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Chapter: 127

The fast-flying golden dragon stretched out its claws and threw a water arrow, aiming at the White Dragon Lord, who was a distance away.

Amos fled with all his strength, without entangling her at all, throwing magic behind him as he fled, seriously slowing down the golden dragon's speed. If it weren't for the Benthic Demon Fish, the cunning Amos would have run out of sight.

If I let the White Dragon Lord slip, my master's plan would be leaked ...

Thinking of the seriousness of the consequences, Christina no longer hesitated, and unlocked the seal on her heart.

The dark and ink-like abyssal demon energy spewed out from her heart, instantly polluting it and the surrounding flesh. The augmented blood quickly spread throughout the golden dragon's body.

Feeling the skyrocketing power in her body, Christina couldn't help but growl.


Amos heard the violent roar behind him, and he sensed the surging unknown magic power. When he turned his head and glanced at it, he saw that the scales of the golden dragon had become pitch black like ink, covered with indeterminate bloody magic patterns, and its whole body was surging with black magic energy. He was shocked, he didn't expect Christina to have fallen to this level.

At the same time, the crystal ball given to the White Dragon Lord by the messenger of the parliament, Solander Heidimonan, became hot when the 'breath of the abyss' appeared.

Thinking of the crystal ball's ability to detect the breath of the abyss and automatically alarm the Guardian Council, Amos was delighted.

Such a powerful breath of the abyss could definitely arouse the great attention of the parliament and send someone to look at it.

Immediately, he felt bitter. This kind of coordinated long-distance teleportation also required preparation time. Amos needed to delay at least ten minutes before it was possible to wait for the arrival of reinforcements.

After the demonised golden dragon's strength skyrocketed, its flight speed rose steeply. After a little calculation, the white dragon found that it would not take long for the demon dragon to catch up, and in his current state, he was far from being an opponent of the demonised golden dragon.

The White Dragon Lord had no choice but to activate [Blood Infusion].

"Wartime assist mode on."

Taking advantage of the [Bloody Infusion] and time it took to activate, the enchanted Christina chased after him. She swung her tail, smashing at Amos with a whistling sound.

However, the white dragon in the wartime assist mode instantly strengthened its combat skills to the top expert level, raised his tail from a tricky angle, hit the end of the golden dragon's tail, and nullified it's offensive.

Two behemoths twisted together in the air. The demonised dragon had the upper hand with its powerful flesh, but the White Dragon Lord also had an  advantage. He relied on super-high combat skills and cast instant magic from time to time to relieve the golden dragon's offensive, so that wouldn't be defeated for a while.

Christina was shocked. She didn't expect a white dragon to have such a strong melee ability.

Seeing the giant beasts fighting in the air, the adventure team feared accidentally injuring themselves; and did not dare to cast spells.

The Benthic Demon Fish was eight metres long and had a carp-shaped body. It had only four tentacles at the location of the fins. Its eyes were also very strange. There were three dark and deep eyes, arranged vertically, with a large one at the middle, and small ones above and below.

Seeing the approaching Benthic Demon Fish, Amos felt anxious. He was already at a disadvantage. Now that the enemy had a strong aid. This situation was dangerous for him!

He must create a distance between them!

The White Dragon Lord slammed its tail, pulled a short distance away while resisting the terrifying pain, and breathed out an icy blue Dragon's Breath.

Seeing the blue light coming out of the white dragon's throat, Christina had to stop pursuing him, and another Breath of similar magnitude was shot out.

When the Dragon's Breaths collided, the energies of two different attributes annihilated each other, and new energies were constantly added. The Dragon's Breath contact surface formed a clear boundary of pitch black and ice blue, and the twisted air rippled like water waves in all directions.

The breath of the White Dragon Lord contained more magic power, gradually suppressing the breath of the demonic dragon, and the boundary slowly moved toward the demonic dragon.

Unfortunately, the enemy was not alone.

The Benthic Demon Fish was deterred by the violent energy generated by the collision of Dragon's Breaths. It was not accustomed to aerial combat, and detoured to the side of the white dragon to launch an offensive.

A low and awkward whisper came from the mouths of the closed fish, like the whispers of an evil thing.

Feeling the magical power of the soul gathered around the demon fish, the Amos made a decisive decision, stopped his offensive, thrust his wings backward, and sped up the fall with the help of gravity, avoiding the dark Dragon's Breath that was not blocked.

After avoiding the Dragon's Breath overhead, Amos immediately turned around and approached Christina.

Although the strength of the demonised golden dragon skyrocketed, her temperament became violent and impulsive, her sanity declined, and she rushed towards the white dragon without fear, and the two sides quickly approached.

The Benthic Demon Fish yelled at the golden dragon for being a fool, but the arrow was already on the string and it had no choice but to eject it. It used the long-chanted spiritual magic.

Tide of Weeping Souls!

The energy current composed of the horrible spiritual power hit the sea, submerging itself in the sea. After a while, the unlucky fish in the sea began floating on the surface with its belly turned up.

Not to mention how depressed the Bethic Demon Fish was. After finally holding back the big move, it had to drain itself because of the pig teammate.

But its magic wasn't ineffective. At least it forced the white dragon into close contact with the golden dragon.

The Benthic Demon Fish was depressed, but since it had already set foot on a thief's ship, it had no way of turning back. It could only endure the qualms in its heart and attack the white dragon.

In the sky, Amos was surrounded by cold air, and the low temperature condensed the moisture in the air, forming a mass of floc which fell towards the sea.

The vile energy around the golden dragon surged, exuding a thick and unknown aura.The dark red devil pupil, looking at Amos' eyes, revealed a naked killing intent.

Although the Benthic Demon Fish was relatively small, its power wasn't proportionally small at all. The spiritual magic energy around it was agitated, and circles of transparent ripples were spread in the air.

The enchanted Christina, entangled the white dragon, and became inseparable.

The Benthic Demon Fish on the side discovered that the white dragon was abnormally resistant to spiritual magic, and changed its strategy to find the right time to harass the white dragon and create opportunities for the golden dragon.

With the two of them working together, Amos had almost no gap counterattack, and the danger was all but a step away.

The White Dragon Lord, who was locked on to  by two enemies of the same level, could only take advantage of the low-flying speed of the Benthic Demon Fish, constantly shifting positions and delay the time of its defeat.

After five minutes passed, Lord White Dragon had a few more wounds left on it by its opponents, with different depths. The hot blood spilled onto the sea, and the wounds were faintly black.

Suddenly, a huge marine fish emerged from the distant waters, and on the fish's head stood the legendary murloc mage--Cross Clawrack Seacaller.

Seacaller looked at the White Dragon Lord who was besieged in the distance, and his mouth curled up in a mocking arc: Today is the day I have my revenge.

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