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Chapter: 15

Episode 15: Preparation

Translated by AmaLynne

TN: Damn, there’s a lot of food name/term in this chapter.Pls read the TN(Translator Note) that I add here and there (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄), happy reading~

「Bonta-kun, I need your help.」


「Lara-chan, get the bucket ready.」

「Yes. Everything is ready.」

We rope the sleeping wild boar’s hind legs before hanging them from a tree.

Then, after confirming that the wild boar’s heart was still beating, I began draining his blood by slicing open an artery near its heart in one fluid motion.

Underneath, Lara-chan was waiting with a bucket to catch the flowing blood.

「You’ve gone to a lot of trouble to drain the blood. Why don’t you just leave it there and wait until the blood stops flowing?」

Regular hunters and huntsmen leave their prey in a single package, and when the hunt is over, they bring it back home and wholesale it to the butcher.

Therefore, the meat smells beastly and fishy because it is not bled out enough, and since it is getting warmer by now, the prey left under room temperature for almost a whole day goes bad from the internal organs.

The internal organs would smell fishier, the meat would be worse, and eating it could upset the stomach.

The reason why the internal organs of magical beasts are so cheap and treated as the taste of the common people is that they are never tasty due to inadequate processing and preservation, and are sold at almost throwaway prices.

The stinky offal is prepared with herbs to remove the smell, but poor people do not have access to that many herbs.

I heard that rich people sometimes eat offal, but it is not so popular because they use too many herbs to remove the smell and it is hard to tell whether it is an offal or herb dish.

In my case, I perfectly bleed my catch, immediately remove the organs, bleed the organs themselves, and immediately remove the parts of the organs that would damage the meat, thus providing a skewer of offal that is well received.

「Little girl, what use is wild boar blood? Also, why do you keep stirring?」

「Yukiko-san taught me that even blood can be used as a tasty ingredient. The reason I am stirring it is so the blood doesn’t solidify.」

There is also blood sausage, which uses blood as an ingredient; boar blood soup, which is made by mixing salt and blood and then steaming it; and a similar dish called blood soup on Okinawa Island.

Because of the time and manpower involved, I have not yet made it a restaurant menu item, but if I make a prototype and eat it for meals, we can save on food costs, and we can teach Lara-chan and Bonta-kun about the new dishes.

「Yukiko-san, the blood has stopped flowing.」

「Are you done bleeding out?」

「Blood done, Bonta-kun.」


The next step is to immediately rip the guts out of the wild boar.

This too must be done in a hurry, or both the meat and the organs will go bad.

「Lara-chan, please.」


After handing the guts to Lara-chan, she washes them in river water to drain more blood, and trims off excess fat and parts that are inedible due to their poor condition.

It’s a shame to waste the bad parts, but by removing them, we can preserve the quality of the meat and organs.

「The entrails are stinky and tasteless.」

「You, did you really watch yesterday? Didn’t your grandfather say it’s delicious? It’s all about the preparation. It’s a lot of work, but if you do it right, it doesn’t smell bad, and it tastes good with its unique flavor and texture.」

First, is the membrane-like area between the breast and belly.

This is the diaphragm, the so-called『harami.』

It is popular in yakiniku (barbeque), and is also popular at our restaurant as a grilled skewer.

The muscle hanging from the backbone is also available at yakiniku restaurants as『sagari.』

The throat is then cut open and the esophagus and bronchi are removed.

This is called『urute』and is popular as a snack for alcoholic beverages due to its crispy texture.

The lungs are called『huwa』 and are popular among enthusiasts for their marshmallow-like texture.

I sometimes serve them stewed in my restaurant.

The heart is called『hatsu』.

It is well-known, so I won’t explain it here.

I serve it on skewers.

The thick blood vessels leading to the heart are also very tasty.

The fatty mass surrounded by the lungs and heart is the so-called thymus gland, which is called『sibire』.

It has a rich flavor. I sometimes serve it on skewers and in grilled dishes, but it sells out quickly.

The mesh of fat that covers the internal organs is『amiabla』.

At the moment, I use it to wrap hamburgers for meals.

The stomach is『Gatsu』.

It is used as an ingredient in motsu-ni (motsu stew) or boiled and put on the menu as gatsu-sashi (guts sashimi).

