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Chapter: 11

Translator: Keeez

Since I think many will start reading from this chapter on, here’s an important note before reading the chapter.

My translation of characters’ names might not be the same as others so here’s the list as well as how to pronounce it. (I did my best writing the pronunciation.)

Protagonist: Selene Aquila (Se-le-ne , A-qui-la)

Protag’s elder sister: Arue Aquila (A-ru-e)

Holy Prince: Milano Helifalte (Mi-la-no, He-li-fal-te)

Helifalte’s King: Schwan (Sha-wan) (Originally it’s Shuuban, but I think it’s from the German word Schwan which mean swan.)

Helifalte’s Queen: Ibis (Aye-bis)

Milano’s little sister: Maribelle, Marie (Ma-ri-bell, Ma-rie)

Milano’s bodyguard: Kumahachi (Ku-ma-ha-chi)

I think that’s all, also enjoy the chapter.

Chapter 11: Helifalte’s Dinner.

A few hours later after Marie and Selene made good luck charms for each other, the curtain of night has descended upon the world. While Selene’s playing with Butler on the bed so white that it reflects moonlight, suddenly there’s a knock on the door. Butler returns to his position under the bed, and Selene rings the bell at the bedside.

Since this room is very large, there’s quite a distance from the bed to the door. To react to a knock every time by raising her voice out loud would be bad on her throat, so the considerate maids has installed this bell near the bed.

When the sound of the bell rang, the maid nearby immediately opens the door. Her movements are so elegant that it feels a little pleasant to the eyes. But it’ll be better if she’s not an Obaa-chan1 though, Selene thought.

"Selene-sama, may I know how are you feeling?"

"Good, thank you."

Selene thanks the maid. No matter how hideous her inner thoughts might be, but she at least have the bare minimum manners when interacting with someone who’s not her enemy. In a manner of speaking.

"Would you be able to handle a meal ma’am?"


Selene nods energetically. Though the maids and others thought that Selene collapsed due to her overexerting her weak body, but it’s simply just that she hadn’t slept enough. Now that her desire for sleep has been fulfilled, so naturally the next thing she wants would be food. Selene’s a person true to her desires after all.

"The King and Queen would like to dine together with Selene-sama, so may I ask would you like to join?"

"King-sama, Queen-sama, together?"

Selene braces herself. It’s that Prince’s father and mother after all, what do I do if they’re the really arrogant type? Selene who hates the very being of the word ‘Socializing while drinking’2 ponders at what to do.

"But of course, if you’re still feeling unwell and doesn’t wish to attend, I’ll inform them."

"I go."

After a little while of thinking, Selene responded so. It’s not often that you can meet the King, so this is the perfect opportunity to gather information on how strong the enemies are. Although I don’t want to do it, but it’s better to take advantage of this.

"Understood. Then I will guide you to……"

"I’ll be the one guiding her!

Surprised by the sudden loud voice interrupting them, both the maid and Selene turn to look at the direction of said voice, and there stood Marie with crimson dress adorning her body.

"Ma-, Maribelle-sama, may I ask what’s the matter?"

"As you know, Otou-sama and Okaa-sama are going to have dinner, so it’s natural that I join them yes?"

"Eh, b- but, didn’t you usually goes there alone……"

"Whatever! I’ll be the one taking care of Selene!"

Pushing the maid out of her way and entering the room, Marie approaches Selene who’s on the bed.

"Selene, is your body okay? Do you think you can eat?"


Seeing Selene nods in affirmation, Marie’s expression turns into a relieved one.

"Thank goodness…… I was so worried. I’ve already asked the head chef to make something light for you Selene, so if you’re feeling well let’s go eat together alright?"

"But, me, manner, not know much."

"Ahh, that’s not a problem at all. Even I don’t care that much about it when I’m eating with just my family."

Marie told her nonchalantly while helping Selene getting out of her bed.

Unlike her forceful pulling last time, her hand this time is genuinely gentle and kind.

Selene asked her if it’s really okay for her to go out in this just-awake messy appearance, but Marie insisted that it’s okay, thus she led Selene, still in her dress with a few wrinkles on it, out of the room.

"I can’t believe it that Maribelle-sama’s taking care of another girl….."

Whenever Marie had to attend a dinner party for the guests with girls her age in said party, her expression will be that of extremely bored, as she had no choice but to accompany them. Her guiding another girl of her own volition is out of the question. She who proclaimed herself as the Princess among princesses would never do subordinate works like this after all.

She probably likes that Selene girl a lot. The maid smiles softly as she watches the blonde girl decorated in red clumsily guiding a pure white young girl.

