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Chapter: 1375

Lying Is Bad Little Girl

Chapter 1375 Lying Is Bad, Little Girl  Jiang Yuyan looked deep in thought after mentioning of An Tian’s arrival. 

Seeing her silent for long, he asked, "What happened?

She felt anxious at An Tian’s arrival and Lu Lijun was there too. "I-I don’t need him now. It’s a physical issue and not psychological."

"Still, I can treat you really well, President Lu," that was An Tian who had heard what she said. 

Lu Lijun who was sitting in bed next to resting Yuyan, looked at him, "There is a process of mannerism which includes knocking on the door before entering the room."

An Tian simply smiled, "When I heard my patients anxious tone, I couldn’t help but hurry inside. I am such a responsible doctor, am I not?"

"Then you better treat her well," Lu Lijun said. 

"What happened?" An Tian asked. 

Lu Lijun explained her situation and Tian said, "It’s nothing to worry about. She has exhausted her body so much that it is now demanding rest. Even if she doesn’t want to, let her rest as much as she can," An Tian then looked at Jiang Yuyan, "You should listen to your body. When it asks you to rest, you should rest."

Jiang Yuyan just nodded and kept quiet.

"You called me in the noon that she doesn’t look good," An Tian looked at Lu Lijun. 

"Hmm, you should check her and if it’s needed, we can run any test that you will suggest," Lu Lijun said. 

"What happened?" An Tian asked. 

Before Lu Lijun could say, Jiang Yuyan spoke awkwardly, "It was nothing. He just worries too much."

An Tian smiled, "I see," and checked her temperature that was fine and asked a few questions, "I see," and then looked at Lu Lijun, "Get her health routine chart file from Xiao Min," An Tian instructed. 

"I have it," Lu Lijun said and opened his tablet to show it to An Tian. 

"Hmm, it has time," he said and looked at Jiang Yuyan, "According to your routine, though it shows time, you might get your periods soon. I might be wrong too."

Cough! She stayed quiet and looked at Lu Lijun who didn’t look at her but she thought, ‘Why is Lu Lijun having that file? That lazy Xiao Min, is he trying to get rid of his responsibilities? I need to give him an earful.’

An Tian then looked at Lu Lijun, "You can leave doctor and patient alone for a while."

Lu Lijun nodded and left while Jiang Yuyan felt anxious as well as relieved that Lu Lijun left. Now whatever An Tian said, she can just brush it off.

Once Lu Lijun left, An Tian said, "I expect my patient to answer honestly."

Jiang Yuyan stayed quiet and heard him, "What happened in the noon. He was worried."

"It’s nothing. I…I just felt different," she replied. 

"As in?"

She sighed and gave him an annoyed glare. 

"That is not the answer I expect," he said. 

"Fine," she said in a tired tone, "When he was close, I..just felt different. I think it’s just my hormones acting up. As you said I might get my periods."

"Okay, let’s blame it on your hormones," he said calmly as if he was agreeing but Jiang Yuyan knew the sarcasm in his tone and looked away. 

"Don’t you want to have someone with whom you can share everything instead of dealing with it alone?" he asked. 

"There is nothing to share," she replied. 

"Lying is bad, little girl," An Tian commented. 

She glared at him as if wanting to kill him, "Who dare you call a little girl?"

He continued sitting calmly in his chair as her anger didn’t affect him. When it came to her own people she cared about, she was nothing more than a paper tigress and An Tian knew he was one of those she would never hurt.

"I see no one around here other than you," he replied calmly. 

"You dare call me that again and you won’t see another day," she warned. 

"Then you should better not lie. I believe only kids lie," he countered. 

"What do you want to know?" she asked annoyingly. 

"I want to know why you are still not admitting your feelings for him? What is there that stops you? If we talk, there might be some useful outcome."

"I don’t think doctors have the right to discuss private matters of the patient."

"They have it when it comes to the treatment of their patient. Honest replies from patients always help," He commented only to hear her. 

"What a nosey doctor."

"I wish to be a nosey friend as well if you allow me to."

She looked at him with a mocking gaze, "Are you not?"

"I was just making sure," he chuckled, "Now as a friend, tell me what is in your mind. You know you can trust me."

Jiang Yuyan stayed quiet for a while and left out a helpless sigh before answering. 

"You have seen me for the past ten years and you are even aware of my childhood past. I am not the same person now. I am weak and not strong enough to reciprocate his love. He doesn’t deserve a weak woman like me who is not stable mentally as well as physically. He will spend his life only taking care of me most of the time. There is no happiness in it and he will miss out on important things between couples that he can get with some young healthy girl of his age. Here I am always surrounded with my past and my issues that never let me come out of it even if I want to. Every night he has to handle me when I get nightmares. When will he get his happy moments with me? I can be nothing but an endless pit of issues for him that he would handle sincerely but I don’t want to be selfish to get his happiness away while dealing with my issues…And…You know I can’t be a mother…."

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