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Chapter: 1378

His Sincere words

Chapter 1378 His Sincere words  After the doctor left, there was complete silence in the room. Lu Lijun looked at Jiang Yuyan who looked at him but both didn’t know what to say. She simply closed her eyes as she was in pain while Lu Lijun said, "I will be back in a while."

He left the room as both felt relieved after the awkwardness of what the doctor said. She thought of them as husband and wife and even told them to have a baby. 

’Baby? I can never have one,’ Jiang Yuyan thought as her eyes turned teary with those memories of when she lost her baby. 

Lu Lijun, who was unusually quiet, walked downstairs as his mind was chaotic, ‘She must have felt bad when the doctor said to have a baby. She can’t…’ he sighed. ‘I hope she won’t think about it much and feel bad about it. I am with her so she doesn’t need anyone else.’

Just then Noah, who returned inside the home after seeing the doctor off, looked at his silent friend who came downstairs instead of being with Jiang Yuyan.

"Are you thinking about what the doctor said?" Noah asked as he reached Lu Lijun. 

"Did you hear it?" Lu Lijun asked. 

"Hmm, I was outside the door, waiting for the doctor," he replied and asked, "Why do you look so quiet. Why are you here instead of being there with her? Did she say something after hearing the doctor?"

Lu Lijun shook his head, "I just wanted her to be alone for a while."

"Is there something that I don’t know?" Noah asked, as he could see something was troubling Lu Lijun. 

Lu Lijun sighed and sat on the sofa while Noah sat next to him, "You know you can share anything with me. All of your worries."

"I am wondering if the doctor’s words might make her overthink and she would try to distance herself from me," Lu Lijun answered. 

"Why would she do that? Not like you will ask her to…"

"It’s not that," Lu Lijun interrupted him, "She can’t be a mother."

It shocked Noah and left him speechless.

"Back then in that accident when we lost my brother, she was expecting a baby and lost it too. It caused some complications for her," Lu Lijun explained.

"That’s sad to know," Noah commented and thought about something, "That can be also the reason she keeps rejecting you."

Lu Lijun nodded, "One of the reasons."


"Doesn’t matter to me," Lu Lijun replied. 

"Agree, it should not matter."

Lu Lijun passed him a doctor’s prescription. "Make sure to get it."

"I’ll order them right away. You should go to her," Noah suggested. 

Lu Lijun stood up and left to go upstairs, feeling worried about how she must be. He entered the room and saw she was sleeping on one side, curled in a ball and facing her back at him.

He turned off the lights as it was still dark and the sun was yet to be out completely. He got on the bed, inside the same quilt and moved closer to her. He slept behind her and got her in his embrace to make her feel better. He remembered the last time when she was in such pain, he had slept with her like this. 

She seemed to have fallen asleep as she didn’t react when Lu Lijun hugged her and slept with her. He moved his hand to her lower stomach and caressed it like before to which she responded with a small satisfied groan.

Thinking she was in a deep sleep, Lu Lijun mumbled, "I don’t care if you can not have a baby. I am fine with both of us together like this. Just don’t think about leaving me."

He closed his eyes and inhaled her scent deeply and fell asleep soon. It felt so comfortable to hold her like this that assured him that she was with him and put his mind at ease.


Martha returned home before breakfast time while carrying bags full of vegetables and fruits and groceries as Jerome accompanied her to carry them. Noah was in the drawing room. 

"Morning, Noah," Martha said. 

"Morning, Martha," Noah greeted back and heard her, "Jerome told me, Young Mistress is not well and the doctor was here to see her."

"Hmm, she is fine now," Noah replied. 

"I will go visit her," Just as Martha said, Noah stopped her, "Martha, you can later once breakfast is ready. I am starving," he made a sad face. "Anyways, she must be sleeping and your fourth young master is already there to take care of her."

"Ah, right. I will go prepare breakfast.

Just then Xiao Min arrived, "I heard something. What happened to the boss?"

"It’s nothing, Mr Xiao Min. It’s…."

"I will check," Xiao Min turned to go upstairs even before Noah could say everything. 

"Mr Xiao Min, I will suggest that you do not go there. She is in safe hands," Noah said.

Xiao Min turned to look at him, and Noah said, "I think they are sleeping."

Xiao Min stopped and didn’t go upstairs as he thought to not disturb the sleep of his boss. 

Once the breakfast was ready, Martha went to inform Jiang Yuyan and Lu Lijun and thought they must be awake. When she knocked on the door twice and opened it, she saw Lu Lijun and Jiang Yuyan sleeping peacefully together. 

Noah, who was ready in his office clothes and was about to go downstairs for breakfast, saw Martha who was closing the door after seeing the view inside. There was a pleasant smile on her lips. 

"May I know what made you so happy?" Noah asked. 

"Shh," Martha asked him to lower his voice, worrying that the two inside might hear him. 

The two walked downstairs and Martha said, "It’s rare to see him sleeping so soundly."

Noah agreed, "That’s why we should not disturb them."

"Hmm, now I know why you stopped me before," Martha said and commented, "Those two look so good together. I will pray for everything to be fine for them."

"Soon, Martha."


In a while, Jiang Yuyan woke up and felt the warmth on her entire back. Lu Lijun was still sleeping the same, holding her in his embrace. His warm, even breath brushed the back of her neck. Though she was sleepy at that time, she heard his words clearly and could remember them. 

’I don’t care if you can not have a baby. I am fine with both of us together like this. Just don’t think about leaving me.’

His words were sincere and she could feel how much he loved her. Despite the pain she was feeling, a pleasant smile painted on her lips. ‘Can I really accept his love after hurting him so much every time he expresses his feelings to me?’

Lu Lijun woke up as he felt a little movement of Jiang Yuyan and asked in his sleepy voice, "Are you awake?" he didn’t bother to move away from her or free her from his hold as if it was just natural for them to be closer like this. 

Jiang Yuyan nodded, "Hmm."

"Are you feeling fine now?" he asked, his lips almost touching the skin of her neck. 

She gulped and simply nodded. 

"Pain?" he asked. 

"It’s there," she replied. "It will be gone by tomorrow."

His hand that was still surrounding her stomach, moved down lower and he caressed her abdomen, "Does it feel better?" His voice sounded raspy and not just the one with care. 

She nodded as her body was covered with goosebumps. He tightened his grip around her as he buried his face at the back of her neck and said, "Then sleep for a while more." He didn’t look like he would let her go. 

Jiang Yuyan didn’t dare move even a bit and stayed frozen. Lu Lijun sensed how stiff she had turned as he loosened his grip around her. "Are you not comfortable?"

She didn’t know how to answer him. Even in such a condition of her when she was in pain, this guy could manage to seduce her. 

Seeing her silent, he said, "I will move back."

He was about to pull his hand that was circling around her stomach, Jiang Yuyan held it. Lu Lijun stopped and Jiang Yuyan turned to face him, who looked at her with his intense eyes.

She could not handle the way he looked at her and buried herself in his embrace with her face at his chest and said, "It’s comfortable now."

’What was it? Was she just blushing?’ The realization hit him. She didn’t want him to move away from her and instead hugged him back. This change?

’Does she have feelings for me now?’

Lu Lijun hugged her back as he was shocked as well as happy to think this. ‘I will do my best to not let her regret having feelings for me. I will give her everything she deserves.’

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