And the place she guides her to is none other than the dining room for the royalty.

There’s a separate dining room for the guards and servants though, so the dining room in the royal palace is exclusively for royalty. This room itself isn’t that spacious, but not that cramped either. Its size is about the size of a slightly large convenience store.

There are expensive-looking furnishings around the room, but not to the point of being overly decorated, the thing that stands out the most in this room is the flower vase on top of the table that’s in the middle of the room, so this room is actually rather simple. Appetizers are already prepared on the table, including a steaming hot pot of soup, its smell induces Selene’s appetite.

Already seated at the table are Milano, an intelligent and stern-looking man, and in stark contrast to him, his fluffy-looking celeb-like wife. Even the slow Selene understood immediately that these two are the king and queen.

"So you’re Selene. I’m the king of this nation, name’s Schwan. Our foolish son has caused you a lot of trouble this time. I apologize on my son’s behalf."

"No, it okay, yes."

Yeah right it’s a damn lot of trouble, thought Selene as she awkwardly replied back with weird honorifics. Though no matter how problematic Selene is as a human being, but still she has an old man’s mind inside of her, so at least she knows the basic level of social etiquettes. Or rather, this Schwan guy who calls himself the king is totally different from Milano, he looks so fierce and frightening that Selene’s scared of making him angry.

"I’m really sorry for calling you on such a short notice. I heard that you collapsed, are you sure you’re feeling well?" (Ibis)

"It, okay. Thank you, for concern, very mud."

"Milano already told me about your circumstances. So you don’t need to force yourself to use difficult words my dear. My name is Ibis, currently the queen, but in the past I’m just an ordinary country bumpkin."

Seeing that Selene’s taking quite a while to think up of honorifics to speak, Ibis smiles softly and said so with gentle voice.

"Queen-sama, beauty."

"Oh my, thank you. But you really looked much more beautiful than me Selene-chan. It makes me a little jealous of you."

"That, not true."

Selene shakes her head left and right in denial. Whenever she looked at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t think of herself as beautiful because she knows that inside that body is a mind of an old man. It somewhat reminds her of those mascot characters at the amusement parks that have old man inside them, so she couldn’t acknowledge herself as a beauty.

"Father, mother, I think it’s about time we start our dinner. It’d be bad if we leave Selene standing there all night." (Milano)

"You’re right. Selene, as you can see, we usually dine in this small room. Perhaps we should’ve treated you as one of our honored guest, but we’ve taken you in as one of our family member so we’ll be dining here." (Schwan)

And so, prompted by Milano, Selene climbs up the fifth seat prepared for her. Schwan and Ibis sat next to each other, opposite of them is Milano and Marie. As for Selene, she’s in the middle, or the so-called head of the table seat.

Of course, there’s another very luxurious facility for accomodating state guests or heroic soldiers after their triumphant return, but Schwan and Ibis valued this family time very much. If one couldn’t make their family happy, one can’t make strangers happy, such is their philosophy.

And thus dinner begins. There are only five people here in this room including Selene, as they used the system of ringing bell to call in servants in rather than having them wait inside, the same system as in Selene’s room. Although they didn’t talk much while dining, but it by no means is an unpleasant silence, it’s the atmosphere of everyone silently enjoying their meal.

"Milano, how’s Aquila? I’ve never been to that country you see."

"To be honest, I didn’t pay much attention when the professor mentioned this country during the class. But I must say that it’s a great country that’s surrounded by expansive nature. Being able to travel and study to all kind of countries like this makes me keenly aware of my lack of experience everyday."

Milano told his father everything on his mind without trying to hide it. Meanwhile, Selene’s stuffing the food in her mouth like a hamster trying to store its food in its cheek pouchs, but in her mind she’s cursing Milano.

Travel and study huh. The entire world already know that this jounrey of yours is a ‘Bride Searching’ one you idiot, thought Selene. But the King and Queen never did mention this word to him, it’s as if they really believed that Milano’s journey is really for educational pruposes one. Though actually it’s not the matter of believing or not, it’s simply just that it’s the truth.

Though Selene’s quite dissatisfied with the King not even questioning Milano’s false reports, but we’re talking about the King who governs over a large territory here, maybe it’s just that he doesn’t the time to be concerned with what his debauched son is doing in other country. From what she saw during the way to the Royal Palace, this country is quite prosperous. So the king is a capable and good guy, but his son is no-good.

Selene had seen many examples of this before, where the president of a really big company or famous celebrities are so busy that they didn’t have time for their family, thus their son becomes no-good.

