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Chapter: 1373

Her Personal Information

Chapter 1373 Her Personal Information  Jiang Yuyan realized something and then dialed Xiao Min’s number. 

"When is my period’s due date?" she asked. 

"Boss, give a minute," he said and went through his tablet where he always saved Jiang Yuyan’s health record as instructed by the doctor. Once he found out, he said, "It should be one month later from now according to how it has always been. Why? Is there anything?…. Do we need to…."

"Nothing. I think I am just tired."

"I’ll be there," Xiao Min said.

"No need. Office hours will be over now. We have to go home anyway."

"Fine. But let me know if I have to be there."

"Hmm," she said and hung up the call.

Lu Lijun heard Xiao Min and realized it was Jiang Yuyan’s calls and paid attention to what they were talking about but could not understand what it was about. 

"What happened, Xiao Min?" Lu Lijun asked.

"It’s nothing," Xiao Min replied. 

"Do you want me to request you to tell me?" Lu Lijun said coldly. 

Xiao Min, who didn’t wish to bring it up, sighed and said, "President Lu was asking when her period’s date is due."

Lu Lijun turned silent while Noah smiled lightly at his awkwardness and Xiao Min’s annoyed boldness. 

Lu Lijun cleared his throat, "So? Is she…fine…or…."

"No. It has time according to her regular cycle. It happens mostly every three months and only two months have passed by," he looked into his tablet, "From the date last recorded by me, it was….."

"Understood," Lu Lijun interrupted him as didn’t feel like getting her monthly cycle report from him. He just asked if she was fine but this man started like a non-stop machine.

Xiao Min stopped with an evil smirk, while Noah felt like laughing his heart out but suppressed it. 

Lu Lijun stood up and looked at Xiao Min and said calmly, "Email me those details in your tablet," and left.

Just as Lu Lijun stepped out of the office and the door was closed, Noah could no longer hold his laughter back and finally left out a loud laugh and looked at Xiao Min who himself was smiling. 

"You are great, Mr. Xiao Min," Noah commented. 

Xiao Min didn’t comment back and continued smiling as he looked at Noah laughing.


Lu Lijun didn’t go to his office and instead went out towards the corridor and stayed on the balcony while looking outside. Just then he received an email of what he had asked Xiao Min for. 

Before opening the file he contemplated over whether he should, ‘Will she think I am invading her privacy. Not like I was not with her during her those days but going through her information…." he sighed and opened the file, ‘Xiao Min who is just her assistant who can know it then I am her….’ he stopped and didn’t say that word, ‘Then I am her family.’ 

It hurt to call him simply her family instead of specifying their relationship in his heart but he still did it. He went through her details and chart of her health routine as he consoled himself that he was not a stranger but her family.

’One month? Will she be in pain like last time? Is she the same every time? I didn’t get to see her again in that condition," he looked for the dates and realized he and she didn’t come across each other during those days and she preferred to take a leave from work. How did I forget? I didn’t know she was….Not like she would have allowed me to take care of her…It’s fine. Now she is here, I will look after her.  Not gonna let her return so soon. I will handle her work from here.’

It was time to leave work. Lu Lijun being workaholic always stayed in the office even after working hours but now he could not do that because he had to be with her and take care of her. Lu Lijun went to his office and saw Jiang Yuyan was sitting in the chair with her eyes closed. Sensing someone’s presence, she opened her eyes and saw Lu Lijun. 

"Are you still not feeling well?" he asked. 

"I felt a little sleepy," she replied as her voice sounded tired. 

"Let’s go home and you can sleep then," he said. 

She nodded and stood up but felt her head spinning and held her chair. Lu Lijun hurried towards her and held her. She held back on to him and said, "I am fine. I am going to rest once we are home." 

He only nodded and held her so she could walk with him. "I can walk. Don’t worry." She didn’t wish the entire office to see them like this so close and caring. 

"Are you sure?" he asked, still not letting go of her. Though he was worried, he had learnt his lesson to listen to what she wanted. 

"Hmm," she nodded and walked towards the door while Lu Lijun followed her and opened the door for her. 

Xiao Min and Noah were already out and waiting for the elevator. Together they entered the elevator as Lu Lijun stood next to Jiang Yuyan and surrounded his one hand around her shoulder to hold her if she needed the support. She didn’t reject him and instead stood closer to him for support.

Noah and Xiao Min looked ahead as if they didn’t see it so Jiang Yuyan would not feel awkward. They stepped out of the elevator and went to the cars that were already present at the entrance for them. Noah and Xiao Min went together while Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun went together unlike how Xiao Min accompanied her all the time. 

On the way back home, Jiang Yuyan sat while leaning back and closed her eyes to rest. Lu Lijun shifted close to her and made her put her head on his shoulder. She looked unusually tired as if had no energy left. Jaing Yuyan didn’t resist and put her head comfortably on his shoulder and even hummed in satisfaction and held Lu Lijun’s arm as she felt comfortable while Lu Lijun only smiled lightly.

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