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Chapter: 8.1

Lu Yining’s luck is actually not that bad. Although her family is not harmonious, at least her family is well off and she has no worries about food or clothing since she was a child and although she was not very close with her parents, at least she still had an aunt and an uncle who loved her.

From the moment she can remember, Lu Yining has lived at Lu Xinrong’s house for far more days than at her own house.

Lu Jingxing was about the same age as her and apart from blood relationship, they grew up together since childhood and their relationship was naturally much better than ordinary cousins.

In addition to their relationship, Lu Jingxing’s mind is more delicate than normal people so he could tell what  Lu Yining means with just a look.

For example, now, although Lu Yining said "not cold" without changing her face, the corners of his mouth pursed slightly .

She does not have a cold-resistant physique. In winter, she would wrapped herself up in three layers and would even love to wear the quilt directly over her body. Under normal circumstances, in this season, Lu Yining should have already started wearing sweaters and long pants. But not only was she not wearing a sweater today, her arms and legs were even exposed.

Lu Jingxing frowned but he didn’t wear a jacket today and wore just a thicker shirt. Taking it off would not only not be inappropriate but he would probably be taken away by the security guards on the spot for hooliganism. He looked at his friend who was still unresponsive and frowned, "Tang Mubai."

Tang Mubai said "oh", "I’m cold."


Lu Jingxing choked in his throat and he didn’t know what to say for a while.

Before Xie Kun wondered why so many girls liked Tang Mubai, Lu Jingxing didn’t take it seriously at the time but as time passed, he too started to think about the reason now.

Lu Jingxing is not a person who likes nonsense. If the hint doesn’t work, he simply comes to make it clear and stretches out his hand and pulls off Tang Mubai’s jacket; "Take it off."

Lu Yining who had been quiet for a while finally understood . Her face became hot and she quickly pulled Lu Jingxing , "Brother, I’m not cold…"

The two of them touched each other’s fingers and their body temperature differed by several degrees.

Lu Jingxing’s eyebrows furrowed even deeper.

Lu Yining’s fingers loosened. She was not someone who didn’t know how to look at people. She knew what Tang Mubai meant at a glance. After all, the two of them are not familiar so it’s normal that he doesn’t  want to take it off.

If the discussion continued several people will be embarrassed so Lu Yining strongly suppressed the sour feeling that came out of her heart and with the corners of her mouth barely curved she spoke first to break the silence, "I have an appointment with Nana for lunch at noon and it will be too late if I don’t go now so I"ll go first…"

Her voice fell and without giving Lu Jingxing the chance to speak again, Lu Yining turned sideways and quickly walked past the two of them.

As soon as Lu Yining left, Wen Jing came out of the classroom .

She had deliberately lingered inside for a while waiting to see if Tang Mubai would go back to find her but after waiting for a few minutes there was still no movement at the door so she had to come out first.

Wen Jing was originally angry and depressed but as soon as she walked out of the classroom door, she saw the two tall boys standing at the door.

The two of them didn’t know how long they had been standing outside and no one made a sound at the moment. Wen Jing didn’t know the cause and effect for the silence and so she couldn’t understand the embarrassment hidden in the silence. She thought Tang Mubai was waiting for her outside and her depression was swept away in an instant so she bent her eyes and smiled, "Xiao Bai…"

The girl’s voice was soft and sweet and any other guy’s heart would have been softened but Tang Mubai only felt irritated and he avoided Wen Jing’s outstretched hand and pulled Lu Jingxing next to him to separate them and walked down the stairs quickly.

The class is on the fourth floor. The teaching building is not as good as the outside. At least there is still sunshine outside but the inside is very cold. It is very comfortable in summer but not in this season.

Lu Yining’s hands and feet were cold and both of her legs were a little stiff as if they had been immersed in cold water for a long time and she had to stop and stomp a few times every time she went down the stairs.

Although it did help to take away some of the cold she still feels very cold.

Lu Yining sniffed hard and took out her phone to check the time, it was a quarter past twelve.

Jiang Nai had sent her a message ten minutes ago——

[How was the medical school class, how many hours did you sleep? 】

Jiang Nai knew her very well.

When she arrived on the first floor, Lu Yining walked towards the entrance of the teaching building while typing a few words to reply: [Not much, just slept for two hours. 】

Jiang Nai: 【 Two hours is not much? As far as I know, the class was only two hours and fifty minutes in total, right? ]

Lu Yining: [That teacher spoke very well. 】

She is a photography student so how can she know what the professor of medical school is teaching?

It was more unbelievable than hearing a sow climb a tree.

Before Jiang Nai could finish questioning her, Lu Yining sent the next sentence: [I decided to record a few sessions when I go to class next time and I will listen to it when I can’t sleep. 】

Jiang Nai: […]

She was convinced by Lu Yining’s evil.

The structure of the No. 5 teaching building is complex. There is a long corridor from the corner staircase to the door and typing back messages seriously affects the speed of walking and Lu Yining can’t wait to go out of the teaching building. After sending a few messages, she stopped again and stomped her feet and call Jiang Nai.

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