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Chapter: 131

Overseas islands.

The snow was pure white, and the winter sun flickered with warmth. It sprinkled light on an unnamed island encompassed with snow. The islands under the sun appeared like a mass of infinite landscape. The seabirds traveled back and forth between the blue sea and the white islands. It was quite a harmonious scene.

Suddenly, unexpected visitors flying from all directions disturbed the seabirds' lives.

These little animals fled back to their nests in panic, curled up in the bird's nest and shivered, because the imposing power of the higher form them instinctively uneasy.

The powerful unexpected visitors ignored these insignificant insignificant lives. They landed on the snow-covered flat ground, formed a large circle, and started whispering.

If anyone was here, they would be surprised to find that these twenty attendees were of different races, including elves, dwarves, dragons, and eastern giant eagles, but most of them were the overlords of the mainland--humans.

With the arrival of the last member, the handsome elven middle-aged man coughed, and everyone immediately stopped communicating in private.

"Okay, everyone is here, then this parliament shall officially commence."

"In the past month, we have used all methods of exploration, such as magic and divine arts, but we have not been able to find the hidden base of the enemy. Does anyone have any good ideas? If you do, please bring them forward."

After his words were over, everyone looked at each other, or buried their heads in thought.

A legendary dwarf warrior suggested, "The druids who are close to nature are experts in searching for the aura of demons. Maybe we can ask the Nine Eyes Alliance for help."

The human legendary priest said, "The power of the gods isn't less sensitive to demonic aura than the natural forces of the druids. If the magical exploration fails to find the traces of the demon, then the druid's help will probably be futile."

"Damn it! Let's think about where they might be hiding ..."



As the head of the murloc race, and one of the main search forces, the White Dragon Lord was naturally invited to participate in this temporary Council of Demon Hunters. He listened to the heated discussion of the crowd and spoke to the Eastern Great Eagle, who was combing its feathers.

"Will Christina go to another plane?"

"No, Nordhill's dimension wall has a blockade magic circle. Even if it escapes Nordhill by some means, the Council can sense it in time, and these days, the circle has not given any abnormal fluctuations." Eagle said casually.

The Eastern Giant Eagle was taken aback when he suddenly thought of something, and raised his head.

"Everyone! I think we are moving in the wrong direction with out train of thoughts! The enemy may not be on the overseas islands at all."

The loud shout of the Eastern Great Eagle suppressed all the quarrels, and everyone's eyes gathered on it, and it continued to speak.

"Just now, my close friend---Amos reminded me whether the enemy will go to another plane."

Everyone frowned. They already thought that Eagle was playing tricks on them, and before everyone could speak, it continued.

"There can be a situation where you can bypass the surveillance of the blockade magic circle and escape Nordhill."

The legendary mage---Solander reacted.

"You mean the sub-dimension?! If one is transported from the overseas islands, into the sub-dimension attached to the dimensional body, it is true that it will not cause a reaction from the spatial blockade magic."

"That's right! The spatial blockade magic circle is external and has no effect on the sub dimension inside the plane."

"Then the question is, even if they are lucky enough to find a sub dimension, how can we find the entrance to the said plane? In the huge overseas archipelago, looking for a sub dimension entrance is undoubtedly as hard as looking for a needle in a haystack!"

Everyone was immersed in their thoughts, and the sub dimension was hidden in the gap of space. If there were no specific coordinates, even if the gods searched for it personally, it was not possible to find it in a short time.

"The sub dimension is attached to the main plane and must have a certain elemental energy flow with the main plane. Perhaps we can use this to find the sub dimension."

A certain legendary mage replied, "But the fluctuation of the energy circulation of this element is really too weak, so the workload will be too much, and it is impossible for us to do it."

For weak elemental energy fluctuations, one must feel the flow of magical elements at a close range, even if the legendary mage's spiritual power covered a wide range. With so few legendary mages present here, it would be hard to search for it in the overseas islands ...

Lord White Dragon heard the words and his eyes lit up. "No! There is no need for us to search for it personally! Among my murlocs, there are hundreds of thousands of low-level mages."

After years of breeding, the murlocs under White Scale had reached an astonishing population of 300 million. With the popularization of magic knowledge, coupled with an astonishing population base, numerous mages had spawned out.

Although limited by their racial talents, most of them were low-level mages of level 1 and level 2. Although they had no combat effectiveness, they were more than enough to perform tasks of an insignificant nature like sensing subtle element fluctuations.

As the manpower problem was resolved, Duke Silver Dragon affirmed, "Okay, just do it!"

"However, although these murlocs have low strength, I don't want to see them have too many casualties. I hope you can take action to clean up the threat."

Murlocs had to search for elemental fluctuations in the sub dimension, and they had to travel to almost all the lands of the overseas archipelago. It was easy to handle the basic and intermediate ferocious animals. As long as a small group of murloc soldiers were sent, the safety of the low-level mage could be guaranteed, but for the high-level ones, White Scale did not have enough manpower.

Following the murlocs and clearing up the threats along the way, this was naturally no problem for the legendary individuals, and the Duke Silver Dragon immediately agreed.

The White Dragon Lord quickly notified White Scale City to start the search, and at the same time he was happy that there were so many legendary professionals, which would greatly reduce the time for White Scale to clean up the beasts of the overseas archipelago.

Legendary powerhouses were also happy to do so, because the materials on those master-level extraordinary beasts were also a valuable asset to them.

This was a win-win business.


Solander Heidimonan was in a good mood, because he just killed a rare master-level ferocious beast---the saber-toothed tiger, and harvested two of its teeth.

The saber-toothed tiger's teeth were natural magic weapons after a little processing. If one spent some time enchanting it, its value would be doubled.

He thought of the saber-toothed tiger's corpse dragged away by the murlocs, and felt a little distressed. The complete saber-toothed tiger's corpse was worth as much as two fangs, but his dimensional bag was almost full, and he couldn't fit the large beast's corpse.

He flew high in the sky and looked at the murloc teams searching everywhere on the main island. He had never thought that he would actually be a nanny for a low-level race like murlocs, and even willingly at that.

Suddenly, a firework exploded somewhere in the sky, which meant that a certain search team was in danger of being eradicated, and it also meant that the legendary mage would gain something again.

He quickly flew towards the distressed team.

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