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Chapter: 17

Episode 17: Charlatan Starts a Business

Translated by AmaLynne

「But then again, it’s already been a month since then. Grandpa, where is Mirko?」

「Suddenly,『It hit me!』and every day he would dismantle the prey he hunted himself with his collected companions, saying,『It still smells a little beastly! The nobles won’t pay much for this!』And finally, in a warehouse on the outskirts of our royal capital.」

It has been a month since the young man Mirko ran away from us.

According to grandpa, young Mirko was serious about learning the skills of dismantling the magical beasts I had shown him and started a business selling fresh meat and offal that did not smell like animals.

I thought he might soon grow tired of this obviously 3K job, but according to Grandpa, the quality of the meat and organs gradually improved, and gradually he was able to get a higher price for his products.

「Very serious, isn’t he?」

「Maybe it was because the landlady had roasted him. My stupid grandson caused trouble.」

「No, we are indebted to grandpa as well.」

「Good grief, the landlady is perceptive.」

This restaurant is not located in a safe area, and since the owner is a woman, there is no reason to believe that there will be no other business that might have some nefarious ideas.

However, until now, this store has had extremely few such problems.

This is especially true since grandpa became a regular customer.

I guess he is protecting his favorite restaurant that he goes to every day, and we are very grateful to him.

「Nowadays, Yard-oyabun-san is more interested in the shop than I am.」

「I’ll do my duty when I’m paid for it.」

I wonder if few unscrupulous people would mess with the former head of the Starblood Trading Company and the stores frequented by his master.

「Oh, by the way, landlady. I hear you have a new menu today.」

「It’s a sausage made with wild boar blood.」

Until now, we had been making prototypes and consuming them only as meals, but we were finally satisfied with the results, so we decided to include them in the menu, albeit only for a limited number of people.

「It is made by mixing the blood of fresh wild boars and other magical beasts with salt, herbs, savory vegetables, fat, flour, and other ingredients, putting it in the intestines, and slowly boiling it at a low temperature to prevent it from rupturing.」

「I thought it would smell bloody, but it doesn’t at all. It’s rich and netty and goes well with sake. I once had it at a nobleman’s party, but it tasted too much like herbs. This is not like that.」

「That’s to mask the fishy smell of old blood.」

Blood sausage requires fresh blood, which is why I have the advantage of being able to use『Food Storage』.

This is because no foodstuff will deteriorate or spoil over time if it is preserved using this.

But I can only store food, water, and cooking utensils.

The『Storage』users, who are said to appear occasionally among those who can use magic, can store a variety of items, but their storage capacities vary widely.

My『Food Storage』is unlimited when it comes to food, water, and cooking utensils.

But I can’t store any other items.

I can store fresh blood, so I can always make delicious blood sausage.

「This goes well with alcohol.」

「Don’t drink too much, oyabun-san.」

「The landlady makes me follow the three-drink rule, so I won’t drink any more than that.」

Our restaurant only allows each person to order up to three drinks.

Recently, I heard that there is a theory that alcohol is not the best of all medicines and but I thought it would be okay to drink alcohol to relieve stress if it’s just the right amount. It was my idea.

Instead, I made a rule that the maximum number of drinks to be ordered was three to prevent excessive drinking.

Customers who failed to comply with this rule were immediately asked to leave the restaurant.

All the regulars obeyed the rule, though.

「Hello, long time no see!」


And there, the rumor-monger, a young man named Mirko, showed up for the first time in a month.

Unusually, or perhaps more appropriately for the nature of his work, today he was wearing what looked like work clothes that could get dirty.

Still, he had a good-looking face, so the other customers were saying,『A good-looking man is a good-looking man no matter what he wears』.

「In the past month, we have been able to process our catch much faster and the quality of the meat and offal has improved. It’s completely different from the meat and offal we’ve had in the past, and we’ve been able to sell it for a pretty high price.」

Did this person really spend the past month seriously improving his skills in prepping and dismantling magical beasts to sell them to his customers at a higher price?

「Although it is not as good as the one processed by the landlady Yukiko, it requires only a small amount of herbs and has a reputation for broadening the range of dishes. I’m here to report a few things. Also, ale and the three skewers. With salt.」

Since he seemed to be a guest today, I immediately served the ale and skewers to the young man Mirko.

「I knew it, the meat and offal here don’t smell like animals at all, and it’s so fresh. I must be more diligent. I’m getting more orders.」

「I see.」

That’s because until now people have been using a lot of herbs and a predetermined cooking method to get rid of the beastly smell, so they gladly buy a little beastly smell at a higher price.

「I see you don’t wear fancy clothes.」

「When I’m working, this is all I need. For Yukiko’s store, this is still enough.」

「That’s true.」

In our store, there is no such thing as a dress code, is there?

But still, maybe he was getting back at me for saying it so strongly the other day.

「I dress elegantly when I do business, because I’m dealing with the upper class. The name of Starblood Trading Company will come in handy.」

「That’s the way to use it.」

Another reason I don’t sell well-processed meat and offal.

It’s because people won’t buy the products sold by a little girl who is an outsider.

In other words, they don’t trust me.

If young man Mirko can do that, then maybe in the future I will be able to stock it too.

Then maybe I can stock larger quantities of food in my store and extend my business hours.

「I’m going to improve the quality of the meat and offal so that one day we can sell them here. I’ve increased my staff, so I’m taking on a lot of responsibility.」

Young man Mirko rents a warehouse owned by the Starblood Trading Company on the outskirts of King’s Landing, where he brings in live magical beasts for disassembly.

Fortunately, business is going well, so he has increased his manpower.

「The new hires are hunters who are too old or injured to catch much.」

I see.

These people cannot hunt as many magical beasts as they used to, so they joined the disassembly process, where even a small number of magical beasts can be sold at a high price.

Although they do not earn as much as they did during their working years, their income is stable because they are paid a salary.

So, the family will not be lost on the road.

From the point of view of their employer, young man Mirko, it must be a big responsibility.

「One more thing, I’m going to do my best and one day I’m going to marry Yukiko.」

「What? You just said that first thing for business reasons, didn’t you?」

「Not many women can say that much to me. She’s just like my grandmother. In other words, if I take Yukiko as my wife, I might be able to surpass my grandfather in the future.」

「Is that so?」

I couldn’t help but look at grandpa who was standing beside me.

Does your wife look just like me?

「You don’t look like her at all, but my wife is a great person who married into the Starblood Trading Company, which was in debt, and supported me. She opened her restaurant less than six months after she came here from somewhere else, and it’s thriving like this.」

「Grandfather, that’s why you’re a regular here, isn’t it?」

「Well, when you put it that way! But Mirko. It’s not easy getting a landlady as a wife.」

「I have work to do, and I don’t think the landlady will go for a strange man. I’ll take my time. I’ll just get a refill of ale and blood sausage.」

「Yes, thank you.」

When I calmed down, I realized that Mirko-san was a good-looking man, basically a nice person, and, after all, he was from that Starblad family, so he was a good candidate boy.


「Hey, landlady, what’s up?」

「No, it’s nothing, oyabun-san.」

But for me, the best at the moment is still oyabun-san.

Besides, it’s not like I’m thinking about marriage or anything at all yet.

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