Yishi Yijia


At the age of 18, Lu Yining was a short haired pretty girl who loves to smile who entered the university for the first time. At that time, the daughter of the Lu family skipped all the elective courses she could and followed Tang Mubai to the boring medical course without fail.

At the age of twenty-five, Lu Yining graduated from a top-notch leading school and made a successful career in the foreign photography community. Her social circle remained the same for ten years but Tang Mubai is the only one who she avoids .

In a few years, rumors about Tang Mubai spread all the country –a womanizer who became famous in the medical field at the age of 26.

After a few years, Lu Yining went to the hospital to find out for a friend who was in love in with a gynecologist : "Doctor, I have been having irregular menstruation, acidity, lethargy, drowsiness and nausea. Is there something wrong?"

The doctor looked up from the thick mass of cases, revealing a familiar and good-looking face, his eyes gloomy and dangerous: "What?"

Lu Yining unfortunately fell off from the chair on the first reunion after a long time.

Chapter : 11.3


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