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Chapter: 125

The cheers of the goblin thief interrupted the team members' eating.

[ED: Previously, I've retained the translation "goblen thieves," which is an error. Here on, it is kept as "goblin thief".]

Without waiting for others to ask questions, the goblin thief continued to shout in excitement: "We found a magical secret door."

The scene suddenly calmed down, and after a while, everyone finally reacted.

"Magic secret door! Where is it!!!"

The secret door of magic required at least a high-level mage to build, and it was expensive to build. It was generally used to store treasures, such as the treasure room built by the White Dragon Lord at the foot of the White Scale Mountain.

This was a super treasure house that could allow them to eat for a lifetime as soon as it opened.

The kobold warrior howled, dropped the spoon in his hand, picked up the weapon on the ground, and jumped with excitement.

The forest elf forgot to swallow the hot soup and choked. He coughed and grabbed the bow and arrow, standing up.

The mermaid wiped her mouth. Although she didn't know why, she stood up with her companions.

Mogsang Desolation was thinking about the origin of the magical secret door.

When the overseas archipelago was part of the mainland 13,000 years ago, it was a prosperous area of ​​the elven empire. It was not surprising that there were secret gates of magic here.

If it was really a secret gate of magic left over from the ancient elves empire tens of thousands of years ago, the Forgotten Squad was really lucky. Even if they were unable to explore, they could get a lot of money if they reported it to the White Dragon Lord.

Everyone was excited, and Mogsang Desolation was the same, but as the captain, he still maintained his basic sanity.

"Where is the entrance to the secret door? Are there other signs of dangerous biological activity nearby?"

When it comes to business, the goblin thief showed their superb professional qualities.

"The entrance of the secret gate is at the bottom of an underground cave. There are no monsters in the cave, but I found the footprints of murlocs."

The island here was small and near the sea. It was normal to have murlocs. In addition, there was a high-level mermaid in the team. The low-level murlocs that relied on numbers couldn't pose any threat to the Forgotten Squad. Mogsang Desolate didn't take murlocs to heart.

But to explore the magical secret door, he didn't know how much time it would take, so he might as well have a full meal in advance.

"Eat quickly, and after the meal, we will immediately explore the ruins."

Everyone experienced the initial excitement, and after trying to understand that they were not in a hurry, they immediately sat down and gobbled the rest of the food.

After a storm, everyone couldn't wait to embark on a treasure hunt.

Under the leadership of the goblin thief, the five came to the entrance of a damp crypt. The entrance was hidden under a huge rock and covered by lush ferns. They really didn't know how the goblin thief discovered it.

Outside the crypt, the adventurers took out torches and stepped one by one into the deep crypt, walking on the slippery rocks sloping downward. The crowd was silent all the way, and only the loose porous rocks above their heads, seeping out of the dripping groundwater, made the ticking sound of falling water.

The crypt was not too deep, and after a short walk, everyone had reached the end of the crypt.

"My friends, look at it."

Goblin thief--Hurol Rust--took out a small bag, reached out his hand to grab a handful of magic dust from it, and sprinkled it on the uneven stone wall in front of him.

With the flashes of stars, a gate-shaped outline clearly emerged on the stone wall.

"Hurol, you can find all of this, it's amazing!" (singing)

Hearing the praise of the mermaid, the goblin thief raised his head proudly.

"Of course, the nickname Hurol Treasure Hunter is not just for show."

The kobold on the side joked in a weird voice: "Well, who doesn't know that Hurol's long nose is better than any Soglah Hound."

"You are jealous."

Hurol was rather proud, and everyone laughed. There was no explanation for such things as racial talent. The intuition of the goblin race for gold coins was almost the same as that of dragons.

After laughing for a while, Mogsang Desolation said: "Well, everyone, let's get to work, let's see if we can crack it."

As soon as Mogsang Desolate's words fell, the magic door opened by itself.


White Castle.

Amos was lying on the throne, checking various events reported from various places.

Suddenly, Amos sensed that the mermaid had activated the dragon scales urgently calling for help.

Amos suddenly bounced off the throne, ran out of the door, flapped his wings and soared into the sky.

He still had great affection for his favored one's, say nothing less of that gold-medal singer. After all, there was no entertainment in this alien world. The daily pastime of the White Dragon Lord was only to listen to the singing of the murlocs. Over time, the four white dragons and mermaid formed a strange relationship as half-friends.

Before the team set off, Amos gave the mermaid a scale in case of emergency.

Now that the scales were activated, it meant that the Forgotten Adventure Squad had encountered a danger.

The white dragon was racing through the sky, breaking through the white clouds all the way, but even if the white dragon lord drove with all his strength, it would take at least five hours to get to the place of the incident.

Damn it! The teleportation node plan must be pushed forward, otherwise an accident would happen and it would be too time-consuming to fly over. He flew while complaining in his heart.

With the caster level of the White Dragon Lord, he could cast teleportation for a long time, but without coordinates, if an accident happened, the consequences would be disastrous. Therefore, the White Dragon Lord formulated a teleportation node plan.

But that was something for the future. Now, he could only hope the Forgotten Adventure Squad would survive until the rescue came.

Five hours later.

Amos arrived near the sea area where the incident occurred and looked at the scene below the sea.

What's happening here?!

On the sea, the Forgotten Squad drove a severely damaged alchemy boat, racing wildly on the sea, the bow of the boat was broken open, stirring up a wave like a speedboat.

On the sea behind them, there were a lot of murlocs and sea beasts. These murlocs and sea beasts were chasing the adventurers. If it weren't for the mermaid, who could control some low-level enemies with her singing and hinder the pursuit ...

Amos didn't know what the adventurers had done, making these sea beasts chase them all the way as if they had killed their father.

But since he had arrived, he would never allow his subordinates to die in front of him.

Amos sped up, slanted downward, and dived toward the sea.

The huge white dragon passing overhead made the Forgotten Adventure Squad feel at ease. They looked back and saw that the icy blue Dragon's Breath enveloped the sea beasts and murlocs on the sea.

After the Dragon's Breath warning, the white dragon turned back and found that something was wrong. The murlocs and sea beasts were not frightened by the dragon, but surged forward crazily. Some even wanted to jump up and attack the white dragon in the sky.

He was surprised when he noticed the blood-red eyes of the sea beasts and fish people.

This situation was exactly the same as the crazy Murloc in the Disaster of the Sea launched by the Sea Caller!

Amos had a bad premonition in his heart.

At this time, a clear and angry dragon chant sounded in the distance.

Golden Dragon---Christina Wells!

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