The same apllies with Selene when she was still a student, her parents told her to go to cram school, but she instead skipped and go play in the arcade center. Fortunately her grades were above passing mark and she didn’t cause any blunder so her parents never knew of this. This’s probably the same thing.

Milano’s really skilled at hiding the truth, utilizing his nice-guy appearance and his cunningness to its fullest. This damn coward. Selene thought on her own while chowing down food in anger.

And so the dinner comes to an end, but all of them are still staying at the table, chatting. Selene who has communication disorder and not very good at socializing only responds appropriately from time to time by nodding to them, otherwise she just sat idly. But to be honest, she just want to return to her room and roll around on the bed after the dinner was over.

"Ah, Selene. There’s a bit of food left near your mouth."

Marie said as she gets off of her chair and wipes Selene’s mouth with a napkin. The other three watch her with grins.

"W-, what! Am I not allowed to do something like this!? Do you have complaints!?"

"No, you’re allowed to and we don’t have any complaints. Just that it’s rare to see Marie taking care of someone else."

Milano said with a chuckle, the father and mother also lightly nodded in agreement.

Marie puffs her cheeks out a little in dissatisfaction, but it doesn’t seems like she’s angry.

"Selene, how old are you?"


"I’m ten. See, I’m the onee-chan here. An onee-chan should take care of her little sister, isn’t that right?"

How’s that? Marie puffs her chest out proudly. Apparently Marie’s dissatisfied with being the only one in the family who’s only ever been taken care of, but never has taken care of anybody. But then came Selene who’s both adorable and obedient, unlike other girls of the same age as Marie. To Marie, Selene’s truly a cute and precious little girl. However, when Selene heard what she said she suddenly looked down with a dejected expression, Marie’s expression becomes confused.

"What’s wrong Selene? Did I offended you?"


Upon hearing Marie said ‘Onee-san’, Selene suddenly felt lonely. Although it hasn’t been that long since she was separated from her elder sister Arue, but she felt like she hasn’t seen her for a long time. Her older sister’s warmth, softness, and her perfume-like scent. And more importantly than anything else, it’s been a while since she last buried her head in her older sister’s breasts.

Though it’s impossible for her to get this in her previous life, but now Selene’s affected by the breasts deficiency disease, an incurable mental condition that worsens if she hasn’t touch breasts regularly. But of course such disease doesn’t exist. It’s just that Selene decided to give it a name on her own, a completely imaginary disease, even though her body’s completely healthy.

"Selene-chan, do you have anything that you want?" (Ibis)

Giving a helping hand to Marie who’s in a panic at what to do, Ibis speaks up at the perfect timing.

Selene who had her eyes on the floor looks up as if she was pulled up by her voice.

"What, I want?"

"That’s right, anything is fine. Though something like ‘I want a castle’ would be a little too hard to get hand on one, but I can get my hand on almost anything I want on this continent anyway, so I’m sure that God wills it so that you’ll meet us. Though I may look like this, but I’m still the Queen nonetheless so I can exert my authority to an extent."

Ibis smiles elegantly at Selene. Even Schwan, a strict man who’ll not abide by the wrong wielding of royal authority, said nothing and nods as if agreeing with his wife. A young girl who has to travel far to an unknown foreign country, whose state seems as if she’s about to cry when thinking about her older sister back home, seeing such a girl would make you think that giving her a castle isn’t even excessive.


Selene’s mouth forms into the letter へ shape, looking at Ibis with troubled expression.

Ibis’s a little perplexed at why Selene’s expression is an embarrassed one rather than happy, and thought that it was strange.

‘Doesn’t feel like she’s worrying because there’s too much to choose from.’

A girl her age would usually wants something like clothes, candies, or toys…… that should be the case. I used to want the same thing when I was young as well, Marie’s also the same. But Selene doesn’t seems to want something like that. Perhaps the ‘thing’ she wants is something that is intangible.

For a while, the Helifalte’s royal family members watch Selene in silence. But then Selene suddenly gets out of her chair, timidly walks to Ibis, looking up at her before speaking in a quiet voice.

"Hug, please."


Ibis tilts her head at the word. Selene then spreads her arms wide, a motion that looks as if she’s about to hug empty space in front of her.

"Is it that, you want a hug?"


Selene nods, a little embarrassed.

Ibis paused for a while as if thinking about something, but eventually smiles softly and open her arms.

"Very well, come here."


Selene thought that she’d refuse, but after a little pause, she suddenly smiles sweetly at her.

And then, she jumps right into Ibis’s breasts. Ibis hugs Selene’s delicate body back tightly.


