.

"The establishment of the Darkforge can be traced back to 20,000 years ago. After the Dark Iron Emperor led the rebels and ended the dark rule of the Spirit Suckers, he brought the surviving tribesmen here and carved this majestic dwarven city out of the hard underground rock."

Amos admired the ancient relief on the stone wall. It described a story of a strong dwarf wearing a crown, leading his people to rebel against the spirit-sucking monsters whose jaws were made of tentacles, and purging the underground monsters to carve out a new home in the underground world.

"So, why has this city declined?" Amos asked curiously, looking at the place that was in disrepair.

Madoran's eyes were complicated: "After the Devils invaded the world, the foundations of the continent were destroyed, the continent sank, and the fractured stratum gushed out hot magma. The land fissure connected the sea, lava and sea water, and the Darkforge was destroyed. The road to other underground worlds was completely cut off, a large number of people chose to migrate, and Darkforge gradually declined."

Amos' eyes lit up: "So, Darkforge was originally connected to other underground worlds?!"

"Of course, at its peak, Dark Furnace Fortress was one of the eight main cities of the Gray Dwarves, and had business with almost all the underground cities." Madoran's chest lifted, and then deflated.

"Unfortunately, that was before. Now all the external channels have broken."

After half an hour, Madoran took the White Dragon Lord and walked through the Darkforge.

"That's all for the inner city, Master, would you like to see the outer city?"

Inner city? Outer city?

Amos pondered in his mind, feeling that the place he came in was the back door, and the Dark Furnace Fortress was built in the rocky sandwich of two underground spaces!

Under the leadership of Madoran, the White Dragon Lord passed through the stone pillars of the houses and came to the exit of the Darkforge gate.

Around the huge underground urn, before the eyes Amos, was the two hundred meters long city gate passage. The width and height of the passage was about fifty meters, square-shaped floor at both ends, towering. The passage had the same height as a huge dwarf stone sculpture.

It was just that the passage had not been cleaned for a long time. It was full of dust, and piles of rubble were scattered everywhere.

"These are the most outstanding dwarven heroes of Darkforge's history. This is Mogra Darkhammer. He's ..."

Walking on the broken road, Madoran pointed to the tall stone sculpture and introduced the legendary story of the stone statue to the White Dragon Lord, with a tone full of longing and yearning.

In the dwarf's half-real, half-bragging tone, the White Dragon Lord finished the passage and pushed open the two huge stone gates at the end of the passage.

With the accumulation of dust on the door, Lord White Dragon's field of vision gradually widened. It surprised him to see the scene outside the door. A broken avenue large enough for six carriages to run side by side, stretched from his foot to the Darkforge. The outer city gate was two kilometers long.

Looking at the rows of houses beside the broad road, Amos could imagine the prosperous scene of the Darkforge 20,000 years ago, with shops on the side of the road, and pedestrians on the road rubbing shoulders.

Amos grabbed the guide and flew into the sky.

In the sky, Amos found that this underground space was much larger than the one that he came in, and he couldn't see the end at a glance. He put away the surprise in his heart and looked back at the outer city of Darkforge, below. He clearly understood the glorious civilization of Dwarves.

On the ground below, a 20-meter-high semi-circular city wall protected the urban area with dwarven architectural fixures. The end of the urban area was connected to the stone wall, and the city gate of the inner city of the Darkforge was located at the center of the circle.

A straight and broad avenue connected the inner and outer city gates, dividing the magnificent city into two perfect quarter circles.

In the sky, Madoran was the first to watch the glorious achievements of his ancestors from an aerial view. Suddenly, he thought of a sharp blade hanging on the head of the Darkforge. Perhaps the flying mage had a way, and immediately became excited.

"Master! Please save Darkforge!"

"Huh? What's the matter?" Amos asked suspiciously when he felt the dwarf in his claws, suddenly trembling with excitement.

After a while, the dwarf suppressed his excitement.

"In front of the city, there is a stratum rift that connects to the sea. The sea water spouts from the rift into the underground world where we are, and its rift continues to expand."

"If this continues, in a few thousand years, the underground space where the Darkforge is located will be submerged by sea water. It is precisely for this reason that our people continue to leave the Darkforge."

Hearing that the serious consequences, Amos said little. He turned and flew in the direction shown by the dwarf. Sure enough, after not flying long, he saw cracks in the rock above his head.

After flying for a while longer, the sound of the water went from unpleasant at first to deafening.

The falling sea water gathered on the ground into a huge lake.

Looking at the vast ocean below him, Amos observed the terrain here. Fortunately, the ground here was at the low end of the slope, and had an underground passage to divert the seawater, otherwise the Darkforge would have been submerged by the flood.

Amos looked at the top in distress, like the dome of a sprinkler. How to plug these leaking holes?

After thinking for a while, the Amos had an idea. He flew into the sky, and the Dragon's Breath spurted out from his mouth, spraying on the leaking crack. It didn't take long for the rock at the crack, along with the seawater in the crack, to freeze.

Amos continued to work on the rock wall. First, he flexibly used fossils as mud and turned the mud into stones to seal the cracks. Then, he enchanted a magic circle that maintained a low temperature on the stone walls to completely freeze the water in the rock.

It took him half a month to complete such a vast project and block all the leaks.

During this period, the gray dwarves gradually recognized their new owner.

On the shore of the seawater lake, the Gray Dwarf Prince and the White Dragon Lord stood together, looking at the seawater lake where the water level was extremely slow.

"Have you found the passage Evil Eye Tyrant used to come in?"

"No, we are still searching, and I suspect ‌the guy came in from under the water."

Half a month ago, the White Dragon Lord learned ‌an Evil Eye Tyrant appeared out of thin air, and he discussed and confirmed it with Soris, and finally concluded that the Evil Eye Tyrant was likely to come from other underground worlds.

As a result, the two immediately launched a mission to search for the passage, but all their busying did not yield them success.

"No matter how long it takes, you must find the passage and take the passage in your own hands."

"Yes, master!"


Three days later, the white dragon returned to the white castle. He was resting on the crystal throne when an ogre guard came in.

"Master, the Forgotten Adventure Team brought the singing mermaid and is seeking an audience with you."

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