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Chapter: 360

Bonus chapter Caught Red Handed

Chapter 360: [Bonus chapter]Caught Red Handed

Still, Prince Theron was not convinced. "As long as I returned to attending the

royal court sessions and meetings with the ocials, seeing that I am healthy

and strong, the same message would also be delivered."

The Queen raised a brow. "I have talked to your father about this. This

celebration is symbolic in many ways. We must show the enemies that we dare

throw a banquet because we can aord to be arrogant, and that we do not fear

them. In fact, we are baiting them to react. Also, it's only right to reward your

saviour in front of everyone for what she had done for our family. She has saved

my life as well as your life. The Ivanovs owe her at least this much recognition."

Prince Theron understood who his mother was referring to and only then did

he reluctantly agree. Soon after, the Queen left and Prince Theron went towards

the window of the drawing-room that overlooked the garden. He stared outside


Blurry images ashed in his mind. For the past week, he had been consistently

having a recurring dream every night. The setting of the dream was always

inside his chamber late into the night. He would be in his bed and wake up

feeling someone's gaze on him, only for the night visitor to leave before he

fully opened his eyes. He was not sure who it was as he never saw the face, but

deep in his guts, he knew that it was Esther. No, perhaps it was more like he

yearned for that person to be Esther.

'Sadly, even in my dreams, you won't even let me see you.'

Afterwards, he left for the Grand Palace to meet his father in the throne room.

As the Crown Prince, there were many things he had to deal with, from helping

with the investigations to his attack to the routinary work as the heir to the

throne, which involved talking to territory lords about smaller issues about

their lands that did not need the attention of the King. It was already nighttime

by the time he returned to his residence.

When he nally retired to his chamber, a royal physician came to him and

oered him the medicine that he needed to take. Although it was announced

that he had recovered, the royal physicians were careful to nurse his body back

to full health, that was why they gave him nutritious tonics and medicine that

would ease him to sleep every night.

"Your Highness, your medicine." The royal physician held the wooden tray in

front of him that had a bowl of herbal potion.

The Crown Prince picked up the bowl and looked at the royal physician who

always waited till he nished his medicine. "You can leave," he ordered.

"Once you take your medicine, Your Highness—"

"I will hand the bowl to a servant after I nish it. You can leave now," the

young prince instructed in a rm voice.

Once the man left, Prince Theron stared at the bowl with a frown. Afterwards,

he poured the medicine into a nearby ower vase, called for a servant to get the

bowl and went to bed. His chamber was dark as the lamps were all put out, but

the curtains of his window were purposely drawn, allowing soft moonlight to

somewhat brighten his side of the bed.

He felt like he was crazy, but he could not help but be suspicious. The same

dream every night? That never happened to him, therefore, he could not help

but be suspicious. But then, his rationality told him it was impossible for that

young lady to sneak into his residence that was thoroughly surrounded by a

brigade of royal knights.

'What if it's not a dream?'

Prince Theron closed his eyes and evened out his breathing, but this time, he

was waiting for a certain young woman to come. Her soft voice that sounded

like gentle wind still lingered in his ears, saying words that up till now didn't

make sense to him.

'I want to see you...'

By midnight, the door of his chamber slowly opened, causing his body to go in

full alert. With light footsteps, someone entered his bed-chamber but the

young man remained silent and waited with bated breath for his night visitor to

reach him. He sensed the right side of his mattress sinking a little, and

afterwards, someone touched his wrists, as if to check his pulse.

Prince Theron opened his eyes and looked at the young woman who looked at

him with equal shock. She let go of his wrist and was about to move away but

Prince Theron held her hand and pulled her back, causing her to fall beside him

on his bed, their bodies facing each other.

"So it was not a dream," he murmured while gazing into her beautiful caramel


His voice brought her back to her senses and only then did she realize her

hands were resting on the rm chest of the young man. Although his handsome

face was serene under the moonlight, she could feel his racing heartbeats under

her palm, which surprisingly mirrored hers.

In a split second, many questions arose in her mind. 'Why is he not sleeping?

That sleeping spell puts everyone to sleep, then why is he awake? Why am I

nervous? Why is he nervous? Why—'

"May I know the Lady's reason for sneaking into my bedchamber like this?" he

asked, his dark eyes seemingly holding hers hostage.

"I-I..." Under his intimidating eyes, she could not come up with a proper reply.

It was as if all forms of thought ran away in fear from those dark eyes, leaving

her mind stark empty.

His hand did not leave her wrist, and one even snaked around her waist. Not

letting her move even an inch, he asked with a sly smile, "Do you know the

punishment for this?" His dark eyes seemingly glittered, as if they enjoyed

seeing her ustered, like a thief who got caught red-handed.

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