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Chapter: 132

The Murlocs continued to transport the frozen ferocious beast carcasses to the designated islands, where they would be processed by professionals to divide the valuable parts and transport them back to White Scale for further processing.

Every time a shipment was shipped, a professional statistician would record the type and approximate value of the goods, organise them into a page, and submit them to Lord White Dragon.

Lord White Dragon looked at the numbers recorded on the list and felt happy.

Although all the most precious parts of the ferocious beasts were taken away by the legendary powerhouses themselves, the value of the remaining parts was not low, and as the storage in the dimension bags of the legendary professionals filled up, the parts they didn't claim increased in number, all for their taking. So much so that some people began to clean up the previously collected items to make room to store more precious wealth.

Over the past few days, the white dragon who had collected the valuables made a lot of money.

But in Amos' mind, the gold coins he harvested were still secondary. The most important thing was that the operation greatly reduced the time it took to clean up threats in the wild.

The overseas archipelago was vast and it was impossible for the white dragons to do everything themselves, so the main force to clean up threats was the monster army. Now, the monster army killed every year due to the threat of clearing the field accounted for 70% of the total number of soldiers killed.

This time, the White Dragon Lord had summoned all the White Castle's sphere of influence, whether it was a professional army mage or a low-level spellcaster scattered among the people. In addition to searching for enemies, the other purpose was to follow the east wind of the Council and clean up the overseas archipelago. It paved the way for future expansion of its power.

The greatest value of a piece of land had never been the top extraordinary creatures living on the land, but the land itself; the various minerals buried deep under the land, and the magical materials that grow on the land, which were the necessary resources for the development of each force.

Because only with a steady supply of resources, soldiers could be equipped with better weapons, and the mages would have enough magic materials to conduct experiments to make themselves stronger, and then occupy a wider territory, obtain more resources, et cetera.

Now, every time the Murloc team cleared an island, it would bring more benefits to White Castle. For the sake of the future of White Castle, Amos hoped that Christina would still remain undisclosed for a while. .


In a certain Dimension.

There were no clouds and sun in the sky, only the energy of various colours continuously poured in or out of the void, and each of them intertwined, emitting a dazzling light like an aurora. The colorful shades, rendered the entire sky in a dream like brilliance.

The aurora shone on the earth, but it failed to bring any beauty to the earth, because the earth was barren with no trace of life, and there were only weathered reddish-brown rocks and a layer of red dust.

Christina was lying in the red dust, resting her head on a rock full of cracks, looking very worried.

A human wearing a demon emblem with his hands lowered, and his whole body shrouded in a red and black hooded cloak, stood quietly beside the golden dragon.

After a long time, Christina sighed.

"How is the outside world?"

The man in the cloak had no emotion in his voice. It was hoarse and low, as if his vocal cords had been damaged.

"According to the news from the scouts, the Council mobilized all the mages in the White Castle to search for our tracks. The exposure of this sub dimension is probably only a matter of time."

The Murloc Mage suddenly appeared beside the Golden Dragon.

"Damn it! I knew this would happen when I was in Bailey City, I should have killed it!"

Christina ignored the complaint of the Seacaller.

"Didn't you stay in the base to monitor the progress? What's the matter with you?"

"My Envoy, the living environment of this sub dimension is really bad. Many people have begun to experience adverse reactions. I'm afraid that even if the enemy doesn't infiltrate, we will be finished first."

Most of the sub dimension had incomplete laws and various drawbacks, which were not suitable for living creatures.

The sub dimension where the Golden Dragon was located was ordinary, with a small area (relatively speaking), and without any biological or water sources. The survival of important personnel who retreated to the sub dimension depended on pre-stored food and fresh water.

But living in this environment for a long time would cause various problems in the body's functions. The powerful individuals could naturally suppress it, while the weak ones, relying on the protection of the magic circle in the base, would have no problem in a short time.

And now, after living in the sub dimension for more than a month, the situation that Golden Dragon worried the most had finally appeared.

"How about the preparations for summoning the master?"

The Murloc Mage bit the bullet and replied, "The portal is almost built, but the energy is far from enough. The Council's response was too fast. We haven't had time to move many of our things here. Now we can't get out, and are stuck in an endless loop."

After Christina buried her head in deep thought for a while, she ordered, "Go ahead and prepare for the summoning ritual."

Murloc Mage turned anxious, and said, "But we are not prepared enough. If we are forced to summon, it is very likely that the dimension will fail due to insufficient energy supply! We can look in this dimension to see if we can find alternative energy sources!"

"There is no time. Sacrifice all the weak. It is an honour for them to dedicate themselves to the cause of the great master."

Christina raised her head, looking at the dazzling aurora above, her tone was flat, as if she had said something trivial.

The legendary mage's body chilled at this, and it thought: this group of lunatics would slaughter and sacrifice even their own people. He Looked at the natural expressions of human beings on the side, who still felt that this was a matter of course.

After the Murloc scout left, the golden dragon spoke to the human being beside it.

"Bishop Renault, I have foreseen the result of this operation, before the ritual begins, you should find an opportunity to leave by yourself."

The Fallen---Renault Abel!

Just as Amos chose Philia Oliver as his spy in Bailey City, Golden Dragon also found Renault Abel as her spokesperson in the human world.

It was only afterwards that Bai Liya, the silver dragon, went all the way and found that something was wrong. In order to prevent the organization's goals from being exposed, Renault Abel slaughtered his own family and completely plunged into the arms of the Demon Church.

After thinking about it for a while, Renault Abel leaned over to salute Christina, and then turned to leave. He held an important position in the Demon Church, and he could play a greater role in life.

Christina got up, walked towards the base, and passed through the heavily guarded tunnel, and the Golden Dragon came to a huge underground space.

In the underground space, at the center of the flat ground, there was an inverted portal with a diameter of one hundred meters inlaid. By the portal, a group of demons who were dressed like Renault Abel appeared busy.

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