Worldly Overlord

Author(s): Bhar_Yo


All things in the world emanated from Chaos. And from Chaos, all things in the world can be birthed, as they can also be exterminated. Chaos has no beginning and no end.In this whole universe, sorry I mean omniverse I'm the embodiment of only one word- elegance. So tell me why would I want to mess with perfection.To revenge your mother's death if you were told to sign a deal with the Devil himself will you do it?A battle between the Gods and Demons divided the World into Three namely The Underground World, The Mortal World, and The Demon World.The underground World where celestial energy was present, the Demon World where cosmic energy existed, and finally the mortal world which was void of both energy. It was similar to the earth we live on.Though it was void of energy It didn't mean humans there were hopeless. Big families and organizations in the mortal world inherited their ancestor lineage making it possible for them to achieve immortality.Devon Reid, born and raised in the Mortal World. As the heir to a big family, he didn't live up to his family's expectations as he was overshadowed by his elder sister. Devon got banished away from the Mortal world by this father immediately after the death of his mother.For some unknown reason Devon wasn't capable of absorbing any energy, fortunately for him, getting to the underground world he was offered a 50-50 contract by the Devil.For him to avenge his mother's death by killing his father who was literally a God, Devon didn't have any other choice than to accept the Devil's contract.Quick question what comes to your mind when you hear the word, Devil.One who is arrogant, greedy, lustful, envious, slothful, gluttonous, and wrathful.So what if I told you that by signing a contract with the Devil, Devon would have to perform tasks on all the deadly sins, in other words, become a Devil himself."You do my bidding and in return, I give you power." the Devil's words echoed in Devon's ear.Now the question is will Devon have his revenge and what does the Devil want

Chapter : 108


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