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Chapter: 1371

She Is Not Well

Chapter 1371 She Is Not Well  Noah entered the office building where at the elevator Lu Lijun was waiting for him. Noah stood silently next to Lu Lijun to wait for the elevator to arrive. 

"Are you okay?" Lu Lijun asked.

Noah was by Lu Lijun’s side in his worst time when he returned home after ten years. He was there with him in the office as well at all other times and took care of him. Now it was his time to be by his friend’s side.

"Don’t worry, I am not that weak now. You know it well," Noah replied. 

"But those bastards were the ones to cause you harm and made you go through the hell of suffering," Lu Lijun asked.

"That’s all in the past. Now that incident doesn’t affect me," Noah looked at Lu Lijun, "Moreover, you saved me at that time," he smiled teasingly, "You are my angel, Lu Lijun."

"Stop faking this smile. You can be real in front of me, you know that," Lu Lijun frowned, "I know what you want to know about what Jake did and what that bastard meant."

"Hmm," Noah agreed, "Do you know what happened?"

Lu Lijun shook his head, "I wish I knew. Seems like it was something big and Jake didn’t tell us."

"That asshole dares hide things from us," Noah frowned. 

"He is not the only one," Lu Lijun commented and Noah glared at him, "You were the one as well."

"I admit but don’t exclude yourself from being an asshole either."

"What did I hide? I am as clear as an open book."

"Ask yourself," Lu Lijun replied and stepped inside the elevator that just arrived.

Not arguing, Noah stepped inside and they reached their floor. 

Lu Lijun entered his office where Jiang Yuyan was working. She looked at the one who just entered the office and seeing her there, he felt like all the stress had disappeared.

"How was the meeting?" she asked. 

"It went fine," he replied and stepped towards her, "Noah will email you the details."

"Hmm," she resumed her work and saw him coming towards the work table, "You must be tired. You can rest," she said before he could reach her. 

Lu Lijun didn’t stop and indeed went to her side of the table and leaned down to look at her screen, "Let me see what my wife….Cough! Cough!…I mean you are working on…Cough!" He picked up the glass of water from the table to resolve what his mouth had just spurted out. 

Jiang Yuyan was shocked at ‘wife’ word, realized he picked the glass she had water from a while ago and wanted to stop him, "That’s mine…"

But he had a sip already and said, "That’s why it tasted sweeter than ever."

He wished to distract her attention from what he had just called her. He had promised her that he would never call her his wife and he almost broke it today. "What were you working on?" he asked immediately. It scared him to think that she might scold him or might feel bad about him calling her wife but she simply looked at the screen in front of her and replied. 

"The same project we discussed today with Ms Jessica Brown," Jiang Yuyan said but her tone didn’t feel so pleased. 

Lu Lijun put the glass aside on the table and asked, "Is there something in this project that you are not happy about? You can tell me and we will try to fix it with your opinion," he said as he leaned down to check what was on her screen. 

Jiang Yuyan who was unknowingly unhappy about his and Jessica’s close interaction, forgot it the moment he leaned down at her table while standing closer to her and his scent filled her senses to disturb her calm thoughts and her working mind. 

With her sight fixed on screen and her mind working somewhere else, she sighed helplessly, ‘What’s wrong with my senses? My hormones are going crazy or what?’ she thought and felt her heart picking up the pace. 

"I don’t see any issue here. Which one are you not happy with?" he asked, looking at the screen and scrolling it down using the mouse. He was totally focussed at the screen and didn’t know what he was causing to this sensitive woman. 

Jiang Yuyan didn’t reply as she didn’t know what he had even asked and tried to calm herself. 

He looked down at her, whose face looked a little red, "Are you alright?"

"Ah..I…" she grabbed the glass of water that Lu Lijun had put on the table and emptied leftover water in it down her throat, " fine," she replied and put the glass back.

"You don’t seem good," and moved his hand to touch her forehead to check if she had a temperature but before his hand could reach, she moved back, "I…am fine."

She didn’t wish him to touch her. She was being strange and she herself didn’t know why. 

Lu Lijun retracted his hand as she didn’t wish him to check it and said, "I’ll get you more water." 

When he went to get the water for her from the water jug kept on the coffee table in the office, she gulped and looked at him, ‘What’s happening to me. His presence and being so close to me is just not good for me. Being celibate for so long seems like is getting back at me like this.’ She observed him from behind who was filling the glass with water. ‘Why does he look so good to my eyes. I never saw him like this? Was he always like this or has he changed now? Or am I the one who has changed?’

Just then Lu Lijun turned and came to her, "Have it."

She accepted it quietly and had a few more sips. 

"Are you sure you are fine?" he asked worriedly, looking at her flushed face. 

"Hmm," she nodded. 

"I’ll be back in a while. Call me if there is anything," he said and left the office.

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