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Chapter: 1380

Bonus chapter Brother Sister and Husband

Chapter 1380 [Bonus chapter]Brother, Sister and Husband  These two bonus chapters are dedicated to the reader "snickers0788" for gifting the Dragon to the novel. Thank you so much. XOXO


Lu Lijun and Noah went downstairs to greet Lu Feng and Jiang Yang. 

Lu Lijun was of course happy seeing his brother and asked, "You didn’t inform me that you are coming here?"

Lu Feng smiled, "When I got to know my brother was missing me, I could not stop myself. I just wanted to surprise you"

"And I could not stop when I heard my sister was missing me," Jiang Yang added. 

It puzzled Lu Lijun and heard Lu Feng who talked to Noah, "Thank you for informing me."

Lu Lijun offered him a narrowed eyes look as to ask when did he say he missed his brother and Jiang Yuyan missed her brother. 

Noah gave him a sly smile, "I know you are thankful to me. But you can thank me later. I need to leave for the office. As you are busy taking care of your wi….I mean president Lu, I need to go to the office at least to handle everything in absence of my boss."

Xiao Min came out of his room to go to the office and saw the guest, "Mr Feng! Mr Yang!" 

Both accepted his greetings. 

"Mr Xiao Min, we should leave. We are getting late," Noah said. 

"See you in the evening," Xiao Min said and left with Noah. 

Lu Feng looked at his brother, "How is Yuyan?"

"She is fine. Just needs to rest," he replied. 

"What happened now?" Jiang Yang asked, "Last time I got to know from An Tian about that accident incident but is she not fine yet?"

"It’s nothing serious?"

"Then why does she need to rest and not be allowed to even come to her brother? Are you trying to come between us siblings? Let me tell you, if you are…"

"She is having her periods," Lu Lijun replied coldly before Jiang Yang could say any more nonsense. 

"Oh, then let her rest," Jiang Yang looked at Lu Feng, "let’s freshen up. I need to go see my sister first. Don’t know how she was doing when she was not well and I was not with her."

His words were directed as if Lu Lijun was not able to take care of her. Lu Lijun clenched his fists in annoyance but Lu Feng signalled him to calm down. 

Lu Lijun turned and left upstairs without saying a word. 

Just then Martha came, "Mr Lu Feng, your room is ready. You can use it. I will need some time to prepare the room for Mr Yang."

"Take your time, Ms Martha. Till then I can manage in my darling’s room," Jiang Yang said only to get an annoyed sigh from Lu Feng.

On the way to Lu Feng’s room, Lu Feng asked, "Why are you trying to mess up with Lu Lijun. He is already not happy with your arrival and at that, you are showing that he is not able to take care of your sister."

Jiang Yang laughed a little, "Let me mess up with him a little. I miss those days when I used to mess up with Lu Qiang. Lu Lijun also needs to pay the price of courting my sister."

"You will end up angering him," Lu Feng warned as they entered the room. 

"Then let me see what he can do," Jiang Yang said and followed Lu Feng into his room. 

As he pulled out the clothes from the bag, Jiang Yang teased, "Darling, want to have a bath  together."

Lu Feng, who was busy unpacking his bag, replied, "Not sure about my brother but I will surely kick you out of this home."

"Hehe, I know you must be used to having a bath with someone else. Why would you like me now?"

"Then, do you want me to kick you straight to the USA so you can resume your old days of bathing with someone?" Lu Feng countered. 

"Hmm, doesn’t seem possible for me but you enjoy your days," Jiang Yang said. 

Lu Feng signed and mumbled, "As if I can."

Jiang Yang, who was entering the bathroom, heard it. "What do you mean? You haven’t yet…."

"Shut up and go have a bath," Lu Feng interrupted him. 

Jiang Yang didn’t listen, "But you live in the same home. Don’t tell me…"

Lu Feng glared at him, "Do you want me to kick you out right now?"

Jiang Yang shut his mouth and went inside the bathroom. 


When Lu Lijun returned to the room, Jiang Yuyan was sitting quietly in bed but she looked a little anxious. Just four months back when her brother was trying to convince her about accepting Lu Lijun, she was being stubborn and didn’t listen to him and now she was here with Lu Lijun and his room while spending every night with him. The way Lu Lijun held her closer when her brother was seeing, she didn’t know what her brother will ask her now.

"What happened?" Lu Lijun asked. 

She looked at him, "What did brother Yang say?"

"Nothing," Lu Lijun replied, "Were you expecting him to say anything?"

She shook her head awkwardly. 

"Instead of overthinking, you should rest. Once he is here, you can talk to him," Lu Lijun assured. 

Jiang Yuyan could only listen to him and be ready to face her brother later. 

Jiang Yang and Lu Feng went to see Jiang Yuyan once both of them had breakfast. Lu Lijun, who was working while sitting at his work table, opened the door of the room when he heard the knocking and allowed the other two to enter the room. 

Jiang Yuyan was resting in bed but could not sleep at all as she was restless to think about her brother’s visit. 

Lu Lijun went to her and helped her sit in the bed. Jiang Yang observed the two and smiled lightly as those two looked in perfect harmony like husband and wife. He and Lu Feng shared a meaningful look and hid their smiles. 

Lu Feng sat on the couch while Jiang Yang went to his sister’s side of the bed and sat at the edge as Lu Lijun stepped away. 

"How is my sister? In my absence, I am sure you are being taken care of properly and no one is troubling you" Jiang Yang said, his mocking words were directed to certain someone.

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