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Chapter: 1376

You Look Best When You Are Angry

Chapter 1376 You Look Best When You Are Angry  An Tian heard her quietly and let her finish. 

"I am not saying you are thinking wrong. When you love and care for someone, it is obvious to keep them first. But what you think about yourself is wrong. You are not an endless pit of issues. Your health issues are not bad to not allow you to have a happy life together. Trust me there are people dealing with worse than this and are still happy. To tell you the truth, you are the strongest woman I have ever seen. What you have, it’s rare to find. If I was Lu Lijun, I would have never let you go away from me."

Jiang Yuyan looked at him in surprise at what he said at the end. 

He chuckled, "Will you be surprised to know that you are totally my style. The woman I would like to date and spend life with."

"You sure have lost your mind to say it," she frowned. 

"I understand you are overwhelmed with happiness after this handsome man admitted for the first time you are my style," he laughed a little. 

"Overwhelmed? My Ass," she looked like she would throw something at him at this instant. 

"Okay, on a serious note I am saying that you are perfectly fine and the most desirable woman for any man. Do you think that Alex agreed to act fake engagement with you just like that?"

She looked at him surprisingly, "H-How do you know?"

"Even Lu Lijun knows," he added. 

"What the…How? Who told him?"

"Calm down you little girl. Alex is a smart man to reveal such a thing to Lu Lijun. Do you think no one can notice things between you two?"

She picked up the pillow and threw it at him, "Call me little girl and I will get San Zemin to cut your tongue."

"When you are angry, you look so adorable that I can’t stop," he replied holding the pillow that he just stopped from hitting his face. 

"Have you planned to die in my hands today?" she asked. 

Seeing her angry, though she looked cute, An Tian didn’t wish to tease her more. "Fine, I’ll stop. But did you get what I mean?"

She just sat in bed like an angry child and didn’t answer. 

He continued, "If you don’t want to tell him your feelings yet, then don’t. But without saying he will understand. Just don’t stop yourself from saying or doing what you feel. You can let him know your feelings without saying a word. I am sure he is smart enough to understand. Got it?"

"You can leave if you are done," she said. 

"It’s your chance to experience the same with what you experience with Lu Qiang. The first love kind of things. You know what I mean. You are a fortunate one so don’t let it go."

"And what about him? I don’t want him to be unfortunate," she countered. 

"That means you are already considering him," he said.

"I-It’s not. I am just showing my worry for him and I can’t be selfish," she said with a lowered tone. 

"You can’t imagine how happy he will be. You can take some time and then decide. I am sure your confession would be the best thing ever to happen to him. I can see him growing wings on his back and flying everywhere," An Tian laughed.

"Shut up and leave," she said annoyingly but there was a smile hidden under her annoying face after what An Tian said about Lu Lijun growing wings.

"I have exhausted all my energy for you so I better leave," he said and walked toward her.

"What?" she asked, looking at him. 

He smiled and stood close to the bed, "Do you know you look like Yuyan from ten years back?"

"Whatever?" she frowned and looked away. 

"You look best when you are angry," He patted her head and she shrugged his hand to which he smiled, "The tiredness you are feeling now, is because you have someone to leave everything to take care of and you are finally ready to rest. Your mind is at ease and your body wishes to rest."

"Is it?" She looked at him.

He nodded, "Hmm. Take care and stop being stubborn. You and he will be fine together."

Jiang Yuyan stayed quiet and he turned to leave, "See you soon."

Once he left, Jiang Yuyan looked at the closed door and thought about what he had said to her today. Though she was angry at him, it was not real. She was just annoyed at how he always caught her thoughts that she tried her best to hide. Even though she denied his suggestion and advice to his face, his words always managed to affect her and that is what she didn’t like. His words forced her to think about the things that she didn’t wish for. She didn’t wish to keep admitting that she had feelings for Lu Lijun.


When An Tian reached downstairs, Lu Lijun was waiting for him in the drawing room. 

"Do we need to do any tests? How about a complete body check up once again?" Lu Lijun asked worriedly. 

"It’s nothing. She had been overworking for the past ten years, but now you are here to take care of everything, she can finally rest," An Tian said. 

"Huh? Can it be the reason for her tiredness?" It confused him. 

"I mean you are someone she can lean on. It is like she is finally free from all the burdens she was carrying alone. She trusts you now. Do you understand what I mean?" An Tian asked. 

Lu Lijun nodded. It was good that she thought of him in this way now and he felt relieved that there was nothing to worry about.

Lu Lijun came out to see off An Tian. As they reached the car, An Tian asked, "What do you think is her approach towards you now?"

Lu Lijun paused for a moment before answering as he gave a thought about it. "Her approach seems to be changed now. She is not cold like before but softer and listens to everything I say."

"And when you two are close? I believe I don’t need to explain what I mean," An Tian commented. 

"She doesn’t reject me," Lu Lijun answered, "But I don’t wish to think about it and don’t wish to hurry until I see she is ready to accept me in her life. I don’t want to rush things."

"Hmm, that is good. Keep doing what you are doing. I am sure one day I will see a huge frame hung in your drawing room with you and her in wedding dresses," An Tian offered him a wide pleasant smile. 

"Do you believe so?" Lu Lijun asked. 

"Didn’t you feel the same in the past few days?" An Tian asked. 

"I felt but I don’t want to overthink. It might be the change because of that accident a few days back," Lu Lijun said. 

"Might be," An Tian said and sat in his car, "See you," and left.

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