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Chapter: 126

Amos looked at the Golden Dragon speeding up to him.

Why does Christina appear every time a rampant murloc emerges?!

The White Dragon Lord carefully recalled the incident in Bailey City. Which could've been a coincidence, but now it seems ...

Amos thought of a word---Sentinel.

Suspicion took root in his heart. Christina had a problem, and it was very likely that she was in the same group with Seacaller.

Thinking of this, Amos felt uneasy.

He dived, intending to grab the alchemy boat and escape together.

Suddenly, a faintly transparent shadow appeared at the bottom of the sea, and his pupils shrank.

Benthic Demon Fish!

There was hardly any response time. A terrifying spiritual magic impact, swaying waves in the sea, attacked the white dragon in the sky.

Fortunately, the mental shock and other energy attacks were restrained by the Caucasus Skull. Amos only felt a sting in his head and then returned to his original state.

Amos was shocked. The Benthic Demon Fish and others were all in cahoots. He felt that they had tricked him.

Amos continued to fly to the alchemy boat.

His surprise attack had a benefit as Benthic Demon Fish froze for a moment, and then responded with a low and angry roar, and terrible sound waves spread along the sea.


The sea water exploded, and explosions sounded one after another. The white dragon was disrupted by the exploding sea water, and the rhythm of his flight became unstable. He adjusted his wings arduously in the air, trying to restore balance.

In the splash caused by the explosion, the tentacles ejected from the sea, opening the sea water and entangled Amos' ankle.

"Hahaha, caught you!"

A sound transmission of energy passed through the tentacles into Amos' mind, and immediately, the Benthic Demon Fish launched an attack.

Chaotic Soul Magic Sound!

Amos only felt that there were a hundred monks chanting scriptures in his mind, which made him annoyed, and then a powerful pull came from his tentacle.

In a hurry, Amos sprayed Dragon's Breath on the tentacles that were too late to retract, and the Dragon's Breath fell on the sea.

The Benthic Demon Fish escaped with a broken tentacle, and Amos exerted a slight force, tearing off the tentacles that were frozen into popsicles, and quickly adjusted the balance and flew into the sky.

Golden Dragon arrived, and Amos missed the best chance to escape!

In the sky, two giant dragons were facing each other, and the Forgotten Adventure Squad on the sea continued to escape in the alchemy boat, with a long tail hanging behind it. It would eventually be caught, while the Benthic Demon Fish lay in ambush in the sea.

Christina looked at the solemn White Dragon Lord quietly and sighed.

"Really, if it wasn't for your sister who was studying in the Nine Eyes Alliance, I would've killed you in Bailey City. Wouldn't it be okay for you to live a few more days? Now, you have to die!"

Amos was puzzled.


"For the great master!"

"Master? When did the lofty golden dragon also have a master?! What an irony! Christina! You put all the dragons to shame!"

Hearing the white dragon lord, Christina laughed, but the golden dragon's laughter was full of anger, sadness, and sarcasm, as well as a trace of helplessness laced with low self-esteem.

Amos listened to the laughter, and he didn't know what kind of experience one had to live through to have a laugh that contained such complex emotions!

"The lofty golden dragon? I deserve to be called a lofty golden dragon, too! No, no, no! Amos, you know nothing!"

"I am just a dragon beast, a dragon beast that gets looked down upon by you veritable dragons aloft!"

Amos was taken aback. Although Bai Liya, the silver dragon, had told him that the golden dragon, Christina, was born with deficiencies, he never thought that she was a dragon beast.

Although the metal dragons knew about dragon beasts, they didn't kill them like the five-colour dragons, but they also regarded them as a shame.

When the dragon beast was first born, it would be sent to a special secret place for concentrated captivity.

In addition, dragon beasts had no inheritance of dragons and no one taught them. They act according to biological instincts and were happy to eat and sleep all day long, just like domesticated domestic pigs.

These dragon beasts in captivity might never see sunlight in their entire lives.

Speaking of the biggest sorrow in her heart, Christina seemed to have found a person to talk to, and the negative emotions that had been repressed for a long time were vented.

"I grew up under the strange eyes of people around me.

"No matter how much effort I put in!

"No matter the number of achievements I made!

"My noble father!

"My dear brothers and sisters!

"Looked at me differently, always!"


"Until I met my noble master, I didn't know that it was my only homestay! It was the only truth!"

Amos looked at the sickly fanatical golden dragon, with a little sympathy in his eyes. A dragon beast with no inheritance could achieve achievements comparable to those of legends. Amos could imagine how much effort she had put in.

But no matter how hard she tried, she was still defeated by cold discrimination and finally chose to fall.

"I sympathise with your tragic experience, but you have chosen a faulty path. Christina, follow me to the Guardian Council, taking advantage of the fact that it has not reached the point where it is irreversible. Maybe they can restore you."

Christina was taken aback. She didn't expect that the White Dragon Lord would even say such words after he knew the fact that he was a dragon beast, because the five-colour dragons had a worst attitude towards the dragon beasts.

But it was only for a moment.

"Restore? What needs to be restored? The master is bound to come! Bringing the most glorious era to Nordhill!"

Christina laughed tauntingly and then initiated an invitation to the White Dragon Lord.

"Amos! Join us, let us join hands to purify this sad world!"

Amos felt a headache. Regarding the distorted view of the golden dragon, he really had no measures. Because of her distorted values, people couldn't communicate with her normally.

"Christina, don't let hatred blind your eyes ..."

"Enough! If you don't stand with me, then you are an enemy that prevents me from achieving my great goal!"

Christina completely lost her patience, she interrupted the words of the White Dragon Lord, and directly attacked.


Name: Christina Wells

Level: 9th-level dragon and 7th-level dragon warrior

Strength: Tier 4

Faction: Chaotic and Merciful

***Introduction: This is a legendary realm Powerhouse, an adult female Golden Dragon Dragon Beast, under the guidance of a strong evil existence, it forcibly changed her will. Her view is inverted and is made to think everything she does is to make the world a better place, but ordinary people hold completely opposite opinions.

Amos hurriedly evaded. Although Christina did not enter the Legendary realm, she was older and stronger than him. Coupled with the profession of a dragon warrior, the melee strength was comparable to that of a legendary warrior. Fighting head on with her was simply looking for death.

Amos was unwilling to fight her, and from time to time he turned his head and threw a few magic spell to block the chasing minions behind him, making Christina feel extremely aggrieved, but she could only let out a meaningless angry roar.

Whenever the white dragon threw away the golden dragon, the Demon Fish in  the water would attack and interrupt the rhythm of the white dragon.

The white dragon had a bad premonition. In addition to the Demon Fish, the enemy also had a Seacaller, who might show up any time.

In the face of two opponents of the same level, Amos couldn't escape. If he was surrounded by three people, then it'd be really dangerous!

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