It is grandpa’s favorite menu item.

The liver is『liver』.

Lara-chan diligently drained the blood.

If the blood is not drained sufficiently, it will go bad fast and will not taste good.

The green pouch attached to the liver is the gall bladder.

Bear gall bladders are also valued in this world as bear gall, and wild boar gall bladders could be sold as a medicine for a reasonable price.

I am not sure of the efficacy of this, but I would sell this one.

The spleen is located beside the stomach.

It is called『chile』and tastes like liver.

The bladder is delicious as sausage skin or boiled and stuffed with meat and vegetables.

I don’t think they serve it in restaurants.

The small intestine, large intestine, and rectum are called differently in different regions, such as『tecchan』or『malchow』.

They are used to make motsu stew and motsu-yaki (roasted motsu).

It is difficult to deal with the digestive matter and feces, but they are very tasty and popular.

Brains are also delicious and creamy, but they are also used as bribes.

The tongue is also very popular because it is the most famous『tongue』in the world.

The big wild boar tongues are huge, so this one is a delight.

It is delicious when grilled and sprinkled with salt.

Balls and penises are still popular among men, especially older men… even though the world has changed.

It’s said to be effective in increasing energy.

I don’t know if it really works, though.

「That’s a lot of detail.」

「It’s a lot of prep work, but that’s what our restaurant is all about.」

Once the organs are removed, the wild boar is dipped in river water to further drain the blood.

The less blood that remains in the wild boar’s body, the tastier the meat will be, so no stone should be left unturned here.

「In the meantime, let’s have lunch.」

Since the bloodletting process takes time, we decided to have lunch in the meantime.

The menu consisted of vegetables and various motsu, grilled in a miso-based sauce and served on a bread bun.

The rest of the meal consisted of vegetable broth made from wild boar bones and meat, and the drinks were served with ice cubes I had magically created.

「I can’t use offensive magic like sending ice arrows flying, but I can produce chunks of ice.」

Since there are no refrigerators in this world, stores and rich people often store food in their basements, and I had an underground cellar in the basement of my store to store food.

However, since the temperature is kept at around 20 degrees Celsius all year round by feel, meat and fish naturally go bad quickly.

So I had to magically produce ice to keep it in an『ice house』condition.

The pre-processed meat and offal would be stored in the『Food Storage』or in the ice room in the basement.

And I would use them up as quickly as possible.

The longer it takes, the worse the meat and organs become and the less tasty they become.

「It’s a lot of work for not a lot of money.」

「It can’t be helped. Not all butchers in Royal Capital deal in meat and offal that I would give a passing grade to.」

If there is quality meat and offal, I don’t have to go to the trouble of hunting and prepping it myself; I can just buy it from a place that deals in it.

However, when Lara-chan and I looked around before opening my restaurant, we found only meat that had not been properly bled and still smelled of animal flesh, or meat that had rotted halfway through due to poor temperature control.

With the ingredients in such a state, no matter how hard we tried to cook them, we would not be able to produce anything tasty.

Since the restaurant is run by a woman, if the food is not good, customers will not come, so I open the restaurant five times a week to hunt and cut up the meat.

Bonta-kun is going to do business in the future so he can learn my ways, and Lara-chan will follow me…

Maybe in the future, Lara-chan will be independent too…?

「But in some respects, the way the world is now, that’s just the way it is」

「It’s quantity over quality.」

In this world, the livestock industry is almost non-existent because of the rife with magical beasts.

This is because, to provide meat to many people, hunters and gamekeepers have to work hard to hunt wild beasts.

One aspect of this was that if they were to carefully prep and dismantle the animals as we do, they would not be able to reach the required amount.

「But, Yukiko-san. If the meat and organs are of good quality, I’m sure some rich people and aristocrats would buy them, even if they cost a fortune.」

「Little girl, it’s the meat of the same wild boar and other magical beasts, isn’t it? Can you sell it for that much?」

Young man Mirko doesn’t seem to think that my style of specially processed and preserved meat and organs is good for business.

I think it’s going to be a good business, but I don’t want to prep a large catch to sell in large quantities, it’s troublesome, and I think I am more suited to being a cook.

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