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Chapter: 130

After handing over the prisoners of the battle after taking their confessions, Amos bid farewell to the Duke Silver Dragon and the others, as they helped heal his wounds. He took his five followers and launched the teleportation technique.

With the incantation of the low and slurred spell, the mysterious magic circle appeared at the feet of the White Dragon Lord and the others, emitting a hazy halo, and everyone disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In an empty and silent room in White Scale Castle, a mysterious magic circle lit up on the ground, and Amos with the Forgotten Adventure Squad appeared.

The adventurers looked up at the purple crystals inlaid on the ceiling and were amazed.

"This is the legendary teleporting crystal that records the space beacon?!"

Amos ignored the adventurers who felt the novelty, and went straight to the door, hurrying towards the White Castle's Hall.

"Bucky Darkscale! There is work to be done!"

Bucky Darkscale showed himself in the shadow of the stone pillar, bending over and bowing.

"What orders does the master have for me?"

The White Dragon Lord sloppily sat on the throne, and his vertical golden dragon pupil gazed at the leader of the Nightcrawlers who had already stepped into the realm of the Masters. He was slightly surprised, and then nodded in satisfaction.

"Very well, you have become the first Master among the murlocs in White Castle, and your efforts will be rewarded."

Seeing the dragon tooth that Amos took out, Bucky Darkscale trembled with excitement.

For a long time, due to the low potential of the murlocs, the white dragon had not bequeathed any more of his teeth to them.

Bucky Darkscale thought of Ghoul-Garu who showed the unique power of transformation once when he was drunk, had inadvertently lit his heart with a flame of covetous desire.

Now, I will truly become Lord's, and the second person to be bestowed this honour.

(PS: Actually, the third person to get it; however, it doesn't know.)

The dragon's tooth fell slowly and landed on Bucky Darkscale's forehead, who was kneeling on one knee.

After a while, the dragon tooth mark replaced the original white scales, and gradually disappeared.

Feeling the surging power in its body, Bucky Darkscale was pleasantly surprised. It felt that its current self could tear the tiger in the sea---the megalodon---apart.

"You take the men and horses, and immediately rush to Naspra. Vacate this city to me! Remember, especially the experimental materials and experimental equipment, bring them back to me without missing a single piece. When you encounter the mutant murloc, if you can catch it alive, try to do it. If you can't catch it alive, just kill it directly."

Bucky Darkscale, who was kneeling on one knee, raised his head in surprise when he heard the words, and said: "Master, with all due respect, if I go to their base like this, the Seacaller ..."

Amos interrupted the words of his follower.

"That was before, but from now on, Nordhill will never have a Seacaller!"

In his previous life, Amos had already understood that if there was no strength to change the rules, then he could only do things within the framework of the rules, otherwise there would never be an end to troubles.

For example, the current Cross Clawrak Seacaller, in association with demons, had already surpassed the red line of the rules of Nordhill's major organisations. Under the pursuit of the top forces on the entire plane, if it couldn't escape to other planes, it would end up with a dead end.

Whether it was dead or escaping, the Murloc Legendary Mage couldn't appear in Nordhill. Naspra, which had lost the Seacaller, was like the meat on the chopping board left to be slaughtered.

Bucky Darkscale didn't know about these details, but he trusted his master unconditionally, and got up and saluted.

"Your will is my order!"

Bucky Darkscale stepped back, and from its trembling body, it could see that its heart was not at peace.

When Naspra fell, Pele City was the only territory left!

After Amos sent away the Forgotten Adventure Squad, he lay on the throne, closed his eyes, and fell into a deep sleep.

Healing wounds was not an excuse to sleep. Once again, using [Blood Infusion], the white dragon had overdrawn part of his vitality. Fortunately, the dragon's vitality was as majestic as the sea, and some overdrafts were not a big problem.

The light beam pierced through the gaps of the dome, and shone on the white dragon sleeping on the crystal throne. The chest of the sleeping behemoth undulated with heavy breathing, and its huge nostrils closed together, making bellows-like whirring wind.

In the hall, the two-headed ogre quietly guarded his master.


A week later, Bucky Darkscale returned to the White Castle with the team.

Looking at the list of trophies in its hand, Lord White Dragon frowned.

"Why is all the experimental equipment destroyed? Why wasn't there any information at all?! "

"Replying to the master, when we arrived, Naspra had been destroyed by someone from the Council. We could only search for the leftovers in the wreckage." Bucky Darkscale said.

The White Dragon Lord eased his brows and sighed. This was not because Bucky Darkscale was incompetent in his job. It was expected that the Council searched through Naspra, but Naspra had been completely destroyed ...

Thinking of the crazy mutant murlocs in the city, Lord White Dragon understood what the council did.

"Go down."


The idea of ​​getting the murloc transformation technology dissipated, and the White Dragon Lord could only hope that the only valuable gain this time, the three living mutant murlocs, could provide him with useful information.


One month passed slowly.

These days, things had not developed as expected by the White Dragon Lord.

On the one hand, the research was not progressing smoothly. Of the three mutant murlocs, two have died, as if their natural life span had expired.

On the other hand, the search for the enemy was not smooth, even if the Silver Dragon rummaged through the entire overseas archipelago and surrounding areas, he did not find any traces of the Golden Dragon.

But the abandoned secret bases that had been unearthed one by one all showed that the devil's plot was no small matter.

The failure of the Council made Amos anxious. After all, White Scale Island was in the overseas archipelago. The first victim of the successful demon conspiracy would be him.

Therefore, the White Dragon Lord took action, he ordered the murloc army to the seas of the overseas archipelago, conducted a thorough search, but it still did not achieve any results, as if Christina and the Seacaller had disappeared out of thin air.

The cloud touched his head, and the cold wind danced in the sky, while the White Dragon Lord stood motionless in the fierce wind, looking out at the sea level in the distance.

Gradually, the squally wind moved the snowflakes, creating chaos in the peaceful sky, and the corrupt branches and leaves in the woods were covered by white snowflakes.

It was another winter of the year.

Just as the White Dragon Lord was about to return, a loud and excited dragon chant came from the distant sky.

There was a smile on the corner of the white dragon lord's mouth, as Willy was back!

"Brother, long time no see."

After nearly three years of slumber, Willy became skinny and thin. After saying hello to his brother, he couldn't wait to break into the restaurant of the White Castle.

"Two hundred roasted Buda lambs! Hurry up!"

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