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Chapter: 128

Seeing the legendary murloc mage flying towards the battlefield leaving the sea, Amos's scalp was numb.

He must be desperate!

Just as the white dragon was preparing to use the legendary ice elemental core, there was a loud eagle cry in the sky towards Kumlinge.

The master of the voice was far from the battlefield than the legendary mage, but faster than the mage.

A dazzling oriental giant eagle covered in blue and black feathers appeared in the field of vision of the two warring parties. It flapped the sparkling wide wings, and arrived on the battlefield within a few breaths.

Without any nonsense, this peculiar oriental giant eagle with a 20 meters long wing fanned out shining thunder, and attacked the golden dragon.

At the same time, a sound transmission of spiritual power spread into Amos's mind.

"Hold them back, reinforcements will be here soon."

Amos' eyes lit up. He looked at the Benthic Demon Fish that was about to dive and escape, with undisguised maliciousness on his face.

Just now, this wretched Benthic Demon Fish had pestered him again and again at the critical moment when he was about to successfully escape. Amos wanted nothing more than to eat it.

Now, the chance for revenge was here!

Amos looked at the Benthic Demon Fish that wanted to dive into the sea, and exhaled a mouthful of icy blue Dragon's Breath.

The Benthic Demon Fish relied on its own powerful spiritual magic energy, it forcibly lifted itself in air and flew. Their flexibility in the air could not be compared to the kings of the sky---the dragon family.

Mind Barrier!

Facing the icy breath, the Benthic Demon Fish had nowhere to hide in the air, and could only rely on the powerful spiritual magic energy to create a spiritual shield.

The ice-blue Dragon's Breath enveloped the Benthic Demon Fish. The energy of the spiritual barrier was rapidly consumed, and the Benthic Demon Fish had to continue to input a large amount of spiritual power into it.

Although the spiritual barrier isolated the Dragon's Breath, there was still some cold air that breached the barrier and penetrated into the body of the Benthic Demon Fish.

The Benthic Demon Fish felt its blood freezing, and only then did it really feel the power of the white dragon.

Damn it! My Benthic Demon Fish Clan is a powerful race that can withstand the cold temperatures dozens of degrees below zero in the deep sea. How could the power of the white dragon's breath be so potent!

But regardless of whether the Benthic Demon Fish accepted it or not, the facts were right in front of it. If the shield did not block it, there would be no doubt that the moment it touched the Dragon's Breath, it would be turned into a frozen fish and die.

Though the spiritual barrier was covered with a thin layer of ice, it looked at the sea, getting closer and closer, feeling that hope was right in front of its eyes.

The racial talent of the Benthic Demon Fish Clan, in addition to the powerful spiritual magic, was most companionable for being able to blend into the water and hide their figure, with an effect comparable to the stealth of a thief.

If the Benthic Demon Fish was allowed to come into contact with the sea, it would slip out with ease.

But the Benthic Demon Fish in the sky was no different from the stranded fish. How could Lord White Dragon let it return to the sea again?

The white dragon mocked the Benthic Demon Fish who was desperately rushing to the sea. He interrupted his breath, contracted his wings, and dived straight down, his body descended like a shuttle, and fell in front of the Benthic Demon Fish.

On the way to the location, he slurred in Dragonic Tongue. Following the end of the last syllable an icy blue chill burst out of the white dragon's body, rushing in all directions, with the white dragon as the centre, forming a vast circle with a diameter of 400 metres.

Frost Field!

The moment it came into contact with the icy blue freezing breath, the sea began to freeze.

The white dragon drove through the Frost Field, blocking the front of the Benthic Demon Fish. The dragon's tail danced to attack the enemy.

The Benthic Demon Fish stretched out its tentacles, entangled the dragon's tail, and looked at the sea that was getting covered with thicker and thicker ice, then turned to look at the white dragon in front of it. A feeling of desperation began to bloom in its heart.

Even if the sea water was not frozen, it was extremely difficult to break through the defence of the white dragon. After all, the white dragon was almost immune to the spiritual magic. The time it took to chant was too long, and the white dragon would not give it a chance.

At this time, there was a loud noise in the sky, and Christina used some powerful magic to force the Eastern Great Eagle away, then triggered the teleportation magic and disappeared.

From the perspective of the Benthic Demon Fish, it couldn't see the battle in the sky, but it sensed that the breath of the golden dragon had disappeared, and it knew that it was over.

The Eastern Great Eagle glanced at the scorching black spot on its wings, then turned to the position where the dragon had disappeared, and felt embarrassed. He didn't expect that after he had been instructed to hold on to the enemy, he himself had let an enemy slip by at the crucial moment.

It saw that the momentum was wrong, it had already escaped, and the murloc mage was missing, and then turned to the Benthic Demon Fish, and no longer hesitated and rushed down.

The Benthic Demon Fish was responding to the white dragon's fierce attack. Before it could react, it felt a sharp pain.

After being pierced through the body by the sharp eagle claws, and seeing another enemy on its head, the Benthic Demon Fish gave up struggling.

"Hello, Amos, I am the patrol envoy of the Council of Guardians in the overseas islands---Malanh. I rushed over immediately after receiving the subpoena from the headquarters. Thank you for stopping their conspiracy from advancing. Thank you for exposing them, otherwise I would have failed in responsibilities."

"I must also thank you for your life-saving grace. My subordinates are still being chased by sea beasts. I will see you later."

After Amos finished speaking, he turned and chased in the direction where the Forgotten Adventure Squad fled.

After a while, the white dragon caught up with the people who were being hunted down. After a few breaths of the dragon, a group of frozen sea beasts and murlocs appeared on the sea.

"Mogsang, what's the matter?"

Hearing the white dragon's question, the night elf captain gave a wry smile.

"It's really unlucky to say that when we were resting on a small island, Hurol found a secret magic door. When we were about to crack the magic door, the magic door opened by itself."

"A human walked out of it, but we didn't react soon enough and let the human sound an alarm, which led to this chase."

Amos could imagine that when the two sides met.

This group of unlucky children, in addition to hiding treasures, the secret door could also be used to hide certain places that were not visible. This kind of event having a miniscule probability of running into was somehow their staple.

The mermaid sang weakly from the side: "I felt the breath of the devil in that human being."

Lord White Dragon looked at the frozen sea beasts and murlocs, his brows furrowed. He did not expect that there would be demon believers intervening in this matter. Offering sacrifices, massacring cities, and spreading plague. Those lunatics who believed in demons never did good things.

"Forget it. We'll talk about it later."

Amos intended to throw these troubles to the Guardian Council, and he pulled down a frozen sea beast, grabbed the alchemy boat, and flew in the direction of the Eastern Great Eagle.

He saw from a distance, the Eastern Giant Eagle on the beach of a small island, interrogating the Benthic Demon Fish.

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