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Chapter: 1372

Not Feeling Good

Chapter 1372 Not Feeling Good  3rd chapter or the day


Lu Lijun was sure she was not fine and she was not telling him. It was her habit of hiding things for the past ten years that no one knew what she was going through. 

Lu Lijun pulled out his cellphone and dialled An Tian’s contact number. 

"What happened, young man? Is your woman troubling you again?" An Tian asked from the other side of the line.

"Not like that. I feel like she is not fine and she doesn’t want to tell me," Lu Lijun replied, not putting his mind too much onto it as worry for her covered anything else he could think about. 

"What happened?" An Tian asked. 

"We were working and suddenly she looked uncomfortable and her face looked pale," he replied. 

"Are you sure it was pale," An Tian asked in a playful tone. 

"I am serious, Brother Tian," Lu Lijun looked annoyed.

"I am sure it’s nothing. Let her be alone for some time and she will be fine," An Tian replied, not bothering to say anything more. 

"Alone? What if she doesn’t feel good and needs me?"

"You are the reason she is like this so you better stay away for a while or be a medicine to what she is feeling," An Tian said in hurry. 

"What do you mean?"

"Find it out yourself. Don’t act like a kid when you are a grown-up man," An Tian said and hung up the call.

"Brother…what the hell. Can’t this man say anything directly?" Lu Lijun frowned looking at his phone.

"What should I do?" he said and returned to his office. He saw she looked fine now and felt relieved. ‘He told me to stay away from her,’ Lu Lijun remembered and left the office. 

Jiang Yuyan felt puzzled that he just entered the office and left just like that. She didn’t mind, ‘It’s good. I just managed to calm myself down.’

Lu Lijun went to Noah’s office where Xiao Min, being Noah’s senior, was sitting in Noah’s chair while Noah was sitting on the couch with his laptop on the centre table. Lu Lijun sat next to him and realized he was going through some social networking site. 

"Since when are you interested in these annoying social networking sites?" Lu Lijun asked. 

"From today," Noah replied and continued to skim through some random profiles. 

"What is it?" Lu Lijun asked, seeing his seriousness. If he was going through this annoying site then there must be something he was trying to find out. These three friends never spent time on social networking sites as they thought it was a waste of time. 

"You too remember that guy who arrived today and stopped that Mark," Noah asked. 

"Hmm! I often saw him with those four during our school time. But that day he was not with them if I remember it right," Lu Lijun said. 

"Hmm, but I think he knows what Mark and Jake were talking about. I need to find him and contact him. His name was Harry Ward. But there are so many with this name and I can’t seem to find him. He is from an ordinary family and neither do I know where he works. 

"Search for Wark Scott," Lu Lijun suggested, "You might find his friends."

"I searched for him and the other three but didn’t find him among their friends," Noah replied.

"Then, there is only one reason that just like us he is not active either," Lu Lijun said. 

"Seems like to find him, I have to contact our school friends," Noah said. 

"No need," Lu Lijun said and looked at Xiao Min who was busy working, "Xiao Min, we need to find someone."

Xiao Min looked at him, "Yes, fourth Young Master. Just tell me the details."

"Someone named Harry Ward from our school. He was our batchmate till senior high school," Lu Lijun replied.

"I will get the information as soon as possible," Xiao Min said. 

Lu Lijun hummed and said, "Xiao Min, I think you need to check on your boss."

Xaio Min looked at him feeling startled and heard Lu Lijun again, "She might need help as she is alone."

Xiao Min nodded and left. 

"Why did you send Mr Xiao Min to her?" Noah asked. 

"She didn’t look good and I feel like she won’t tell me so it’s better to have Xiao Min around her who she won’t hide anything," Lu Lijun replied. 

"Why? What happened?"

"We were working and she didn’t look good. She didn’t want to tell me so I asked brother An Tian and he said it was because of me. So I don’t want to stress her by being around her. It’s already good enough how we are together."

"Because of you? What did you do?" Noah asked. 

Lu Lijun shook his head as if he was getting accused without doing anything and said, "Even I don’t know."

Noah chuckled, "Don’t worry. My boss will take care of your boss."

"I hope so."


Xiao Min went to Jiang Yuyan’s office. 

Seeing him, she asked, "Yes Xiao Min?"

"Are you okay, boss?" he asked. 

"Do I look sick to you," she countered coldly.

"Fourth Young Master sent me here so I thought you were not well," he said. 

Jiang Yuyan sighed, ‘Your fourth young master is the reason for my sickness.’

"Did you say something, boss?" Xiao Min asked.

She shook her head. "I am fine. You can leave."

Xiao Min left and Jiang Yuyan leaned back in his chair, ‘It’s good that he is not here. But if he thinks I am not well then why did he send Xiao Min here instead of staying with me? Isn’t the way he always acted and stayed by my side even when I asked him to leave. Where has his stubbornness gone now?’

She picked up the glass from the table as she felt thirsty again, ‘Why am I feeling strange? He is gone now but I don’t feel so good. Did I eat something wrong?’

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