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Chapter: 1374

Tired And Sleepy

Chapter 1374 Tired And Sleepy  By the time they reached home, Jiang Yuyan was in a deep sleep as if she had not for so many days. 

’She seems too tired and those medicines must have caused it.’

Lu Lijun thought and was about to move so he could carry her but just then she woke up. Unable to open her both eyes, she only opened one eye and looked around, "Have we reached."

"Hmm," he replied.

She moved away as her head was still resting on his shoulder and she was still holding his hand. "I don’t know how I slept this much."

"It’s fine. Let’s go home so you can rest more," he suggested. 

She nodded and Lu Lijun stepped out of the car as he said, "Wait."

He went to the other side of the car and opened the door and offered her his hand. To him, she still looked sleepy and might need help. She accepted his hand and stepped out of the car.

As she took a few steps ahead while holding Lu Lijun’s hand, she mumbled, "Feels like all the energy has been drained out."

Lu Lijun heard it, "I will carry you."

"N-No need. It’s because I just woke up from a deep sleep," and continued to walk. 

When they reached inside the home, Xiao Min and Noah had already arrived. Martha welcomed them.

Jiang Yuyan looked at the stairs that she had to walk to go to the room upstairs as she was staying there and was used to it but seeing those stairs she gave up and said, "I will go to my room."

Lu Lijun didn’t fail to notice her reaction and without saying a word he lifted her in his arms and in front of everyone. 

Embarrassed and startled, she asked, "W-What are you doing? Put me down."

Lu Lijun didn’t stop walking and replied, "Taking you to your room."

To her surprise, he walked towards the staircase instead of taking her to her room downstairs. 

"My room is downstairs," she said, seeing this guy was not stopping. 

"To think about it, someone is happily spending her nights in my room and even has her stuffed moved there," he said and looked at her, who was in his arms, "Seems more it’s your room now."

Jiang Yuyan stayed quite like the way he looked at her and how determined he was to keep carrying her, she didn’t dare say a word or she was sure he would say something to embarrass her. 

Seeing her quiet, he said nothing and carried her into the room and put her on the bed. "Do you want to freshen up?" he asked. 

She shook her head and lay in the bed comfortably. "I just want to sleep."

"Fine," he covered her in a quilt and went to freshen up after he got his clothes from the wardrobe. 

When he returned from the bathroom, he noticed she was in a deep sleep. He went to the bed and sat at the edge as he looked at her calm face. After so long he got the chance to look at her peacefully. He smiled and caressed her hair, ‘How can she sleep so much? Seems like she is still weak and today’s work has tired her. I won’t allow her from tomorrow until she recovers entirely.’ 

He observed her pretty face. To his eyes, she was the prettiest woman ever. Even after 10 years, nothing changed in her appearance other than the maturity in behaviour that comes with age. He observed that small face, soft milky skin, long eyelashes, tiny pointed nose, pink rose petal like lips…lips! He remembered the last night they kissed. His sight stuck at them he thoughtlessly leaned town to peck on them. It lasted for several seconds and he moved a little back. 

’I hope you won’t feel like I am taking advantage of you when you are asleep. I just can’t stop myself. I can’t stop loving you even if I had promised I won’t think about you that way. I wish both of us to be like this together even if it means having a nameless relationship with you. We can keep living together like this if you want to. Just tell me if you feel the same as I do. I will do everything for us to never be apart and I don’t care what others will say. I will take you away from everyone where no one but only two of us will be there. Will you agree to it? Will you ever feel for me? At least a little?’

Jiang Yuyan was in deep sleep to be able to see what was going on in his mind. 


Jiang Yuyan woke up after two hours. She felt her body was aching and especially her feet and didn’t have the energy to move. ‘Why do I feel my entire body paralysed? Is sleeping too much causing my body to be like this? And why do I feel like how much I sleep, it’s not enough. All I want to do is sleep only.’

Lu Lijun, who was sitting on the couch, noticed the movement in bed. "Are you awake?"

She looked at him, "Hmm."

He went to her, "Are you feeling better now?"

"Not really. I don’t know why but my body feels paralysed and I don’t want to get up. I just want to sleep," she replied. He sat next to her in the bed and checked if she had a temperature and was sick. 

"Temperature is normal," he said and she nodded. 

Just then there was a knock on the door. Martha was there and she informed, "Doctor An Tian is here." For Martha, he was a doctor who was treating Jiang Yuyan. 

"Send him in?" Lu Lijun instructed. 

"W-Why is he here?" she asked anxiously. 

"Must be to check on you," he replied. 

Whenever An Tian was there, she felt worried as that man held the power to expose her mind and thoughts and she could never hide in front of him.

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