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Chapter: 129

Amos took his followers and landed beside the Eastern Giant Eagle.


[Name]: Maranhe Leiyu

[Level]: Level 24 Giant Eagle

[Strength]: Legendary

[Faction]: Lawful and Kind

[Introduction]: It is a mutated eastern giant eagle from a distant different plane. Due to its mutation, it has gained the power to control the thunder, which makes it unique. During the trip, it came to Nordhill by accident and found that this plane was being targeted by the devil, so it joined the Guardian Council and resisted the invasion of the devil with the creatures of the plane.

[Name]: Huobao Mo Yu

[Level]: 21st level Demon Fish

[Strength]: Legend

[Faction]: Chaos and evil

[Introduction]: An adult Benthic Demon Fish from the deep underground world. It came to the overseas archipelago and controlled a large number of sea beasts with its talented spiritual magic and went on to dominate the coastal area of ​​Kumlinge.

Maranhe felt the sweep of the spiritual power.

The white dragon put down his alchemy boat, and the adventurers jumped off the boat and stood on the beach.

"Your Excellency Maranhe, it was they who broke the demon's conspiracy."

With the cue from the Lord White Dragon, the night elf captain repeated what he had said to the Lord.

"Your Excellency, I suspect that the Demon Church has intervened in this matter, and there may still be some information hidden there."

"Okay, you dare to hide such important information!"

Malanhe was furious, he flapped his wings, and shot a bolt of thunder, striking the bottom of the demon fish.


The Benthic Demon Fish let out a scream. The silver thunder lingered on its body, and its body twitched by electricity.

"Little white dragon, watch over it. I'll go to the secret door to check it out."

"No problem! Leave it to me!" Amos's eyes lit up.

The giant eagle flew away with a swish, leaving only the white dragon, the Forgotten Adventure Squad and the Benthic Demon Fish on the beach.

He didn't know what method the Eastern Great Eagle used. The fish was now weak, and even the spiritual magic that was surging around the body was weak and nearly disappeared.

The benthic fish looked at the approaching white dragon with caution, who kept giving it a malicious stare, rubbing its paws. It inadvertently shrunk back.

"You ... you ... what are you going to do!"

"Huh? What are you doing? What do you think I want to do!"

The front paws of the white dragon patted heavily on the fish's head, pressed it into the sand, and then smashed it vigorously. The strong and powerful wings patted the body of the devil fish on its bottom.

"Say! Why did Christina degenerate?"

"Uh ... hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Under the white dragon's claws, he increased his strength a bit.

"You aren't answering me!"

The members of the Forgotten Adventure Squad on the side turned around. Only the mermaid was left, looking at the White Dragon Lord interrogating the fish with a blank expression.

"Well, its head is buried in the sand. How do expect it to speak?" (singing)


Looking at the innocent mermaid, Amos was not interested in continuing to torture the Benthic Demon Fish, and he lifted the dragon's claws.

The benthic magic fish struggled to lift its head from the sandpit.

"Ah! Bailong! You are too much!"

A heavier claw patted on the fish's head.


After a short while, Amos lifted his claws.

"I have dignity too!"

Seeing the white dragon's claws raised again, the Benthic Demon Fish hurriedly changed his words: "I'll talk!"

"Very well. Explain everything you know."

"I know nothing." The benthic fish cried out.

Amos' face turned gloomy.

"You are challenging my patience."

"Don't don't"

Looking at the white dragon's raised tail, the fish hurriedly explained: "I really don't know the reason for Christina's fall!"

White dragon raised his brows: "Then how were you aware of it? Who is behind Christina? Where is your lair? What conspiracy are you spinning?"

"It was her who came to me and said she will give me a great reward, as long as I ..."

After listening to the explanation of the benthic fish, Amos found all he had got from his mouth was some insignificant information, and he couldn't help but become angry.

"Answer my question!"

"I really can't say." The benthic fish smiled bitterly, and before the white dragon started hitting it again, the benthic fish spit out something.

Seeing a black unidentified mark on the tongue of the fish, and feeling the breath of the abyss on the mark, Amos frowned. It was getting complicated.

Being able to plant a magic mark on a legendary benthic fish and restrict it from revealing the truth, that was the deed of at least a high-level legendary power. It might even be the powerful demon of the lord level!

In the entire multiverse, every lord-level demon was a powerful existence with a fierce reputation, and even the domain of the gods fell into their hands from time to time.

When the white dragon had his head lowered in thought, there was a violent fluctuation of magic power in the sky, compelling him to raise his head and look at the huge black hole that suddenly appeared in the sky.

Forget it, let the council fret over these daunting tasks

For this kind of confrontation between superpowers, perhaps Amos would be able to intervene in the future, but he was without such instruments now.

Therefore, Amos planned to retreat after taking over the prisoners of battle.

In a short while, a small team of legendary professionals came down from the floating tower, and the elfish looking man headed was the former Silver Dragon Grand Duke Adrian Samaranch.

Duke Silver Dragon looked at the abyssal energy that had not yet dissipated in the wound on Amos' body, frowned, and sent his subordinates to search for clues.

"Amos! What is going on?"

After Amos explained, Duke Silver Dragon had mixed feelings in his heart.

"Hey, I didn't expect the demonised dragon creature to be Christina. No wonder the Nine Eyes Alliance went through the overseas islands and failed to find any clues."

"Your Excellency, what is going on with Christina, shouldn't the dragon beast ..."

When Amos was about to ask the doubts in his heart, Malanhe came back.

"What happened? Did you find anything?"

Facing Duke Silver Dragon's question, Malanhe said with a depressed voice: "Don't mention it, those bastards blasted the entire crypt. Even if we dig it out, we probably won't find any valuable clues."

"It's just that I can be sure that it is a secret base for demon worshipers."

Grand Duke Silver Dragon frowned, but knew that the matter was too urgent, so he took out a bottle of potion and handed it to Lord White Dragon.

"This is a potion designed to get rid of the devil energy of the abyss ..."


The white dragon, who was getting tortured by the abyssal energy, took the medicine before Duke Silver Dragon even finished speaking.

White Dragon's mouth was filled with the smell of rotten food that seemed to have been stored in the garbage for several days.

So terrible!

"Huh? You are blind?!"

"Oh, that was topical medicine."

Duke Silver Dragon took out another bottle.

Amos: "..."

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