Wild JK Kashino Yukiko Opens a Bar in Another World


Kashino Yukiko, who lives in a certain region of Japan, is nicknamed『Wild JK』by her friends.

Her grandfather, a hunter who has since passed away, taught her many things, and she would go into the mountains every day to trap, fish, gather, and dissect animals.

She suddenly wanders into the forest of another world, but using her natural toughness and her mysterious abilities, she makes it to the royal capital of Sampeluk, where she runs a popular bar called『Nihon』with a girl she met there, Lara, whose hometown was destroyed by a demon monkey.

The regular customers include the retired owner of the country’s largest merchant family and the young boss (cool) who controls the area around the bar.

The number of unique people increased one after another.

This is the story of a girl who lives strong even if she wanders into a different world.

Chapter : 17


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1 week ago

hard to read. the translation is too asic, it feels like a 5 year old wrote it.