Selene’s fully satisfied. Arue’s has this kind of spongy feeling and some bounciness to it, but Ibis’s felt soft and enveloping. It felt like a flavorful aged meat. As a professional breasts sommelier, she rates this ’85 points’ out of hundred.

"Unn, thashtiee~" (tasty)



"Is that so…… good for you."

Selene drowns herself in the pleasure of Ibis’s breasts for a while, but it’ll be bad if she keeps going on like this, so she refrains herself and move away from her by herself. She had learned when she’s an old man that it’s important to know when to back off.

"Queen-sama, thank you."

Selene thanked her with a bashful expression, a slight flush on her cheeks, in which Ibis pats on Selene’s head in return.

Schwan, Milano and Marie, all three of them watch the scene develops with smiles.

"Then, I think it’s about time we call it a night. Marie, can I ask you to guide Selene to her room?"

"Un! I’m the onee-san after all! While Selene’s unable to see her onee-san that is…… unnn, well whatever, I’ll still be Selene’s onee-san even after she sees her onee-san anyway, so you can ask me anything you want and I’ll spoil you right away!"

Marie takes Selene’s hand as she said so. The hand enveloping Selene’s seems to be full of power, the sense of mission is burning passionately in Marie’s heart.

"King-sama, Queen-sama, thank you, and good night." (Selene)

Selene bows her head to them before leaving the room with Marie. She didn’t say good night to the prince, but fortunately it doesn’t seems like Milano noticed that.

As the door closes and Marie and Selene leave the room, Milano turns to Schwan and begins to speak in a tone that’s completely different from earlier.

"It is exactly as you can see, Father."

"I see, now I can understand why you went so far to do such a thing. Her situation is too tragic."

Schwan muttered so with a heavy tone, his face grim. In the same way as him, Ibis’s expression turns sorrow.

"That really surprised me. I thought she was going to say something like a doll or clothes, but to think that she’d asked for a hug like that."

"I think it’s because Selene doesn’t have the same idea of happiness as other people."

"Is that so, that maybe true…… It seems I’m still inexperienced."

Ibis who believed that she, who came from a poor background, could understand the feelings of the oppressed to an extent, muttered so ruefully.

A girl her age would probably enjoys clothes, dolls, or delicious candies. But Selene probably never had the chance to get her hand on such things in the first place, so the concept of ‘things that would make a girl happy’ itself is alien to her. It was a situation beyond Ibis’s imagination.

But in actuality, it’s just that Selene used to be an old man before, so something like clothes or dolls doesn’t interest her. If it’s clothes then she’d want a jersey that’s comfortable to wear, if it’s dolls then she’d want a figure or a plamodel, but unfortunately those things doesn’t exist in this world. If it’s food then she’s fine with anything as long as it fills her stomach. So breasts is the only choice left.

"But still, she probably know the existence something like books or clothes right? Yet the first thing she asks for is the warmth of another person…… what a pitiful child."

Schwan muttered in a grim tone, as if he’s unable to bear this sadness.

It is too sorrowful to think that the first thing the fragile princess would ask for is something that even the poorest of person can obtain, the warmth of their mother. Yet she, the princess is unable to.


"What is it?"

"About our neighbor that you mentioned earlier, I think I’ll visit there once I finished Princess Arue’s paperworks. When that time comes, I’m thinking about having Selene coming with me as well."

"And the reason is?"

"I want to show her as much of the world as possible. Showing her the beautiful wide world, so that it may erases the unhappiness of her past. Travelling to our neighbor should be easy, the road is also regulary maintained so there should not be any dangers."

"That sounds like a study journey for Selene reather than for you isn’t it. Well, that’s fine I suppose. It’s because one has something to protect that one becomes stronger, after all."

Schwan said so with a big smile.

Seeing the young princess with his own eyes, he had no intention of turning down his son’s suggestion.

"But still, will Selene-chan be okay I wonder?"

Ibis said with worries as she puts her hand on her cheek.

"There’s ‘that girl’ in our neighbor isn’t it? She even misunderstood Milano’s journey as bride searching one, and if you bring Selene-chan along with you, I think it’s a bit…… I wonder if it’ll go well."

At Ibis’s words, both Schwan and Milano’s expression turn stiff.

For Milano, ‘that girl’ is, in a sense, even worse than the most vicious of criminals or dragons, an existence with bad temperament.

"That’s true…… But what Milano said is also true, it’ll be an important experience for Princess Selene. The world in Aquila’s prison and Helifalte’s Royal Palace is like heaven and hell after all. Milano, make sure that you protect her well."


Thus, in a strange atmosphere, the humble dinner comes to an end.

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